Response to “Sharia Law Terror” Fear mongering and Racism


Post Christian Belgium is absolutely satanic, leaders in  euthanasia of children and adults through “assisted” suicide.  Belgium like every other European country and the Illuminati/Cabalist Rothschild  “Zionist State” does not have children because of free contraception, abortion  and LBGT causing the annihilation of the Sacrament of Marriage and holy family life. Why be a stodge of the CIA and the Bushes NWO and  blame the Muslems for wanting Sharia law because they still have their religion and belief in a God and by default will inherit the land of apostate Belgium because Belgium is in the death rattle of sexual suicide, no children!.  Belgium gave up Catholicism and has committed sexual suicide and having apostatized from the sacraments are choosing to die out and freely go to Hell.. Traditional Sharia law is infinitely better for believing Catholics to live under than post Catholic Belgium which is satanic NWO and has destroyed true Catholicism in the country.  Look at “liberal” Canada forcing the Catholic Church to have child “gay/straight” clubs in all their schools or be closed down. These clubs are used to sodomize children. Traditional Sharia law would not do that.  And yes Catholics, Jews, and Muslems lived together in complete respect and harmony for 900 years in Northern Spain under Arab Muslim rule under Sharia law. When the Visigoth Catholics of Spain got complete control again in 1492 they demanded the Jews and Muslims  convert or go into exile or be killed. The Spanish Inquisition was truly “anti-Semitic”- since Jews and Arabs are Semites, truly racist. Sharia law never acted in such a manner as the Inquisition did in regard to Muslems, Jews, and Christians just Google it. Only Neo-con fake Catholics, Evangelical Christian Zionists and non-Jewish atheistic “Zionists” have done so to Christians, Catholics, Muslims, and covenanted Jews alike. ISIS does not follow traditional Sharia law.

Just look at the Christians- Catholic and Orthodox under six centuries of Ottoman Rule and what happened to Muslems and Christian and Jews alike after the fall of the Ottoman Empire by the machinations of the satanic Rothschild via the Federal Reserves creation of WWI. Ask Both Muslims and Catholics in Iraq and Syria whether they want to live under “Democratic” American puppet state rule or Sharia Law in their own country and not in Belgium. No! What has their experience been being liberated from Saddam by the Bushes.  The Bushes/Saudis and Netanyahu support ISIS. ISIS of Saudi Arabia and Netanyahu has murdered over 300,000 Catholics that thrived before  under Muslem rule under the Ottomans and then under the secular Saddam and Bashir Assad. Isis is an Illuminati  masonic front group (not truly Islamic) to destroy the Catholic Church in Syro-Mesopotamia born of the CIA’s Al Qaeda from Afghanistan in 1979 when the CIA and that satanic monster Brezinski  with puppet JPII suckered self-admittedly the USSR into Afghanistan leading to our own defeat in 2014 and the destruction of Afghanistan, like Iraq and Libya. The Bushes’ Illuminati  CIA via ISIS/Saudi Wahabi making the world safe for Democracy! The CIA- the Illuminati Skull and Bones- Bush, Walker, Harriman, and William F. Buckley  Neo-con fake Catholics and zionists is one with the CIA installed Saudi/ Bin Laden Wahabi rulers of Arabia and the Rothschild dupe Zionist occupation of Palestine. Let us give thanks that BB Netanyahu and Hitlary- politically and satanically exact same thing in all NWO ways from free Abortion to destruction of the Catholic Church have shot themselves in the foot are going down in elections- and unless they repent their murderous abortion, contraception, LBGT, of Jews, Catholics, and Muslims alike going straight down as well..  So the self admitted “bigot” and proud of it who is sending this hate mongering propaganda around is just another CIA dupe terrorist spreading terror about Sharia law, an ignorant vicious bigot who takes pride in being so. But he should not be proud to be so.  He should be ashamed!