How Was Father Gruner Murdered by the Vatican Illuminati?

I would say in general the Vatican traditional tried and true method of poisoning was used to murder Fr. Gruner. No autopsy as is the case of Pius IIth, JPI, Paul VIth, was done in regard to Fr.Gruner. So unless the body is exumed- or the plot uncovered, there is circumstantial evidence, but no smoking gun. Fr. Gruner may have been shot with an ice dart or some type of disolvable projectile, time released poison that over hours debilitates the heart and cardiovascular system. He would be unaware and the poison could take days, maybe weeks to have complete effect. Fr. Gruner was in good health all his life and a dedicated servant and hard worker. Hard work was his norm. He never abuse alcohol, drugs, was not obese, or full of hatred and rage, quite the opposite.

The CIA was experimenting with giving victims cancer as a way to kill Castro at the time they murdered JFK (Cardinal “Franny” Spellman , Knight of Malta, Vatican Illuminati stodge) was one of the prime conspirators in the murder of JFK among many of his co-conspirator associates: J. Edgar Hover, LBJ (Spellamn and LBJ were extemely tight), the Bushes, Mafia, Rockefeller, Rotheschild Zionists, Cuban Exiles, Castro’s intelligence service, CIA, ect.

Hugo Chavez was adament that the CIA had given him cancer. These are examples of Vatican Illuminati murder: JFK and Chavez.  There is historical evidence  the CIA developed a way to give murder victims from Jack Ruby, Carlos Marcello to Hugo Chavez cancer.  The CIA and Mossad, KGB have developed poisons sprayed into the ear, darts that cause heart attacks, when they simply do not shot their victims in the back of the head-often with shot guns- and leave a typed suicide note.

Breitbart was in all ways the polar opposite of  Fr. Gruner.   And yet both alike collapse from a heart attack and die.  Except for the 12th hour revelation by Breitbart’s father of his son’s unpublicized  history of heart disease, both men seemed unlikely candidates for a fatal heart attack.  Both men, in their own way were publically threatening to the Illuminati, especially Barak Obama. Coincidence that Breitbart’s coroner died of poisoning the same day the preliminary autopsy  report was to be released.  The lack of autopsy, autopsy done by incompetents, the loss of autopsy photos, manipulation of body parts, loss of body parts like JFK’s brain, are all part of the murder cover up by the murderers.  Apparently Breitbart’s coroner who died of poisoning  never autopsied the body in the first place, because there was no probable cause that foul play was involved, even though only ten percent of heart attacks happen to men under forty three as Breitbart was.  Likewise no autopsy was done for Fr. Gruner.  So this is how it is done.  “Natural Causes” or suicide.

It is most important in every murder investigation where their is no smoking gun, Vatican Illuminati or not, to always ask Cui Bono? Who benefits?  And who covered up the murder by getting rid of evidence and witnesses by conducting the investigation themselves into their own murdering, then destroying and surpressing evidence through obstruction and silencing witnesses. Illuminati murderers always place themselves in charge of investigating their own murders. This is key in solving  who done it and why.

The Vatican Illuminati benefits from their murder of Fr. Gruner and the suppression of the Message of Fatima and the Consecration by name of Russia. Revealing the Secret and doing the Consecration at anytime by the Pope would mean the immediate end of the Illuminati’s occupation of the Papacy and Church through the Chase Vatican Bank, Pope Francis, and the Secretary of State and Vatican City State. So these questions are what is most central in understanding that Fr. Gruner was murdered by the Vatican Bank Illuminati just like JPI and the others. My speculating about how Fr. Gruner was murdered is speculation into method that I can only point to history to speculate about.

More importantly, my assertion that Fr. Gruner was murdered and by whom is routed in the daily battle history of the Illumimati occupiers of the Vatican and Papacy against Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Fatima, the Queen of Heaven. Mary, not Isis, is the Queen of Heaven. All my trust and hope, like Fr. Gruner, is in Mary, the Queen of Heaven. Only she can, and will in perfect union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus save us from our wickedness and due for the practice of abortion and contraception; GH Bush’s satanic New World Order to supplant Christendom and the American Republic. The Pope will do the consecration. I am certain, not because of the Pope, but because of the Sacred Heart who says he will, late, but nevertheless.

Deus Providebit!

P.S.  I realize that just like Fr. Gruner I can be murdered by these Illuminati murders like David Dewhurst for exposing his and then AG Abbotts (who just caved on gay divorce in Texas which means gay marriage) exoneration of Douglas Karpen to cover up Perry’s partial ownership of Karpen’s clinic through shares in United Surgical Partners.  All I know about this was told to me first by other people and on internet blogs.  It is all history.  The Rothschilds are sacrificing the Bushes and will scapegoat them and their business partners the Saudi/Bin Ladens for the 9/11 false flag which was orchestrated by Mossad for the Rothschilds.  There is no stopping this.  The Bushes had their CIA murder the son of David Rockefeller months ago by plane crash, for final supremacy of the Bush Family over the Rockefellers with the election of Jeb as President.  The Rothschilds say no.  The House of Bush/House of Saud will be framed for 9/11 when these 28 pages of the (9/11 Commission Conspiracy Theory) are revealed.


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