The Michael Voris Deception and the Murder of Fr. Gruner R.I.P.

After Michael Voris’ act of thoughtful censorship of my comments on the death of Fr. Gruner at Church, I rewrote my earlier comment similar to this one in bold below which after over two hours of consideration by Michael Voris was rejected for publication by Voris a second time on line at Vortex comments, Church I do not take rejections personally, my feelings are not hurt by rejection of my views,I experience rejection all the time, but such editorial behavior by Michael Voris who proudly proclaims himself Defensor Fidei is deeply distressing in its censorship of the whole truth when it comes to the salvation of souls in the Church. A saint said, “A pope who publicly destroys the Church must be resisted”. Michael Voris does not believe this, obviously..
My first writing is always my best. I am not proud of that. I resubmitted this post subsequently a second time to make certain that Voris is actually suppressing this comment content from being publicized. The so called  Michael Voris Deception is this, he tells the truth about some bishops, some times but never about other bishops all the time. Examples of his sacred cows are former pope Benedict, who Voris refers to as Pope Emeritus, and Pope Francis, or Cardinals Burke who with Wuerl consecrated Dinardo a Bishop. And of course Benedict made Dinardo a Cardinal, as well as Wuerl. Voris continues this double standard deception at the same time he rightly and relentlessly chastises the establishment Catholic media for not confronting scandalous apostate Cardinal Archbishops like Dolan of New York. “This is the greatest treason, to do the right thing for the wrong reason”.
 Benedict as Holy Office head for JPII is almost solely responsible for orchestrating a Church wide global covering up of clerical child rape and sex slavery for 25 years for JPII and Fr. Maciel Delgado (criminal mastermind of Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinaloa Federation cartel- especially child sex slaving for poor Nafta undocumented workers in cantinas)  and then for five years as Pope before he resigned in the face of imminent  NYT and HBO exposure for doing so. As such, Voris has only attacked Benedict made cardinals like Wuerl and Dinardo on certain select issues like giving communion to pro-abort politicians and non-catholic funerals and rightly so. Voris has been exposing CRS and CC infiltration by Planned Parenthood and LBGT marriage, children, and family destroying agenda linked with Memo 200 and the CIA. But Voris says nothing about then Pope Benedict’s 2010 public moral support as Pope of Obamacare thrown in behind the politicking of Benedict made Cardinal of Texas and Washington D.C. Danny Dinardo and his catamite mentress Donna Wuerl. No one is more responsible for getting the senate vote of Bart Stupak that passed Obamacare by duping him with a phony pro-life executive order by aborter and chief Obama, than Danny and Donna. And with then Pope Benedicts’ full moral support and approval. Now sans Benedict, but with the full support of Pope Francis, Danny as VPNCCB and Donna who gives communion to Nancy Pelosi in D.C.redirected the whole ministry as American Bishops of the NCCB to secure, like they did Obamacare, “amnesty”. All the while getting paid millions for covertly transporting thousands of victims of child sex slaving from Central America in conjunction with Homeland Security to cantinas under GW’s 2008 Wilberforce Law.  The American Hierarchy were doing the same thing when Fr. Maciel and JPII were alive and Benedict was covering up, but now it’s above board and legal, and like abortion, in America, legality is morality.
As I write this, I am waiting to see if Michael Voris will reject the comment content below a second time. I will not submit it a third time. It has been under review now for over two hours! That’s premeditation! It just occurred to me the irony that all the below content has been said by Fr. Gruner and appears always in the Fatima Crusader. Through my own research and faith I had come to this content independently, but had it validated in my own mind and expanded through reading and viewing the Fatima Center ‘s publications. How sadly ironic that Voris would censor Fr. Gruner’s own comments posted after a story about his relentless struggle to gain the consecration of Russia against such illuminati dupe scoundrels as S.O.S Soldano, Bertone, Parolin who of course sought to silence and censor Fr.Gruner.
 As with the assassination of JPI in 1979 by Cardinal and clerical co conspirators of the ” free masonry occupied” Vatican City State with the masonic P2 lodge in Rome preempting JPI’s intended closure of the Chase Vatican Bank, Fr. Gruner’s “timely” heart attack seems contrived by the same illuminati cabal’s “off spring” who today occupy the Vatican City State through possession of the Secretary of State and the Vatican Bank by which the illuminati control the Papacy. Infinitely more crushing to the illuminati’s now almost complete destruction of Christendom and supplanting the Catholic Church with a satanic New World Order than the closing of the Vatican Bank by JPI, is the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope in union with all the Catholic Bishops of the world in a solemn public ceremony as relentlessly advocated by Fr. Gruner, R.I.P. As such, Fr. Gruner and his Fatima crusade in the illuminati’s own estimation was the most feared, hated, and destructive priest adversary of the illuminati cabal in the universe. They delt with Fr. Gruner as they deal with us all, murder. Nonetheless, in the 12th hour the Pope will make the consecration of Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, her Immaculate Heart will triumph, and there will be peace as she promised. At the moment the consecration is made, Fr. Gruner, a martyr of Fatima, is rejoicing in Heaven as the disciples of satan (illuminati and their Secretary of State Cardinal dupes) are cast into Hell. Mary is Queen of Heaven!