Deja Vu All Over Again! Viewing Video, Texas Governor and AG make another Duplicitous call for Aborted Baby Dismemberment Investigation of Planned Parenthood less than Two Years after Exonerating Baby Beheader Dr. Douglas Karpen

“Today’s poll shows much of what we already knew: that defunding Planned Parenthood is a losing proposition not just for the millions of men and women who come through Planned Parenthood’s doors every day, but also with voters who don’t want to see their politicians focused on restricting lifesaving care,” said Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards in a statement. 

Whether this  poll is true or not, bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards,  chairman of the board of the Hitler linked eugenicist Ford Foundation, done by “the polling results you want and deserve,” media shill for hire, Hart Research Associates, and within hours propagandized by the CFR/CIA  world domination  by global depopulation via Planned Parenthood, GH Bush/Rockefeller NWO corporate media,  historically such polls regardless if they are positive,  or negative only serve inevitably to further fund, and never defund Planned Parenthood.

So why do self  professed”prolife” Republican Establishment  politicians like Mitch McConnell and Catholic Neo Con John Boehner just as with Obamacare and Amnesty, keep pompously declaring  “Life Crusades” to defund Planned Parenthood over and over again, only to vote to fund Planned Parenthood over and over again just like Obamacare and Amnesty with hundreds of billions of Federal Reserve Notes?

“Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) took to the House floor Wednesday (July 29th) to decry lack of support from her Republican colleagues to defund Planned Parenthood before entering into their month-long summer break. Being the author of the legislation that sought to end all federal funds to the abortion conglomerate, Black said she felt “disappointed” that her colleagues would show silence in the face of evil.”   I think betrayed is the word.  Once again the Republican Establishment on the federal level  has consistently betrayed the pro-life moment through voting, or not voting.  But betrayal of the Pro life Movement in Texas by the Bush Republican Establishment likewise consistently happens even when Planned Parenthood has been  defunded.  She concludes:

“I stand here profoundly disappointed that the House will leave town today without taking a vote on my legislation to defund Planned Parenthood,” she said. “Today, I’m reminded of the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: ‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.'”

Historically this most recent pro life false flag of the NAFTA,  TPP, CFR, Neo-Con, Rockefeller/Bush/CIA/NSA/ TSA Republican Establishment debt slave through campaign contributions and lobby payments for votes  is historically true to form and consistent.

Although they ultimately never do, and vote what they pompously proclaim, Republican Establishment politicians claiming their  “pro-life”  always serves to secure votes!  Just as claiming to be “Pro-Choice” does for Hillary Clinton.  As “pro lifer” Adolf Hitler who by executive order ended abortion on demand for German women of Aryan stock in the Weimar Republic,  said in Mein Kamp, when it comes to the big lie, “Thank God the people (Der Volk) are so gullible.”  And we are!

With  nearly indicted Texas Governor Abbott,  indicted AG Ken Paxton, indicted presidential candidate Rick Perry, and Harris County DA Devon Anderson (who should be indicted for corruption), it’s deja vu all over again.  Less than two years after their exoneration of Houston’s own Kermit Gosnel, Dr. Douglas Karpen, by Anderson’s criminal Key Man Grand Jury,  Abbott and Paxton expressing publically of course, outrage due to recent videos exposing  Planned Parenthood marketing aborted baby parts as bio products, with great fanfare called for a criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood.  Such an investigation is not now, nor will it ever happen.  Mark my words.  These absolutely disingenuous “Pro Life” accessories to baby murder in the exoneration of Douglas Karpen are false flag political pawns of the Bush/Clinton/Barak Goldman Sachs/JP Morgan Stanely (Rothchild  et al banking fronts via  their ownership of Federal Reserve) Rockefeller Establishment Republicans who are publically pro contraception and Marriage Equality/LGBT and covertly pro abortion.

Planned Parenthood has been harvesting baby parts  since the seventies with the full knowledge and endorsement of state and federal public health departments.  In the seventies, until the abortion industry realized they were just throwing away a bio gold mine,  disposal of aborted babies was a logistics and PR nightmare exposed repeatedly by “pro life” advocates.  The choices were the break room garbage disposal, or the large metal dumpster serviced by garbage truck once or twice a week.  Planned Parenthood through Life Donations Centers where abortion providers provide aborted babies through covert delivery in styrofoam coolers and baby bio product purchasers “pay for floor space rent” of the donation center,  solved the problem.  Mitt Romney, the Barbara (pro-choice, pro marriage equality) and Poppy (pro-choice and marriage equality) 2012 endorsed  Carl Rove candidate for President to save us from the black GW, Barak Obama, made 45 million dollars as CEO of Bain Capital using his business sense to  turn Stericycle around profit wise by embedding the human bio waste specialist  in the abortion industry. Whatever is left after Planned Parenthood picks through it, Willard’s Stericycle disposes of by incineration.

Planned Parenthood and Barak Obama ultimately always come out on top funded by the Rockefeller Republican Establishment voting to fast track TPP,  fund Obamacare which through the HHS mandate utilizes and capitalizes Planned Parenthood, and “Amnesty,”  or legalized child sex slaving from Central America via the Faith Based Initiative (Cardinal Dinardo has already cashed in for over twenty million personally )  GW signed NAFTA Wilberforce Act ( 1 ) of 2008 suspending our national  borders and therefore sovereignty.  Planned Parenthood supplies logistics for child sex slave trafficking legal or otherwise as a 2010 Lila Rose Live Action You Tube exposed leading to Boehner calling for federal defunding of Planned Parenthood. The Planned Parenthood I-45 was founded to supply logistics for child sex slave trafficking on the I-10. Houston is the world hub. The “Hide Away” a child sex salve ware house is just a few blocks away.  Annise Parker knows it.  Now arrests and convictions for child sex slaving in Texas have ever been made.  TDPS says over 25,000 Texas children disappear in child sex slaving every year.  Not one child sex slave on record has ever been rescued by any law enforcement or NGO.

(1) John Wilberforce, a 19th century English Abolitionist of Black and “White Slavery”  (term for selling children and women in prostitution- 1 out of four females were white slaves in 19th century urban Victorian England) is surely turning in his grave by the use of his name to disguise legalized international child sex slave trafficking by the NAFTA Federal Government, DHS, and the US National Council of Bishops.

History shows, every Republican Establishment “pro life” crusade is always a false flag, a bait and switch, the big political propaganda lie to, in actuality, legalize contraception and abortion.  Every Republican Establishment “pro-life” crusade flase flag  has only enabled  the Bush/ Carl Rove NWO  Rockefeller world domination through depopulation ultimate agenda of the globalist banksters. The same is true with the most recent state defining marriage as one man one woman apart from procreation false flag farce cooked up by Carl Rove in 2004 to get Evangicals to vote for GW a second time. It’s just a  harmonic viariation on the globalist  depopulation theme.  And we swallowed it hook, line, and sinker believing the opposite.

The globalist banksters through Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan (Rothchild et all fronts)  own as debt slaves “pro-life”  Republican Establishment  “pro-life” politicians from John Boehner, Mitch Mcconnell, to  Greg Abbott, Rick Perry, and Ted Cruz through campaign contributions.  Just as they do Planned Parenthood’s President Barak Obama, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Republican Establishment politicians who say they are “pro life” are pro contraception admittedly  and pro abortion in reality. G.H. Bush was publicly pro contraception, pro abortion, pro Planned Parenthood but declared himself “Pro Life” to be Reagan’s running mate.  See how it works.

In 1912, the Bush and Walker and Harriman families, railroad Robber Barron business partners,  “donated” eleven million dollars to establish The Genetic Records Office in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. The “GRO,” a  Social Darwinist  proto Nazi racist genocidal fore runner of the NSA would inevitably spawn in conjunction with the Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust,  a pharmaceutical peddling “charitable tax exempt” medical trust, ( just like the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation and Clinton’s Global Initiative) and eugenicist  Nazi Ford Foundation and eugenicist Carnegie Institute funding,  Planned Parenthood.  So the Rockefeller/Bush/Walker Republican Establishment from the beginning has never been truly pro-life. The contrary is true,  the Republican Establishment is pro contraception and subsequently pro abortion. The Republican Establishment uitlized Planned Parenthood for world genocide via Prescott Bush puppet Dick Nixon and Bilderberger Henry KIssenger by means of  the CIA  in 1973 authorized by NSA Memo 200.  And here we go again!

“Gov. Greg Abbott says he’s calling for an investigation into allegations made by an anti-abortion group in an undercover video of Planned Parenthood.” Its deja vu all over again!

Less than two years ago then Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, to maintain “plausible deniability”  for then Governor Perry in the HB2 United Surgical Partners  abortion out patient clinic monopoly   scandal,  covertly orchastrated via  Devon Anderson’s Chip Davis  Key Man Grand Jury Dr. Douglas Karpen’s infanticide  exoneration.   Karpen was  exonerated of all infanticide allegations by Anderson’s Chip Davis Key Man Jury on December 12, 2013- The Feast of Our Lady of Gaudelupe , Pro Life Patroness of the Americas!  Satanic!

Douglas Karpen Still Killing Babies

Lt. Governor Dewhurst’ call for a infanticide murder investigation of Douglas Karpen  came in reaction to an expose on You Tube by Mark Crutcher ofLife Dynamics  by former employees testifying  Karpen’s aborted five to nine month old babies alive and twisted their heads off.

Abortion Clinic Employees — “Babies born alive daily.”

Mark Crutcher would  later be summoned under subpeona to testify  by the criminal Anderson/Davis Key Man Grand Jury. Crutcher was  put under oath and then dismissed without giving evidence or testimony to the Key Man Grand Jury.  Through this tactic abusing the veil of secrecy that shrouds the per se corrupt Key Man Grand Jury system , Crutcher was silenced under penalty of law by the criminal Anderson/Chip Davis Key Man Jury from saying anything publicly about his role in the ultimate duping in  exoneration of Karpen.

Both Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood and Dr. Day Gardner,  National Black Pro-life Union, President, WASHINGTON, DC in Houston press releases compared the criminal investigation of Karpen ordered by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in reaction to a Life Dynamics You Tube, to Philadelphia abortionist  Kermit Gosnel who had just been sentenced to prison for infanticide after being indicted by Grand Jury.  Cardinal Dinardo  in true form as a double agent of Planned Parenthood was again completely silent on both the conviction of Kermit Gosnel in his home state of Pennsylvania, and HPD’s Homicide ineffectual  investigation  of Douglas Karpen  terminated by Mayor Parker, in Cardinal Dinardo’s own Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston. Day Gardner asked why Karpen was allowed to twist the heads off of babies at the same moment he was under investigation by HPD for infanticide.  This was the actual result  of the Karpen’s criminal  investigation ordered by Dewhurst in response to a letter from 23 Texas State Legislators,

“Gov. Greg Abbott says he’s calling for an investigation into allegations made by an anti-abortion group in an undercover video of Planned Parenthood.”  Its deja vu all over again!

Abbott’s chosen Republican successor, Ken Paxton, as AG took up the Governor’s call for an investigation:

Paxton’s office released a statement that said, in part: “The Office of the Attorney General has launched an official investigation into Planned Parenthood following the release of a video that details the organization’s calculated slaughter of human babies to maximize the available body parts they plan to sell. The video offers a glimpse into an organization that knowingly and deliberately destroys human life to further its bottom line.”

In 2013, Former Texas Governor Rick Perry in cohoots  with Abbott orchestrated Karpen’s infanticide exoneration by live baby beheading  via  Harris County DA Devon Anderson.  This Texas cabal of phony “pro life” Republican Establishment (Bush/Rockefeller) abortion political profiteers (like Boehner and McConnell on a congressional level in their recent calls for a congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood while at the same time curtailing a vote on defunding PP)  conspired  behind the scenes to exonerate Karpen of infanticide.  Only this course of action  remained after Annise Parker, whose wife or husband  is the treasurer of both I-45 Planned Parenthood and Parker’s Mayoral Campaign, terminated with extreme prejudice as Houston Mayor, the HPD Homicide murder investigation entrusted to HPD Homicide by  then interim Harris County DA  Belinda Hill first ordered by Lt. Gov. Dave Dewhurst.

Without consulting first with Perry or Abbott, CIA Dave unknowingly perhaps, committed political suicide by  knee jerk reaction after viewing a Life Dynamics You Tube expose on Karpen’s abortion by live baby beheading practice detailed by three former Karpen employees with fourteen years of shared experience working at Karpen’s Aaron Clinic in Southwest Houston.  In calling for the  Karpen murder investigation,  Dewhurst exhibited pedigree CIA political propaganda brinkmanship in his champaign to remain  Lt. Gov against fellow Republican phony pro-life political profiteer and elect Devon Anderson for Harris County DA supporter, Dan Patrick.  In reacting myopically to promote his own political career, first against Ted Cruz (Exposing Ted Cruz’s Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia retainer lawyer association in the Kid’s for Cash Scandal via mud slinging radio and TV Senate campaign commercials,  exposed inadvertently  Dewhurst’s “good friend the Bishop” Cardinal Dinardo’s long term association as a member of the Pittsburgh Diocese, literally under then Pittsburgh Bishop Donna Wuerl. with the Pittsburgh Zappala Mafia.  This alienated Dinardo’s public blessing of his good friend’s re-election) and secondly Dan Patrick.

Like Cardinal Dinardo after being elected Vice President of the US National Conference of Bishops to spearhead Amnesty, Dan Patrick seems likewise to have  become invisible after his election as Lt. Gov.  Because of Dewhurst knee jerk call for Karpen’s homocide investigation neither Perry, Abbott, Dinardo, and paradoxically Devon Anderson publically supported Dewhurst for re-election.  Their silence insured the election of Patrick, and the termination of Dewhurst’s loose cannon political office stint.

HPD Homicide at the very moment Parker suppressed the Karpen HPD murder investigation, A Chronical reporter was  exposing  a decade long legacy of surpressing selective murder investigations by HPD.  A city counsel member who left HPD Homocide after being elected took fourteen non-investigated HPD murder case files with him.   He punished himself when exposed by the Chronicle by subjecting himself to a five day suspension from the counsel without pay. The Chronicle expose forced the Karpen Infanticide HPD Homicide investigation 86th by Parker for Planned Parenthood as a hot potato back into the hands of newly appointed by Pro-life Governor Rick Perry, Harris County DA , Devon Anderson unexpectedly replacing Belinda Hill.  Of course PP Hearst paper media shill said nothing in its expose of HPD murder investigation deletions about Parker and Devon Anderson’s conflict of interest in suppressing the HPD homicide investigation of Karpen for both Perry and Planned Parenthood due to the USP  linkage between both.  Mayor Parker in the wake of her suppression of the HPD Karpen investigation as Mayor had the Boehner/ MCconnell like two faced  to criticize HPD Homicide for not investigating all homicide cases entrusted to HPD. Paradoxically, a former HPD Homicide officer exposed disappearing at least 14 HPD homicide case files in his possession, is a member of Mayor Parker’s City Council. The main HPD Homicide non investigation  scapegoat according to HPD Chief Mcclelland-who like Mayor Parker presided over this scandal if not like Parker personally take part in it, was engaged to a personal friend of Devon Anderson working as Devon’s crony  in the Harris County DA Office.  Instead of jail, all these vicious criminals gave themselves a slap on the wrist while allowing the Sinaloa Federation Cartel to get away with murder under their knowing eyes.

With the HPD Homicide Scandal potentially exposing Mayor Parker’s terminating  Karpan’s HPD homicide investigation, now  only Karpen’s exoneration by a Devon Anderson/Chip Davis (Karpen’s defense lawyer and Pat Lykos destroyer) Key Man Grand Jury would serve to cover up Perry’s and his United Surgical Partner’s lobbyist sister, Milla Perry Jone’s, partial ownership through UPS shares of Karpen’s USP franchised  “ambulatory surgical” doctor owned “outpatient” late term abortion clinic (Aaron Clinic).  Only Karpen’s exoneration  by Devon Anderson/Chip Davis’ Key Man Jury would insure Perry’s USP stock scandalous conflict of interest not become public through discovery during a criminal trial of Karpen for infanticide. “Pro-life”  Texas Governor’s scandalous USP conflict of interest had already gone viral on the blog o sphere hosted by the likes of Salon, where I  red about it on line. I was first told about it by a friend who said all her relatives told her about it.  I felt like I was the last to know.  Exoneration was mandated for plausible deniability.

Milla Perry Jones is still a USP lobbyist to the Governor(now Abbott) and wrote HB2 to mandate an out patient surgical monopoly for USP franchised, or partnered doctor owned outpatient abortion clinics. This according to Salon and numerous other blogs.  Only baby parts mega slaughter house Planned Parenthood I-45 (in 2010) and Karpen’s clinic  were USP franchised as “outpatient” before HB2 was signed  by Perry  into law, July 18th, 2013.

Before joining United Surgical in 2004, Milla Perry Jones worked for a foundation supporting Dallas-based Baylor Health Care System, which invests in more United Surgical facilities than any other hospital.

Milla’s  husband “Bobby” commands the most powerful lobbyist  group in Texas and lobbys for Baylor Medical School.  In turn, Baylor Medical School provides five abortionist for the Planned Parenthood  I-45 that provides fresh, not frozen aborted babies for PP’s third floor massive ” Life Donation Center” where over a hundred employees churn out baby bio product 6 days a week.  PP I-45 Baylor Medical School abortionists in turn have privileges for only those who have insurance at St. Joseph Medical Center allowed by Cardinal Dinardo.

Cardinal Dinardo recently oversaw the mega merger of Catholic Health Initiative CHI of Chicago, St. Luke’s Episcopal, and Baylor Medical School. Dinardo as local bishop dismissed any concerns by Pro-lifers that procedures done at St. Luke currently against Catholic teachings like IVF or sterilizations would not be allowed in the future after this business merger because practice depends on the local bishop determining what is permissible and what is not according to a CHI spokesperson.

Now Cardinal Dinardo, then auxiliary bishop in 2006 established the I-45 Planned Parenthood by his complete public silence as Bishop not condemming  the project and excommunicating any Catholic contractors or real estate agents or sellers who facilitates the sale. Cardinal Dinardo as an agent of the Chase Vatican Bank-Chase/EXXON Rockefeller are synonymous with Planned Parenthood’s world depopulation goal,  as a PP I-45 double agent and associate of the Zappala Mafia Family personally orchestrating behind the scenes  the sale of the former Sterling Bank which  Dinardo as Bishop as  Corporis Sol (means the local bishop personally owns as bishop all assets of the local church) owned a commanding share in, to Planned Parenthood.  In the eighties, Sterling Bank was used to money launder Mexican Cartel monies via the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston’s  Chase account and the Bush/Baker Texas Commerce Bank beginning during Iran/Contra through Fr. Macial Degollado’s Legionaries of Christ Vatican Bank Account.

Publicly  as Bishop, or now Cardinal,  Dinardo has never said anything about the largest late term abortion clinic in the Western World opening up in 2010 just a few minutes from his Exxon/Chase co-cathedral.   All Dinardo he had to do to stop the sale as bishop was to tell John Bridgewater-Sterling CEO and principal share holder, not to sell the white elephant Sterling Bank facility appropriately in the shape of a massive cash register temple  and threaten  Bidgewater with excommunication if he did so. To the contrary,  Dinardo had two professors at St. Mary’s Seminary defend John Bridgewater, Sterling CEO publicly with counter e-mails against an internet campaign by Houston Coalition of Life urging that Bridgewater and other share holders not make the sale to Planned Parenthood

Moreover, Dinardo as local Bishop could have vetoed at any time the sale to Planned Parenthood as  bishop since the archdiocese was a major share holder in the privately held bank.

Dinardo as an agent of organized crime both the Vatican City State/Chase Bank and local Fertitta and Pittsburg Zappala syndicates as well as Fr. Maciel’s and Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinoloa Federation,  is solely responsible for the erection of the PP I-45 to supply logistics for child sex slave trafficking in Houston a world hub. Again Cardinal Dinardo has never said anything publicly as local bishop to stop construction of the PP I-45 or inhibit in any way its operation.   Dinardo uses his authority to threaten and even banish from the ADGH  priest and religious who go publically to the PP  I-45 to pray and counsel.  Cardinal Dinardo is a double agent for Planned Parenthood and tells priests and pro-life employees alike they are not to go to the PP I-45 because in his words, it (abortion) is an individual choice.  You should not go there to interfer.  Wuerl/Francis appointed Archbishop of Chicago Blaize Cupich’s publicly expressed mandate to both Seattle and Chicago clergy and  Chicago  AD employees if any happen to actually be “Pro-life.” Any priest who violates Cupich’s mandate will be suspended by this liberal facist.

Dinardo  used his substantial connections with Francis to disempower and punish even other Cardinals like Cardinal Burke for going to the PP I-45 to hold a pro-life prayer vigil.  Paradoxically Burke consecrated with Wuerl, who Francis replaced Burke with in the Vatican Commission to choose American Bishops, Dinardo as Bishop of Sioux City, Iowa.  After the initial Synod on the Family in which Burke raised the alarm, Francis sacked Burke as basically the Supreme Head Justice of Church Law in Rome. Francis “compensated” Burke for his substantial disempowerment by making Burke  Patron of the Sovereign Knights of Malta, an Illuminati occupied Crusading Order, historically the medical wing of the Knights Templar.  Henry Kissinger and Cardinal Franny Spellman are both Knights of Malta.

Sioux City, where Dinardo languished twelve years patiently awaiting the call to Houston/Galveston as bishop,  has a storied organized crime legacy going back to the Roaring Twenties and beyond. It became a  Midwestern outpost for Penn. Mafia organized crime by the sixties under the leadership of Michael Genovese for the exploding drug trade in conjunction with Carlos Marcelo.  Sioux  City served as  a bastion of child sex slave trafficking going back to its inception with Larry King and the Franklin Scandal  during  Iran/Contra in the early eighties.  King always made the three hour drive from Omaha with Boys Town sex slaves in tow  to a private airport in Sioux City to fly out to cocaine/child sex slave fueled parties in Chicago, DC, Florida. The parties orchestrated by Vice President Bush, former Director of the CIA, and recorded by CIA agents were used as standard to blackmail members of the Reagan Administration by Bush as well as Democrats like Barney Frank who were regular attendees.   Burke and Wuerl consecrated Dinardo to  replace Bishop Soems in Souix City, an indicted  sadistic pederast who Dinardo considered friend and mentor.  Indicted pederast clerics where ever possible are always replaced with personal friends  called “cleaners”  to damage control.

No one is more responsible for the Senate passing Obamacare than “social justice church” lobbyists Cardinals Dinardo and Wuerl of DC, Dinardo’s Zapalla syndicate and Fr. Maciel Degollado /Sinaloa Federation cartel embedded catamite and Dinardo’s former bishop in Pittsburgh. Their lobbying to win Catholic pro-life Democratic Senator from Michigan Bart Stupak’s deciding vote had the full public enthusiastic  support and blessing of then Pope Benedict(Benedict thinks and acts as if he still is Pope, maybe he is, only God knows).  Benedict made both Dinardo and Donna Wuerl Cardinals in the day.

HB2’s purpose backed by Milla Perry Jones  and  Planned Parenthood was to force doctor owned “abortion mills” like Dr. Rosenfeld’s Women’s Clinic” which are not “outpatient USP” certified which have over 90% of the surgical abortion market to pay in  about one million dollars to USP and be franchised or by shut down by HB2 USP  states monopoly mandate.

Nevertheless, Perry in a statement Tuesday labeled the footage “a disturbing reminder of the organization’s penchant for profiting off the tragedy of a destroyed human life.”  Such duplicity!

“It is because of stories like this that I signed legislation  defunding Planned Parenthood in the state of Texas — to protect human life and the health and safety of Texans,” Perry, a Republican presidential candidate, continued.

Perry defunded Planned Parenthood  for reasons of self serving  political and financial gain against Barak Obama.  Planned Parenthood was the most important PAC in Obama’s re-election as President.  Perry was running for President against Barak until his “Oops” epiphany revealed to would be supporters that he is a mindless idiot, a puppet just like Barak.  But later,  Perry’s defunding  of PP  pushed PP  financially  to form a cabal with Gov. Perry’s  USP lobbyist sister Milla Perry Jones to eliminate all independent abortion provider competition (like Dr. Rosenfel’s Women’s Clinic) and monopolize all surgical abortion clinics under USP and Planned Parenthood as “outpatient.”

With shocking videos weekly portraying Planned Parenthood’s baby parts business which they have been publicly exploiting  for over forty years, its Deja Vu All Over Again!  Both Gov. Abbott after caving on same sex divorce in Texas even before the SC ruling legalizing same sex marriage, and AG Paxton facing Grand Jury indictment for criminal conflict of interest so the opportunity to use pro-life to take spotlight off their own duplicity.

But the Republican pro-life farce is no less ridiculous on the Federal than on the Texas level.   John Boehner and Mitch Mcconnell (who prevented an immediate  Senate vote on defunding PP which would have surely failed because Rockefeller Establishment  Republicans starting with the Union Bank Nazi Prescott Bush and his puppet Dick Nixon  legalized abortion and created Planned Parenthood in the first place)  after orchestrating the un-american TPP coronation of aborter in chief Planned Parenthood President Barak Obama as  globalist multinational  corporate facist dictator puppet, believe they need to polish their blackened  Christian anti Barak conservative credentials for the completely alienated Republican Tea Party and Evangelical Base with  sanctimonious  “Pro-Life” moral outrage.  So I ask you, are you going to allow these G.H. Bush  NWO global depopulation Nazi criminals to play the pro life trump card again!

“Boehner’s own pro-life record is spotty. In September 2014, he led the way in getting a “clean” bill passed that would fund the government for the entire year, including more than half-a-billion dollars in funding for Planned Parenthood. Boehner worked with former Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi to get that legislation passed by a 319 to 108 margin.”

Born again GW gave PP over 3.8 billion Federal Reserve Notes as President. more than Barak.

In 2010, Boehner exchanged a threatened federal defunding of Planned Parenthood provoked by an undercover video expose by Live Action Lila Rose documenting Planned Parenthood’s willingness to provide logistics for child sex slavers, for three billion in federal budget cuts allowed by Barak. We will see what this two faced liar does this time in calling for a congressional investigation.  We all ready see what Mcconnell did. Barak told Boehner in 2010,  as president, he would go to the mat to defend Planned Parenthood in anyway.  At that time, Cardinal Dinardo who was Chairman of the USNCCB Committee for Pro-Life Activities did not call for the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  Currently as USNCCB Vice President, nor the USNCCB has not called for defunding Planned Parenthood over the current baby parts marketing expose.

More than 55 million unborn babies have been aborted in the U.S. since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973.

Rick Perry,  (exchanged  boots for nerdy glasses for 2016 presidential flop) out of sour grapes,  put his “moral outrage” two cents in on  Planned Parenthood, Governor Pony Boots’ former United Surgical Partners’ well partner.    When it comes to being an “out patient doctor owned  clinic, abortion or otherwise,”  Pony Boots’  lobbyist sister Milla Jones Perry’s  USP is the only game in Texas.  USP has  a 100% monopoly here. This UPS monopoly was the reason Rick Perry fought against Obama Care for Texas.  Obamacare would not allow USP ‘outpatient doctor’s clinics” to participate in Obamacare because of USP’s proclivity for unwarranted batteries of tests which made visits 20 to 30% more expensive than  hospitals and non USP clinics.

Playing the pro life card is tried and true. These prol-life/abortion political profiteers seem to get away with it every time.

In a case of politcal  propaganda Deja Vu, all the above mentioned  “pro life”  profiteers after viewing once again an undercover video of a typical Planned Parenthood baby murderer marketing baby parts as PP has openly done since the mid seventies,  make a huge public display (once again) of their shock and outrage at the callous inhumanity of the “Planned Parenthood provider.”    CIA David Dewhurst was accused of  drinking wine and munching  salad just like this monster,  allowing Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis to get off her ridiculous  hours long  pro baby murder feminist rant .

Try to remember less than two years ago,  when then Texas Lt. Governor politically  discredited having sipped wine and munched salad (and steak) in his setting the stage for Wendy, without forethought seized on the opportunity to trump Sonogram Bill sponsor  and Devon Anderson supporter Dan Patrick’s bid to take his job.  Having viewed the  You Tube LIfe Dynamics testimony of three former employees of Houston’s own Kermit Gosnel, Dr. Douglas Karpen,  CIA Dave as Lt. Govenor ordered then AG G. Abbott to investigate Douglas Karpen (who had late term babies purposely born alive and dismembered them by twisting their heads off according to the You Tube testimony) for homicide, infanticide by live abortion.

Inronically, this is exactly the same scenario a year later being re-enacted for the same PR political cover by now Governor Abbott having watched a video discussing aborted baby dismemberment by a monstrous abortionist ordering his replacement as AG, Ken Paxton, to investigate Planned Parenthood.

Don Hooper’s chronicle of “The Toxic Criminal Justice Center of Harris County” is missing the infamous date of the most universally poisonous miscarriage of justice emanating from the Andersons’ corruption, December 12, 2013: The Exoneration of “abortion by infanticide”  of Dr. Douglas Karpen by Susan Brown’s 185th Court “Key Man” (a.k.a. Chip Lewis) Grand Jury orchestrated by DA Devon Anderson under AG Greg Abbott for Gov. Perry. “The first purpose of government is to protect the right to life, and the government has no authority to exclude any human being from that protection. Perhaps nowhere was this stated more strongly than by “Saint” John Paul II, who in his 1995 encyclical, The Gospel of Life, states that when a government legalizes abortion, it ‘effectively moves towards a form of totalitarianism’ and ‘is transformed into a tyrant State, which arrogates to itself the right to dispose of the life of the weakest and most defenseless members.’ In this case, he said, ‘the State is no longer the ‘common home’ where all can live together on the basis of principles of fundamental equality,’ but rather, ‘the disintegration of the State itself has already begun’ (EV, 20)”
As a result of Karpen’s exoneration of infanticide orchestrated by AG Abbott and DA Anderson to prevent publicity of Gov. Perry and his USP lobbyist sister’s partial ownership of Karpen’s “outpatient” Aaron Women’s Clinic through United Surgical Partners stock holdings, every Thursday called “Kill Thursday” Karpen is legally empowered to continue twisting the heads off of dozens and dozens of four to eight month old live born infants,. Karpen medicates the cervix of his victims causing them to soften on Tuesday to return in a semi-comatose state on Kill Thursday to give live their babies into the waiting arms of Douglas Karpen.. Long term employees in a viral You Tube said this “procedure” is more efficient than cutting it apart in the woman’s body which from experience takes hours of intensive hard physical labor. Civil Rights Activists Day Gardner and Dr. Johnny Hunter, and local Black pastors appeared on Kill Thursday for a Press Release at Karpen’s Clinic over a year ago asking why Karpen subject to a Lt. Gov. Dewhurst mandated infanticide investigation by OHCDA enlisted HPD Homicide ( as with other murders, but in this case purposely for Planned Parenthood’s Mayor Parker. HPD Homicide never investigated Karpen) spurred by the You Tube, was still allowed to kill children. Mayor Parker sent her Planned Parenthood Gaystapo HPD with billy clubs and steal barricades to suppress Free Speech of pro lifers and pastors that Kill Thursday, not for the first time or the last time. Don Hopper published my picture at the press release on Big Jolly Politics amazed that I called out Cardinal Dinardo by name for his unbroken silence on Douglas Karpen and on the Planned Parenthood Clinic I-45. Cardinal Dinardo is former chair of the NCCB Committee for Pro life Activities. As with the recent exposure of Boehner Rockefeller Republican duplicity in lockstep with the “negro Hitler” the black GW in the Cromniibus coup d’etat, Perry, Abbott, Patrick (who supported Devon’s election in the wake of Karpen’s exoneration) Paxton, and Devon Anderson acted as one body in the exoneration of Karpen. They together share moral culpability for every child murdered by Karpen on Kill Thursdays now as well as the mothers he has butchered and killed.. Bushite Rockefeller Republicans are all RINO’s in regard to the Republic and the grass roots party of the Republic that recruited Lincoln to run for President. Historically RINO Rockefeller/Bush Republicans, “the party of big business,” are the original crony capitalist fascist Nazis who failing to overthrow the American Republic in 1934 have never stopped conspiring and succeeding since. Through the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK and GH Bush’s New World Order, with the black GW and “Negro Hitler” Barak Obama and Planned Parenthood, they have almost completely succeeded. Thank God for true American patriots, actual Republicans like Louie Goumert and the brave 21, real American Patriots, Christians, freedom loving human beings, and Republicans in the true meaning of the word.


JPII’s Gnostic Theology of the Body Undergirds Francis’ Sexual Revolution via Communion for Divorced and Remarried and Homosexual Couples

Warsaw (AFP) – He has been dubbed the high priest of Catholic Kama Sutra, but Polish Friar Ksawery Knotz says that by giving married couples tips on how to practice divine sex he is simply doing God’s work. … Knotz has held retreats with more than 3,000 devoutly Roman Catholic couples in Poland since 2000… .  The monk explains he was originally inspired by the open atmosphere of his family home and the early teachings of late Polish-born Pope John Paul II who broached the subject of sexuality in his book Love and Responsibility, first published in 1960. “The Holy Father’s ‘theology of the body’ and other philosophical and theological works delve deeply into the divinity of sexual relations in marriage – I’m just making these complex ideas more accessible to average Catholics,” Knotz says.
“Polish monk preaches divine sex — with Church’s blessing” by Mary Sibierski