There Cannot Be Two Popes Simultaneously

To the outrage and disbelief among some Roman Catholics after the publishing of Laudato Si signed  “Francis,” (Francis by his own personal mandate insists on not being addressed as Pope) those few Catholics still  remaining faithful, not led into apostasy “from the top down” as Our Lady of Fatima laments  by the Illuminati occupied Secretariat of the Vatican City State  controlled Papacy,  I can only commiserate  that the Vatican Illuminati  have found their strongest “vicar”  or representative yet in “the revolutionary Pope” and the “Francis effect.” This is not to say that John XXIII, Paul VI, JPII, and current Pope Emeritus Benedict (“Pope emeritus,” what does this truly mean?  This is a central question all Catholics must ask post Laudato Si) did not play crucial roles in setting the stage for Francis the “Illuminati Black Pope” who insists, paradoxically, on not being called Pope.

As Malachi Martin said, “A Pope who is a Heretic is not the Pope.”  As St. Callistus said, “A Pope (who is actually Pope)  who publically destroys the Church must be resisted.”  There have been such Popes and anti popes in the two thousand year roller coaster history of the Papacy:  The incestuous  23 year old Pope John in the 9th Century, and the  Florentine Medici Pope of the 16th who provoked a murderous three day sack  of Rome.  the most Catholic Hapsburg Emperor Charles V employed recently converted Luther mercenaries  to rape and murder nuns, Roman women, mere girls, and boys, kill children, priests, monks, and Roman men and then burn down the City of Rome in a scene reminiscent of Sr. Lucy’s vision of the Pope walking in a city filled with the dead and dying.  These are just a few examples.

It must be kept in mind that the Pope first and foremost is legally “a moral person.”  That is a vicar, or legated representative of Christ who as such is strictly bound by Christ to uphold the magisterial doctrines in faith and morals of the Roman Catholic Church.  If he does not do so in anyway, he ceases to be the Pope. The office of Pope as seen in Apostolic Procession,  still continues to exist after the death of Peter or resignation of a pope,  much like that of President of the United States even after the death of Washington or the resignation of Nixon to use a crude analogy.   And even when the office is filled by a tyrannical Rockefeller Planned Parenthood controlled aborter in chief like Barak Obama, the office of President remains unchanged in essence even though abused and discredited by tyranny.  Francis himself  in his recent comments about retiring because of poor health or death alludes to this legal quality of “moral person” in regard to individuals and the office of Pope.

In regard to the office of the Papacy,  a validly elected candidate by conclave may refuse the office of Pope for any reason, or may be disqualified from assuming office by a papal elector.  In 1902,  the Austro Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, a papal elector, used his elector veto to disqualify a  Cardinal  elected by conclave who was known to have joined a Masonic Illuminati lodge.

The office of the Papacy is instituted by Jesus Christ Himself,  and is essential to the governance of the Roman Catholic Church.  Yet the office of Pope as Christ’s Vicar transcends the individual, much like the office of Apostle which Judas was given by Christ himself transcends its betrayal by Judas through Apostolic  Succession.  Validly consecrated bishops through apostolic succession lose, as is the case of Anglican Bishops,  apostolic succession and valid orders through heresy.  Ultimately it is Christ personally identified with His mystically body the Church, and the Holy Spirit, the Divine Person  of Truth and Love of the Father for the Son, and the Son for the Father who are the Church, Shepherd and Guide.

The Pope is a divinely authorized vicar, legate, and representative of Christ with powers to govern and most importantly adjudicate as the last court of appeal in Faith and Morals.  If an individual elected Pope as Vicar of Christ becomes heretical he no longer represents or is “legatus”  that is bound to Christ’s will  and has committed grave sin against the Holy Spirit.

What I do not find is a Pope in the history of the Papacy that actually authored heresy through an encyclical. The Holy Spirit would not allow Paul VI to change Church teaching on Birth Control in spite of enormous Rockefeller financed pressure via The University of Notre Dame and Fr. Hessburg  against Paul VI to do so.  There is the case of Pope Liberius in the Fourth Century who attempted to stab St. Athanasius in the back for the Emperor over Arianism but ultimately repented, but he did not author a papal letter or encyclical.  Liberius was the first pope in Church history up to that time (every pope died a martyr up to that time) not to be canonized after his death.  All of this causes me in the wake of Laudato Si which is certainly a teaching on Faith and Morals  to think that Francis is not in fact a validly elected Pope in the first place.

The “Vatican” and its masonic occupied Secretariat of the City State from the beginning  presents itself as interchangeable with Papal authority- The Holy See- and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.  Such an equation is not only not true, it is a lie. This lie is a classic political bait and switch.  As  Bishop Fulton Sheen said Lucifer says, “Religion is Politics and Politics is Religion.”   This is the liberal Catholic social justice crowds creed. The Vatican City State is per se none of the above in regard to the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church and the Holy Spirit as Shepherd and Guide but most faithful Catholics through political bait and switch have come to idolize the Vatican City State as such.  The Secretary of  the Vatican City State from the time of Cardinal Casaroli ,  through Soldano, Bertone, and now Piedro Parolin have long trumped the Pope in foreign and Vatican bank policy, much like the CFR and Rothschild Neo-cons  control Barak Obama, likewise the American Illuminati Skull and Bones Bush CIA  via the Chase Vatican Bank in conjunction with BIS and the Rothschild family controls the Papacy through the Secretariat of the Vatican City State.

in the wake of Francis in Laudato Si calling by extension  for global government to enforce carbon taxes paid to internationalist politicians like Al Gore and Barak Obama and oil based Federal Reserve Note/BIS  globalist banksters such as the Rothschild and Rockefellers to combat “climate change”  in lockstep with the Illuminati  cabal to annihilate Christendom and the Catholic Church. The other shoe will drop in October with the Vatican and Francis approved destruction of the Sacrament of Marriage via desecration through authorized reception of the Eucharist by homosexual couples, and divorced and remarried “adulterers,”  as already  done by “married” couples who had pre-marital sex and after being “married”  continued to contracept  and abort.  Today apostate Catholics, “Gays,” Atheists, Evangelicals whatever do not marry and have children in the first place.  The institution of marriage is practically dead.

All of the above Secretaries of the Vatican City State besides their deep association with the Illuminati and organized crime be it the Mafia, or most recently Fr. Maciel and Carlos Slim Helu and the Sinaloa Federation Mexican Drug and Child Sex Slaving Cartel have fought maliciously and without relenting  to suppress the Message of Fatima to the point of imprisoning Sr. Lucy and lying about her witness and murdering Fr. Gruner of the Fatima Center.  The Vatican Illuminati  presently create the illusion of two Popes simultaneously to prevent a Pope, the Pope,  from consecrating Russia by name to the Immaculate heart as well as a Pope who no one listens to as Pope.

The Papacy, the Magisterium, and the Sacraments were long a firewall against the NWO reign of the anti Christ.  But now through the machinations of an anti pope and the “Francis Effect” sowing confusion among simple believers, the Faith and Morals of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church have been transgressed in the mind of simple believers and apostate alike.   The destruction of the sacrament of marriage through papal and episcopal  silence on divorce, contraception, abortion, masturbation, and LGBT is the destruction of the fruit of the sacrament of marriage, a holy family.  The destruction of the holy family is the goal of the Illuminati in damming souls and annihilating Christendom. The illuminati, in this way, from the Rothschild to Rockefellers to Francis and Secretary of State Piedro Parolin for their master have triumphed in neutralizing the petrine doctrine in their ancient strategy of “child sacrifice and world domination.”  As Mary says, “Only I can help you.”

In the wake of 2,000 years of Church history, the Vatican City State was only established in 1929 by concordat with Mussolini. It must be noted that the Roman Jewish Community never suffered historically pogrom at the hands of ruler or Pope, including Mussolini.  Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, a brilliant papal diplomat was key in negotiating the concordat that establish the  Vatican City State’s sovereignty, Roman  Catholicism as the official state religion of the Italian Republic and school system, as well as over a billion dollar payment by Italy to the Vatican for the confiscation of the Papal States in  1870  which climaxed the Italian War of National Unification orchestrated by  Illuminati mason  G. Garibaldi during the Papacy of Pio Nono.

A similar Reichsconcordat (1933) was reached with Adolf Hitler appointed German Chancellor that same year. The Reichconcordat was brokered again by Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pius XII.  Eugenio  authored four years later in German as a Papal Diplomat to Germany  the papal encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge  in March 1937 for Pope Pius XI,   soon to be murdered by Il Duce’s mistress’ doctor father to prevent the Pope from publishing an encyclical condemning racist genocide authored by an American Jesuit.  The encyclical  Mit Brennender Sorge  stated unequivocally  the religious and moral impossibility of being a Catholic and a Nazi,  or a Catholic and a Communist at the same time.

Pius XII was accused unjustly after his death by Rothschild Zionists to be “Hitler’s Pope”  and complicit by his “silence” during WWII in the alleged “anti semitic murder of 6 million Jews during the so called  Nazi ‘Holocaust’ ”  of which there is absolutely no physical or historical proof.  Pius XII was accused of  this complicity after the war because of his alleged “silence” during the war on the Holocaust.  And yet Winston Churchill in his exhaustive insider six volume history of WWII does not mention that there even was a Nazi Holocaust. Likewise Charles de Gaul, or FDR.

It must be noted that the Reichsconcordat  specified the dignity and protection of Jews as well as the Roman Catholic Church in Germany before the Nazi’s had even thought German Jews as traitors and agents of a foreign anti German national socialism enemy in the same racist way that socialist FDR in establishing concentration camps in the US thought of Americans of Japanese and German heritage.  This indicates the pre-emptive influence of the Rothschild’s in formulating this concordat  arising out of their banking control of the “papal treasury” going back to 1737  in regard to a Nazi policy of persecution towards Jews which at that moment did not exist.

That same year of  the Reichsconcordat, 1933,  “Judea declared War on Germany 1, ”  although the Nazi’s had not targeted German Jews in anyway. In fact, German Jews at the time because of secularization and historical lack of pogrom considered themselves German first, and overwhelmingly fought for Germany in both WWI and II.  150,000 German Jews out of a total  population of  500,000 fought in the Wehrmacht, and eighteen German Jews were in the top echelons of generals and admirals in WWII. Hitler himself was a Rothschild bastard.

In 1929, remarkably,  the English/German/American Rothschilds/Warburgs established the “BiS”-  Bank of International Settlement- in Basil,  Switzerland, a  type of  “European” Federal Reserve,  the pinnacle of NWO  secret government by fiat currency issued by private banks (Rothschild/Warburgs et all)  Notably, the Vatican City State and Bis as globalist extra-national institutions mirror one another in a backwards upside down manner.  With the addition of the Chase Vatican Bank in 1942, the two institutions -Bis and Vatican-meld uniformly  into one in the same manner exhibited in the 1933 Reichsconcordat with Germany.  The Nazis, Zionist, the Chase Vatican Bank,  BIS and fundamentally the Rothschilds/Warburgs would interface in the creation of the Rothschild owned apartheid “anti semitic” (Arabs are semites sole because they speak Arabic a semitic language) occupation state in Palestine.

The Chase Vatican Bank, or the IOR- Institute for Religious Works,  was modelled on the Smithsonian Insitute which was the model for the Standard Oil Medical Trust later Planned Parenthood and the CDC, as well as the Carnegie Foundation later the Bush/Walker/Harriman Eugenic Records Office (later the NSA) and Eugenics Research Laboratory Cold Springs Harbor-Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, the precursors of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Clinton Global Initiative.

Providentially 1929 also saw  the promised return of Our Lady of Fatima (promised in 1917) to Lucy in a convent in Spain to request the consecration of Russia by name in a public solemn ceremony by the Pope to her Immaculate Heart in union with the Catholic Bishops of the world.

The Vatican City State  succession of Popes with the exceptions of Pius X, the murdered Pius XI, and JPI, would be dominated by the  Illuminati controlled  Secretariat of the Vatican City  State and the  Chase Vatican Bank.  With the  establishment of the Chase Vatican Bank in 1942 through Bis/ Chase/Allen Dulles/Cardinal Francis Spellmen/ John McCloy  as a Nazi hedge fund supplanting Prescott Bush/George Walker/Brown Brothers/Harriman’s Union Bank, the co-opting of the Papacy through the Vatican City State by the Illuminati is complete.

This will set up in the same year, 1942, the “Dark Alliance” brokered by Pius XII’s secretary Giovani Montini-the future Paul VI, and Montini’s  arch rival in duping Pope Pius XII , Cardinal “Franny” Spellman, the so called “American Pope” (the iconic political power brokering  homosexual “anti communist”  Knight of Malta cardinal who Cardinals Bernadin,  Dolon, Wuerl, and Dinardo copy)  a cabal against Mussolini preparing the invasion of Sicily. The Dark Alliance cabal enlists the New York and Sicilian Mafia as well as the Illuminati Masons-the Alta Vendita-as well as the forerunner of the American Illuminati Skull and Bones CIA, US naval Intelligence and the OSS created by Knight of Malta Wild Bill Donovan.   The Dark Alliance in conjunction with the CIA after the war would forment Propaganda Due– P-2 via the CIA banking front, the Chase Vatican Bank.  The Vatican Bank was central in Martin Bormann’s transfer of billions in Nazi gold and plunder through BIS to Buenos Aires after the fall of Berlin and lead through the formation of the first international mutual investment fund and holding company with the help of Wall Street Nazi’s and the Rothschild owned private bank- The Federal Reserve and the BIS.  Francis a Jesuit, like Bormann’s son, was Archbishop or Buenos Aires before being elected as the Soldano/Delgado candidate.

The live and let live attitude “tolerance” beginning with Pope John XXIII in the name of Vatican II towards Soviet Russia was the first flowering of  Antonio Gramsci’s Italian designer communism lite inspired pop culture “social justice” Marxianity apostasy in a Pope and the world’s bishops right before Vatican II. It would naturally spring up in Liberation Theology in Central and South America, as well as the NCCB  Campaign for Human Development and Fr. Hessberg’s and ND’s ecclesial  wombing of  Saul Alinsky.  This womb of social justice liberal Catholicism created  CIA MK Ultra child sex slave Barak Obama, whose real father Charles Marshal Davis-“The Naked revolutionary” was a Gamsci  communist.   Hilary Clinton,  perhaps the next President of the United States, closely associate with Mother Theresa was mentored by sodomite masonic Cardinal Joseph Bernardin,  like Barak Obama was in the same Alinsky/Gramschi social justice  ecclesial womb.

Sexual Marxism of Herbert Marcuse inspired the sexual revolution of the sixties along with “beast”  Alister Crawley- the father of  Barbara Bush.  Gramsci saw the establishment of Marxist socialism not through violent revolution of the proletariet but through infiltration of the culture in popular class struggle leading to demoraliztion-most especially dechristianization through materialistic secularization.  That is to say, drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll.   Government bestows frivolous rights, not God  granting inalienable  human rights of life , liberty, and property.

John XXIII, a Mason,  is notorious for surpressing the Third Secret of Fatima and its interpretation by the Blessed Mother in 1960.  Lucy said Mary mandated the secret be revealed by 1960.  But instead Pope John  in exchange for no condemnatin of Soviet Communism and two observers at the Council of the Russian Orthodox Church said the Secret would not be reveal because it did not concern his time and most likely would never be revealed.  John XXIII lambasted the “prophets of doom”-the three children of Fatima- at his opening remarks of the Council.  Through “Ecumenism, ” “Religious Liberty,” and “Freedom of Conscious” as well as “Tolerance” this exspansive attitude of live and let live towards Stalinism soon infected the Pope and Bishop’s stance towards first and foremost “contraception” which is abortion and sterilization in disguise.  Silence on contraception led to the destruction of Chaste Marriage and extended family.  Adherence to Feminism by nuns tore religious communities to pieces.   And today,  LBGT dignity and Marriage Equality all in the name of Social Justice is supported by homosexual Popes and Bishops who covered up on orders by Pope John in 1963 Crimen Sollicitationes  systemic clerical SRA child rape along with their silence on contraception.  All in support of the globalist agenda of world depopulation through forced contraception, steriliztion, and abortion  and allowing LBGT to do whatever they wantaccording to the NWO’s founding principle “child sacrifce and world domination.”  In the 1968  Parenthood presentation at the U of Penn. Medical School later entitled “New World or of Barbarians” the presenting Planned Parenthood official stated that homosexuals will be allowed to do what they want.  And that the Bishops will help Planned Parenthood in its world depopulation agenda.

Lucifer is “the revolutionary” in masonic illuminati satanism.    Alex Jones, a Tea Party Libertarian,  attempts to fight  NWO with masonic illuminati principles such as freedom of religion as the foundation of First Amendment Rights. Jone’s mantra is “The answer to 1984 is 1776”.  Actually 1776, the year Adam Weishoff initiated with Rothschild funding, just as Rothschild funding backed Illuminati Thomas Jefferson ‘s Declaration of Independence via Genral George Washington, logical conclusion is 1984.   Jones realizes that the NWO and the “Globalists,” really Rotheschild Neo-con Zionist-useful Idiots- and the Saudi/Bush/Binladen-useful idiots-have sold their souls to Lucifer in occult compacts and that the Devil through family illuminati bloodlines or possession is behind the NWO.  The formula is ancient, simple and murderous-child sacrifice and world domination.  This plays out in the Globalist bankster use of  contraception, sterilization , and abortion to exterminate the world’s population. But also homosexual sodomy(men and women practice sodomy as well)  called “the congress of the devil” in the Middle Ages which in  Marxianity  “social justice” “marriage equality” mocks to the depths the Sacrament of Marriage and the procreation of children.  Masturbation, not hetero-sexual procreation. Masturbation  is per se a homosexual act even if performed by members of the opposite sex.

Jones, although realizing the satanic nature of the NWO attempts to oppose it with 1776.  However, his mentor, Ron Paul, the founder of the Tea Party Patriots, has spoken recently at an Our Lady of Fatima Conference conducted by Fr. Gruner’s Fatima Center.  Fr. Gruner was recently murdered by Vatican Illumninati.

Jones is beside himself over Francis’ canonizing in Laudato Si  of the Rothschild’s  global carbon tax based on junk climate change science.  Pray that Alex Jones who correctly points out that Francis, with his special forth vow as a Jesuit “canonically” cannot be Pope, may come to learn about Our Lady of Fatima, the true Queen of Heaven.  As she says, “Only I can help you.” Although I am a patriot, I know only the Catholic Church via the Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven, a personification of the Church, the Mystical Body has defeated Lucifer, and war-like Islam-in the Battle of Lepanto 1578 for example. The NWO is the reign of Satan’s anti-Christs to annihilate Christendom and Christianity and bring souls to Hell. This has always been the central battle.

Not wishing to take other’s interpretation of Laudato Si uncritically, I red the document myself.  Though what I expected to find, nonetheless it is profoundly shocking in its satanic quality.  St. Thomas is the “Angelic Doctor” because of his treatise on angels.  Satan is powerful not because he is malicious or fallen, but because he is angelic.  The devil is absolutely non creative, “no serviam” a powerless  absolute no to God, who can do nothing in this world without human beings who are freely possessed by their sinfulness.  The Catholic Catechism states that Satan rules the world by extension through us by our sinfulness.  Jesus says “You can do nothing without me,” the truth.  Lucifer says to Skull and Bone Members and the Rothschilds you can do nothing without me, I do, as the Prince of this world all for you, a lie.  Satan cannot achieve his New World Order without you!  You are only able to enable the devil, not stop him.  Only the Immaculate Heart in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus can stop him with our praying of the Rosary so we will not become minions of the NWO through mortal sin and apostasy as so many millions, if not billions have, and the First Saturday Devotions.

In documents entitled the “The Council of the Alta Vendita” – an Illuminati Carabinieri or Italian Grand Orient Free Mason Italian  Cathar legacy- turned over to Pius IX – it states that the Illuminati masons seek a Pope- who does not necessarily have to be a member of their order-to whom no one listens-friend or foe, believer or atheist.  Pius IX had the plot publicized to make aware the Catholic faith the designs of the Illuminati  Through confusion, Francis has achieved this goal.  Confusion is the first sign of the devil.

But if Francis is just another “anti-pope” hoisted by the Vatican City State/Bank Illuminati  to neutralize the Papacy, then Francis’ as an anti-pope  pronouncements are null and void.  I think their is a very strong case that Francis is an “anti-pope.”  The following is taken verbatim from “The Fatima Timeline” in the June 2015 edition of The Fatima Crusader.

The renowned “Vaticanist” Victorio Messori states:

That there are presently, in effect, two popes acting in communion with and in recognition of each other, having even co-authored an encyclical together, Lumen Fidei, published the previous July.

Canonist Stefano Violi states:

Benedict XVI divested himself of all the power of government and command inherent in his office, without however, abandoning his service to the Church: this continues through the exercise of the spiritual dimension of the pontifical  munus entrusted to him. This he did not intend to renounce. He renounced not his duties….but the concrete execution of them.”

Other Catholics (like me)  recognize that this is a false distinction.  Regardless of what Pope Benedict may have ment by his words, not even a Pope has the power or authority to change the constitution of the Church established by Christ. There can be only be one Pope: the office, and the task of exercising the duties of that office, can reside only in one and the same person.

Add on to Francis’ Fourth Vow as a Jesuit  to be at service without question to the will of the Pope canonically invalidating per se his election to the Papacy and we conclude Francis is an “antipope.” Francis does not want to be called Pope, and signed Laudato Si simply Francis, and not Pope Francis. Laudati Si which is based on Steven Rockefellers’  Earth Charter, for God’s sake, is null and void as a papal encyclical.  Francis does not consider himself to be pope.  So if Francis is an Illuminati antipope, is there a Pope who could do the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, or with the murder of Fr. Gruner and the “resignation” of Pope Benedict, and election of the antipope Francis, is, in fact, the office of Pope-a moral person canonically-in reality vacant.

I am certainly open to arguments against and for this conclusion.  Nevertheless, ironically,  in accord with the plot of the Alta Vendita, no one should listen to Francis an antipope, ” a bishop dressed in white that we assumed was the Pope.”  But what about Pope Benedict?  If his resignation was not a total resignation, then it is not a valid resignation.  If the resignation of Benedict is not valid, then certainly it is impossibly that Francis be elected Pope.  Or is the office of the Papacy which was established by Christ and is a fundamental good for Church Militant open because both Pope Benedict and Francis are disqualified as antipopes. These questions need to be publicly addressed.  My opinion is that de facto Pope Benedict did not resign as Pope and still acts as Pope with the authority of the Pope-or as he says Pope Emeritus.  Pope Benedict never stopped being in actuality Pope.  Francis is fine leading the Church and making confusing Illuminati pleasing pronouncements as an admitted antipope, but he does not want to be addressed as Pope. So be it. Benedict is Pope. There cannot be two popes simultaneously. Or has Benedict also disqualified himself as Pope like Judas  as an Apostle once having validly held the office of Pope.

Unfortunately once again the Michael Voris deception idolizing Benedict as Pope who is at the root of all this confusion with the papacy  by his faux “resignation’ continues in his mistaken ideas about the true nature of the Papacy and Benedict’s own sinfulness  in defaming the Chair of Peter.

1 The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany: The Economic Boycott of 1933. M. Raphael Johnson, Ph.D.

The war by the international Jewish leadership on Germany not only sparked definite reprisals by the German government but also set the stage for a little-known economic and political alliance between the Hitler government and the leaders of the Zionist movement who hoped that the tension between the Germans and the Jews would lead to massive emigration to Palestine. In short, the result was a tactical alliance between the Nazis and the founders of the modern-day state of Israel – a fact that many today would prefer be forgotten.




How Was Father Gruner Murdered by the Vatican Illuminati?

I would say in general the Vatican traditional tried and true method of poisoning was used to murder Fr. Gruner. No autopsy as is the case of Pius IIth, JPI, Paul VIth, was done in regard to Fr.Gruner. So unless the body is exumed- or the plot uncovered, there is circumstantial evidence, but no smoking gun. Fr. Gruner may have been shot with an ice dart or some type of disolvable projectile, time released poison that over hours debilitates the heart and cardiovascular system. He would be unaware and the poison could take days, maybe weeks to have complete effect. Fr. Gruner was in good health all his life and a dedicated servant and hard worker. Hard work was his norm. He never abuse alcohol, drugs, was not obese, or full of hatred and rage, quite the opposite.

The CIA was experimenting with giving victims cancer as a way to kill Castro at the time they murdered JFK (Cardinal “Franny” Spellman , Knight of Malta, Vatican Illuminati stodge) was one of the prime conspirators in the murder of JFK among many of his co-conspirator associates: J. Edgar Hover, LBJ (Spellamn and LBJ were extemely tight), the Bushes, Mafia, Rockefeller, Rotheschild Zionists, Cuban Exiles, Castro’s intelligence service, CIA, ect.

Hugo Chavez was adament that the CIA had given him cancer. These are examples of Vatican Illuminati murder: JFK and Chavez.  There is historical evidence  the CIA developed a way to give murder victims from Jack Ruby, Carlos Marcello to Hugo Chavez cancer.  The CIA and Mossad, KGB have developed poisons sprayed into the ear, darts that cause heart attacks, when they simply do not shot their victims in the back of the head-often with shot guns- and leave a typed suicide note.

Breitbart was in all ways the polar opposite of  Fr. Gruner.   And yet both alike collapse from a heart attack and die.  Except for the 12th hour revelation by Breitbart’s father of his son’s unpublicized  history of heart disease, both men seemed unlikely candidates for a fatal heart attack.  Both men, in their own way were publically threatening to the Illuminati, especially Barak Obama. Coincidence that Breitbart’s coroner died of poisoning the same day the preliminary autopsy  report was to be released.  The lack of autopsy, autopsy done by incompetents, the loss of autopsy photos, manipulation of body parts, loss of body parts like JFK’s brain, are all part of the murder cover up by the murderers.  Apparently Breitbart’s coroner who died of poisoning  never autopsied the body in the first place, because there was no probable cause that foul play was involved, even though only ten percent of heart attacks happen to men under forty three as Breitbart was.  Likewise no autopsy was done for Fr. Gruner.  So this is how it is done.  “Natural Causes” or suicide.

It is most important in every murder investigation where their is no smoking gun, Vatican Illuminati or not, to always ask Cui Bono? Who benefits?  And who covered up the murder by getting rid of evidence and witnesses by conducting the investigation themselves into their own murdering, then destroying and surpressing evidence through obstruction and silencing witnesses. Illuminati murderers always place themselves in charge of investigating their own murders. This is key in solving  who done it and why.

The Vatican Illuminati benefits from their murder of Fr. Gruner and the suppression of the Message of Fatima and the Consecration by name of Russia. Revealing the Secret and doing the Consecration at anytime by the Pope would mean the immediate end of the Illuminati’s occupation of the Papacy and Church through the Chase Vatican Bank, Pope Francis, and the Secretary of State and Vatican City State. So these questions are what is most central in understanding that Fr. Gruner was murdered by the Vatican Bank Illuminati just like JPI and the others. My speculating about how Fr. Gruner was murdered is speculation into method that I can only point to history to speculate about.

More importantly, my assertion that Fr. Gruner was murdered and by whom is routed in the daily battle history of the Illumimati occupiers of the Vatican and Papacy against Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Fatima, the Queen of Heaven. Mary, not Isis, is the Queen of Heaven. All my trust and hope, like Fr. Gruner, is in Mary, the Queen of Heaven. Only she can, and will in perfect union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus save us from our wickedness and due for the practice of abortion and contraception; GH Bush’s satanic New World Order to supplant Christendom and the American Republic. The Pope will do the consecration. I am certain, not because of the Pope, but because of the Sacred Heart who says he will, late, but nevertheless.

Deus Providebit!

P.S.  I realize that just like Fr. Gruner I can be murdered by these Illuminati murders like David Dewhurst for exposing his and then AG Abbotts (who just caved on gay divorce in Texas which means gay marriage) exoneration of Douglas Karpen to cover up Perry’s partial ownership of Karpen’s clinic through shares in United Surgical Partners.  All I know about this was told to me first by other people and on internet blogs.  It is all history.  The Rothschilds are sacrificing the Bushes and will scapegoat them and their business partners the Saudi/Bin Ladens for the 9/11 false flag which was orchestrated by Mossad for the Rothschilds.  There is no stopping this.  The Bushes had their CIA murder the son of David Rockefeller months ago by plane crash, for final supremacy of the Bush Family over the Rockefellers with the election of Jeb as President.  The Rothschilds say no.  The House of Bush/House of Saud will be framed for 9/11 when these 28 pages of the (9/11 Commission Conspiracy Theory) are revealed.