Is Pope Francis like Benedict being Blackmailed


It is notable that Cardinal Dolan did not officiate at the funeral of pioneer pro-abort “catholic” politician Mario Cuomo at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Previously,  Dolan welcomed divorced Gov. Andrew and his live in girl friend, Sandra Lee, (a victim of child sex abuse whose mother in desperate straits refused to abort her) sitting in the front pew at St. Patrick’s for Mass with “Helloooooo Governooor!” These two political princes of New York, legacy Governor and Cardinal,  may have parted friendly company over Andy’s anti-pro lifer get out of New York State now tirade. Cardinal Dolan considers himself “pro-life.”
Mario’s Son Andrew ran his father’s campaign against NY Mayor Koch in the 80’s, “Vote for Cuomo, not the Homo.” Typical politician who gets votes from both sides by promising to exclude the other at the same time.  Andrew later used “Marriage Equality” coupled with a  false flag “stand down” by the homosexual Archbishop of New York  created Cardinal in  the image and likeness of Cardinal “Franny” Spellman,” to get re-elected though both Dem. and Rep. voters alike know son like father is an administratively incompetent office holder and narcissistic crook. Speaking of which, Obama was not at the funeral either.
Cuomo and Lisa Benitez’s church funerals answers my question, will Nancy Pelosi get a big church funeral. Absolutely, done by Donna Wuerl, DC Cardinal , who with Cardinal Dinardo duped Bart Stupak  to cast the deciding vote for Nancy’s  Obamacare, or Planned Parenthood care.  Cecil Richard attended Lisa’s funeral and was not denied Holy Communion by Cardinal Dinardo’s Cathedral Rector.
 Pope Francis is being blackmailed, like Benedict, by the Rothschild’s and the rest of their family of international bankers’ UN via the Chase Vatican Bank (The Rothschild’s crew have controlled Papal Finances since the 18th Century). At the same time  via Prince Andrew the House of Windsor is being blackmailed by their owners the Rothschild’s Bank of England through Jeffrey Epstein,  formerly of Bear Sterns. Mother Theresa devotee and Cathleen O’Brien child abuser Hillary Clinton is being black mailed by her family in laws the Bushes via  GH’s latent homosexual son Bill’s child sex slaving courtesy of fellow jet setter international banker Jeff Epstein.  Jeff let Bill use his private jets to fly around the world raising campaign funds for Hilary’s presidential run against son in law Jeb Bush in the name of the Clinton’s Global Initiative charitable trust PAC which bears a distinct resemblance to Planned Parenthood PAC.  My goodness! Soldiers come and fall, but the battle goes on –Alta Vendita
International bankers protected by the UN’s contrived moral duplicity finance global child sex slaving in the first place for economic, social, and governmental control of politicians, royals,  popes and the Vatican as well as fun and profit, and of course worship of Baphomet through the Rite of Sodomy with child sex slaves, ritual child murder and abortion.  All in the name of world domination through one world government (Planned Parenthood New World Order of Barbarians). The Chase Vatican Bank financed through money laundering the expansion of child sex slaving to the underclass by Fr. Maciel Delogado’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel (Carlos Slim Helu, the Garza Family, Bush/Clinton/JPII) providing 9 to 12 year old boys and girls-children sex slaves- in cantinas.   The UN which favors child sex in any form recently threatened Francis as Pope with covering up homosexual clerical pederasty and international child sex slavery if Francis did not publically reverse the teachings of the Church on Abortion, Contraception, Sterilization, Marriage, LGBT.  Francis stood down as Pope by his silence.  Stand down in one’s  human and Catholic duty to Church, Family, Nation and self is how Satan rules by extension through us. Satanic stand down manifests itself mostly as “False Flags.”
As such, Francis is not in control of his own papacy. The Vatican is under NWO Illuminati occupation. Thus a papal encyclical mandating carbon taxes to extinguish coal and nuclear power for LNG benefits the Rothchilds and crew via Blood and Gore INC. London, England and Barak Obama, Chicago, USA.  Francis is Mayor Parkeresque-Shine the Light- in his world interfaith religion slight of hand call as NWO chaplain to combat manual “slavery” without mention of  homosexual clerical child sex slaving under the cover of the Church. Francis never mentions Abortion, Contraception, Child Sex Slaving, GMO’s  and Jesus Christ in being blackmailed.  Francis is controlled as Pope by Knight of Malta Rothschild agent Henry Kissinger.  Pope Benedict asked Henry Kissinger to be his global political  advisor.   Being a Knight of Malta Henry was obligated to accept.  Like Nixon/Ford,  Benedict/Francis, Henry the NWO/CFR strategist face of the Rothschilds is still directing  Pope and President alike.   Meantime, Cardinal Dinardo is receiving millions from covertly transporting child sex slaves using CRS(CIA front) and Catholic Charities in conjunction with DHS from Central America as part of the Bush/Clinton Soros/Buffet Nafta Train to destroy the Republic and bring about GH’s NWO North American Union. AS the New World Order Turns! Only Mary can help us.  Consecrate Russia by name now!

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