Pope Francis Blasts Roman Curia to Facilitate McKinsey, Ernst and Young, and Promontory Financial Revolution from the Vatican Bank

The Cathars, in Greek, ” the pure,” were a gnostic  sect who taught reincarnation and two gods, the evil god of the Old Testament creator of the material world, identified as satan, and the god of spirit,light, love and peace in the New Testament. Preaching Jesus as the “perfect” human teacher mantic inspired by the New Testament spiritual god of light, peace and love, Cathars and their supporters obstinately and inimically rejected the fundamental teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in Faith and Morals rooted in the doctrines of The Incarnation and The Holy Trinity.  By renouncing all material possessions with dramatic emaciated personal display, Cathar Parfaits or Perfects  disempowered  local Catholic clergy and Bishops morally, and therefore religiously, politically and economically in the eyes of the local nobility and serfs of 12th century Southern France.  Local  Bishops and Abbots of monastic orders accumulated huge tracts of land donated to The Church by nobles and kings to pray for their ventures during this life and their souls in Purgatory in the next . Nobles and serfs apostatized from the Roman Catholic Church prompted by the emaciated Cathar preachers cloth in black harping on the opulent materialism and individual aggrandizement by sacrament through  ecclesial office of the Benedictine Abbots and local Bishops.

This was the state of affairs St. Dominic de Guzman discovered pleading to the point of tears with a guesthouse keeper of Toulouse that he and his whole family  apostate return by “second conversion” to the truth of the Catholic Faith.  The ” 15 sins” that Pope -don’t call me Pope- Francis condemned the Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests of the Curia for: use of office and sacrament to gain material possessions and political power are very much in the Cathar vein of preaching and absolute condemnation of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy.  These sins Cathar Perfects preached (gossiped) about were true enough in most instances then in 12th Century Southern France, as are the 15 sins Pope Francis points out in the Curia today, but the reason, or moral theology why the Cathars and Francis point out the sins of the Catholic Hierarchy is infinitely worse than the 15 sins themselves. Wrong use does not negate right use is a Catholic maxim which applies here.  As T.S. Elliot wrote “This is the greatest treason to do the right thing for the wrong reason”  applies to Cathar and Francis’ condemnation of the Curia by 15 sins.

The ulterior reasons for apostasy to Albigensian or Cathar heresy on the part of nobles from Catholicism had everything to do with the local nobles being given free reign to indulge lust, greed, and world domination (over their serfs) by the Parfaits who protected these “imperfects” from the judgement of God and Church as they apostatized from Pope and Church to the kingdom of satan who is the god and king of this world in Cathar theology.  The Cathars did this by sharing out their own penances as Karma free pass tickets for the sins of the imperfect,  mimicking prayer and fasting in Catholicism for poor souls in Purgatory.   Cathar moral theology in regard to the imperfects is the same as Cardinal Wuerl betraying Canon Law and mandating  Holy Communion for pro-abort politicians, active Homosexuals, and the divorced and remarried in the name of being pastoral. And don’t call them “imperfect.”

The Cathars held that the god of the material world is satan and that the Pope, French King, Bishops and Clergy were his demonic minions.  In certain cases, true enough.  However,  Cathar itinerant preachers Parfaits or perfects dressed in black robes and emaciated by starvation doing proxy karma penance to absolve the lust and greed  of  imperfects among the local nobility as spiritually whipping boys exhibited no joy.  Francis’ greatest condemnation of the Curia, there greatest sin of the 15 is the Curia’s Cathar like sullen contemptuous joylessness in their office.  Francis in a Encyclical condemns this sin as  being a “sourpuss. ”  Again in cases true enough.  But Francis like the Cathars paint the whole Church with a black brush with no excepting of individuals, St. Dominic and St. Bernard de Clairvaux be damned! And at the same time pederast Cardinals like Wuerl and  aborter politicians receive not mention.

The Cathar Perfects saw the material world as intrinsically evil.  The spiritual soul, a spark of the divine, was imprisoned in the body.  To starve oneself to death to free the soul was the point of Cathar asceticism. Cathars taught that procreative sexual intercourse between married man and wife  as pro-creative was intrinsically evil. The same as over population fanatics like the ailing Ted Turner, RU 486 Warren Buffet, and Seattle University Chapel married Catholics Bill and Melinda Gates do.  Suicide a noble endeavor. Ditto!  Sex without reproduction or marriage, especially sodomy-called the devil’s congress in the Middle ages- was infinitely more moral and godly than procreative married love making ,  Abortion, contraception, masturbation, sodomy, a good compared to conception and birth into this material world of woes. In short, when it comes to the LBGT agenda Francis echos like thunder the Cathar perfects on the imperfects, “Who am I to judge” if one is spiritually striving.

Francis’  statement of tolerance supplanting Catholic faith and morals is rooted in “religious freedom”.  Religious freeedom became the mantra of the Cathars  due to their defeat during the Albigensian Crusade.   Their religious descendants, an infiltrating secret society via the Knights Templar dedicated to the total destruction of marriage and family life, 33rd degree Masonry from the Skull and Bones/CIA to Goldman Sachs seek through LBGT  total annihilation  of the Catholic Church in the name of Tolerance and Religious Freedom. As Alan Keyes  says, Freedom of Religion is freedom from religion.  Actually  freedom from religion (from land fat Bishops and monasteries, and the king of kings, the Pope) was the most attractive prospect the Perfects tendered to imperfect nobles.

American Illuminati G.H. Bush’s NWO and Planned Parenthood’s NWO of Barbarians resonate with Cathar moral theology. Read Planned Parenthood’s NWO of Barbarians on line and you will see how Francis is “helping” to bring about a satanic culture of murder based on child sacrifice and world domination in his “stand down” as Pope by silence on abortion, clerical child sex slaving, and sodomy.  “The homosexuals will be allowed to do as they please” the NWO of Barabarians predicts in 1968.

Francis grants by his stand down, “who am I to judge” as Pope “religious freedom” to homosexual priest pederasts just as his NWO EU Pope predecessors Benedict and JPII did through cover up. There were Cathar Bishops in Southern France invested by apostate nobles with miter and staff who likewise expressed this Cathar moral theology of “boys will be boys.” Sodomy is the congress of the devil and no one becomes pregnant.  Francis has  been silent with one exception on pederast bishops.  He knowingly employs known pederast Cardinals at the Vatican as is evident in his choosing bishops like Caridnal  Donna Wuerl,  (no one is more responsible for the passage of Obamacare a great boon for Planned Parenthood and state euthanasia than Donna Wuerls and his Pittsburg  catamite Cardinal Danny Dinardo who Francis may have already selected as his successor as Pope)   Blaise Cupich who supports as Francis does giving the Eucharist at  Mass to abortion, contraception, sterilization and Planned Parenthood’s New World Order of Barbarian’s depopulation agenda through child murder politicians like Catholic Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

Pope Francis has seemed almost Cathar in his tactics towards the Papacy, and now the Curia.  There is strong historical linkage between the Cathars and St. Bernard de Clairvaux’s Knights Templars and Free Masonry.  33rd Degree Scottish Rite Masonry like the Bavarian Illuminati and their American cousins Yale’s Skull and Bones is completely satanic seeking  the destruction of Christendom, the Catholic Church, and family, economy, and the individual. Like the Cathars, they do this in the name of religious freedom, freedom from religion,  tolerance, equality, liberty.  The Cathar  idea of religious freedom, enshrined in the Magna Carta, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and its logical terminus the equality of all religions.  Religious freedom or tolerance leads to indiference and that to pratical atheism through dechristianization which leads to the reign of satan and his anti-christ, the New World Order of Barbarians.

This was the effect of the Rights of Man which removed the Creator as the source of Human Right and Dignity and replaced that source with total government in the French Revolution.  Our Lady of Fatima who presented St. Dominic with the Rosary in Prouille to bring about “second conversion” of Catholics who apostasized through the example of the Cathars compared to that of the local decadent clergy told the three children  in 1917 that there would be massive apostasy from the top down in the Church,  countries would be annihilated, but in the end Her Immaculate Heart would triumph.  She asked through the three children the Pope with all the bishops of the world to consecrate Russia by name to her Immaculate Heart.  Neither Francis, nor any other Pope has done so. Pope John 23nd who authored the notorious Crimen Sollicitationis enabling the cover up of global clerical child pederasty in the same year 1960 that Mary told Lucy to reveal the secret of Fatima attacked the children of Fatima as prophets of doom which he would not allow to waylay the Second Vatican Council.

This allowed in the wake of  a letter from Francis’ fellow Jesuit John Courtney Murray in 1950 to Pope Pius  XII to have the Church adopt and cease resisting US masonic First Amendment Religious Freedom least Catholics apostasize  from the Catholic Church.  Pius XIIth was deeply influenced by Cardinal Franny Spellman -Knight of Malta- previously Hospitallers, who with the Knights Templar enshrined in 1215 as the first article of the the Magna Carta against not only the rights of the King, but also against the papal discression of the Pope.  1215 was also the year that the Cathar  “crusade” raged in the South of France.  The  Knights Templar as well as the local nobility which claimed secretly to have their ruling authority via the Merovingian line from the sons of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene who fled to Marseille after the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth,  refused to aid Pope and King against the recalcitrent local nobility and the Cathars who appeared to be protected and interchangeable with the Knights Templar and local nobility.  Several of the Master Generals of the Templars were in fact Cathar.

Paul VIth, a mason and homosexual allegedly, as Pius’ secretary created the “Dark Alliance” between the Mafia, Masons, and Naval Intelligence-precursor of the Skull and Bones CIA-to oust Mussilini.  The Dark Alliance would later as P-2 utilize the Chase Vatican Bank  that Cardinal Spellman duped Pius XII into decreeing as the I.O.R. but in reality a Chase Bank Nazi hedge fund to replace Skull and Bones Prescott Bush’s Union Bank that was stifled for the moment by the Truman Commission in 1942.  The Alta Vendetta Corabinari who seem to be the Italian version of the Southern French Carabineri in their outlook seek a Pope that no one listens too.  Pope Francis who is unanimously endorsed by the Fortune Five Hundred, the French Grand Orient, the Italian Grand Orient, and the Free Masons of Buenos Aeries seems to be such a Pope. He tells people do not call me pope.

Pope Francis like the Cathars for imperfect local nobles provides spiritual cover for politicians like Nancy Pelosi by replacing Cardinal Burke with Cardinal Wuerl a known sodomite, who favors like Francis and against Canon law giving communion to politicians who support abortion on demand.  Burke and those traditionalists-especially in Liturgy-the Latin Mass-were the true target of Francis’ “broadside” at the annual office Christmas party.

Francis uses  these Cathar propaganda ploys to discredit Orthodox Bishops publically as he supplants the mission of the Church with masonic/Cathar ideas of tolerance both religious and sexual.  The Vatican will be remade from the inside out to promote the gay agenda and support politically by standing down abortion, contraception, and sterilization.  This is being accomplished as I write.


Pope Francis Chooses Known Perpetrators to Reform Vatican Bank


The Rite of Sodomy and The New World Order of Barbarians


Here is a curriculum vitae on Randy Engel. She is the author of The Rite of Sodomy and published an on line interview on talking points enitiled “The New World Order of Barbarians” delivered by a Planned Parenthood doctor at the UPenn Medical School in 1968. I968 is the same year Paul VIth issued Humanae Vitae in the face of a unanimous vote and plea to change Church teaching on contraception by Notre Dame professors funded by David Rockefeller for Planned Parenthood in a blatant attempt to influence Pope Paul VIth. New World Order of Barbarians is a direct link between GH Bush’s New World Order, the satanic Skull and Bones, and Kissinger’s later National Security Memo 200 (73) uniting USAID-CIA front, Catholic Relief Services-CIA front. and Planned Parenthood International and the UN to bring about world depopulation through abortion, sterilization, contraception and the promotion of homosexuality, the break down of the family and drug war in 13 nations as a matter of national security. Randy’s interview was done in 1989 with a Catholic Doctor who heard the original talking points made by the PP doctor in 1968. The Catholic doctor is stuptified, most especially by the Catholic Bishops’ supposed participation, that everything that was said to inexoribly happen in 1968, by 1989 had happened.

I originally was dismayed that the interview was called The New World Order of Barabarians, because it demonizes “Barbarians” who were not historically satanists who sexually sodomize children or each other like the Bushes and Walkers do at Bohemian Grove or Skull and Bones rituals, or murdered their babies through abortion or infanticide like the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. The Goths, Germanic tribes, abhorred infanticide, as well as the decadent pan-sexuality of the Romans who had committed sexual suiscide by the 5th century leaving Empire lands open to be occupied without a fight by Germanic tribes. It was only after Germany had been seduced by the Bavarian Illuminaiti, and Planned Parenthood through the Nazi’s eugenic programs that Germans became the New World Order of Barbarians. I learned that the American Illuminati-Skull and Bones- founded 1832 -Yale University, calls non “Knights” or Bonesmen, “Barbarians” or Gentiles., thus the title of the PP talking points.

Read this on Randy Engel. I do trust her analysis and history of the masonic satanic evil parading as the Vatican and Religious Orders in the Rite of Sodomy. Satan parading as the Vatican and Israel is destroying through Clinton/Bush and Cardinals like Francis Spellman, Bernadin, Wuerl, Dinardo, Dolan and now Blaise Cupich our Republic, and leading millions of Catholics into apostacy, the top down. I do not see Randy as satanic, a murdering theif, and pro-abortion, contraception, sodomy, and child rape. This is ridiculous and satanic to make such a charge! She is the exact opposite. But I most definitely see Clinton/Bush and the above Cardinals as that, with all proof and evidence documented with 4,000 footnotes in Rite of Sodomy. Add Guardasil Rick Perry to promoters of the Rockefeller/Harriman/Bush/Walker Planned Parenthood’s New World Order of Barbarians too, as well as Dr. Douglas Karpen exonerator AG Abbott, who along with Guardasil Rich took millions in campaign dollars bundled by Tilman Fertita to turn a blind eye to and protect child sex slaving in Texas-not one arrest and conviction of a child sex slaver on any level, ever. And of course, add the Skull and Bones Bush/Walker crime family that laid the foundation for Planned Parenthood, the NSA Police State- Eugenics Record Office, and were Wall Street bankers through Prescott Bush’s Union Bank for the Nazi industrialists, and earlier the Bolshevik Revolution (Standard Oil and Wall Street funded Lenin and Trotsky, and Stalin because the Rothschilds who control the 1913 Federal Reserve enslaving this country with debt we furious at the Romanoff family over the loss of their 19th century railroad monopoly shipping oil from Baku Russia (Hitler attacked Russia to take Baku) eventually through the Suez Canal. Slaves know no history and leave no history of their person to be known. The best slave is a slave who believes he or she is free. That was me. But everyone must honestly ask themselves am I a brainwashed debt slave of the Fed/Globalist/Planned Parenthood/satanists. Do I blindly follow church figures who are members of organized crime and masonic pederasts like Fr. Maciel Degollado and the Legion of Christ who Cardinal Wuerl, Francis Spellman, and Jeb Bush support though Fr. Maciel is the criminal mastermind behind the Sinaloa Federation. JPII thought Maciel was a living saint!

I make my moral judgements on what Bishops and Cardinals are doing behind the public show, not what they say in public.The Rite of Sodomy documents what they have done, and continue to do. I make my judgement based on history and the Catholic Apostolic Faith. The Rothschild always play all sides against the middle for their own family’s exclusive benefit. They dissolve nations’ sovereignty and Christendom, and Islam now, by selling national treasury bonds that they create out of thin air-like two trillion in US Fed debt  to the Red Chinese. The Fed owned by the Rothschilds controls through PNAC US foreign policy and the Pentagon through the Isreali first neo-con communist socialist nazis in this country, Catholic neo-cons like Skull and Bones William F. Buckley, Evangelical Christian Zionists, and Neo-con dual citizenship Isreali/US like Rahm Emanuel. Goldman Sachs-the Rothschild- which owns both Barak Obama and Ted Cruz alike- is intentionally shutting down the coal plants in the US and fracking. They are doing this in conjunction with their allies the Saudi’s. Goldman Sach’s controls the price of a barrel of oil. LNG is the future. The zio-con-nazi Palestine occuption state-is not the Israel of God, but a Rothschild false flag, that has huge reserves of NG in the Leviathon off the coast that the Rothchild’s want to exploit. They are playing the Russians and Chinese and Americans against each other while enslaving all three with inflation debt and the threat of world war. But the endgame is the have the Rothschild’s zio-nazi occupation of Palestine through ISIS destabilize all other countries in the Middle East and Iran using the US, through PNAC, to dominate the impending morass with Saudi Arabia, who they in turn will have overthrone when expedient. Rothchilds through British Intelligence established the Saudi’s in 1917 at the same time they began promotting the atheist national socialist Zionist terrorist take over in Palestine. The Rothschilds use Judaism and Zionism to secure their oil interests and protect the Suez Canal. This goes double in funding Stalin in Baku, Lenin, and Trotsky in the murder of the Romanoff Family in 1917.

The bottom line is that fracking in the US will end as the price of crude drops as Saudi in conjunction with their masters Goldman Sachs, a Fed banking front for the Rothschild, maintain production levels. This is a currency war against Russia over fracking in the Ukraine bankrolled by George Soros- the public face of the Rothschilds and a Nazi collaborator. The Rothchilds, like Soros,are Nazi collaborators especially with H. Himmler during WWII to force Diaspora Jews to immigrate to Palestine for the take over. Friends of mine are making your living off of the LNG/fracking boom. There is no way that the Rothschild’s who with the Dutch Royal Family (DutchShell) own the FED is going to allow US/Bush/Rockefeller EXXON through fracking to become energy independent from Saudi Arabia, or replace Russia in supplying LNG to the EU or China. Not Iran, or Iraq, Syria, or Russia either. In the end the Rothchild’s false flag “Israel” will through American blood and indebtedness via Jeb Bush/Cheney PNAC be the only country left in tact in the Middle East. The Rothschilds will supply through the Leviathon LNG to the EU. This is the plan. Regardless how it plays out, the US, the Republic, our personal liberties, are very person, the Catholic Church, is the target for these globalist satanists and their Planned Parenthood New World Order of Barbarians.The end of fracking will curtail US/Exxon or Exxon/ Russia from supplying LNG to the EU. This in turn will cause the US petrol based dollar due to lower oil prices to inflate losing value. This will cause a crash through the inflated prices of stocks in that record high stock prices signal only inflation, not real market value or material worth or production. This is going to destroy everything you hold near and dear, and those you and I have blindly supported in the past, Perry, Dinardo, JPII, The Bushes, Abbott, so-called Israel, EXXon, 911 cover-up, Mitt Romney and Netanyahu, Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney are all part of the ISIS mass murder of Catholics in Iraq and Syria-and Muslims. And you as a patriotic American and free market person. I know I have blood all over my hands for being a brainwashed dupe and supporting these devils most of my life in their war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout the globe. Thank God I am waking up. As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and they are us.”

Randy Engel column
Randy Engel, one of the nation’s top investigative reporters, began her journalistic career shortly after her graduation from the University of New York at Cortland, in 1961. A specialist in Vietnamese history and folklore, in 1963, she became the editor of The Vietnam Journal, the official publication of the Vietnam Refugee and Information Services, a national relief program in South Vietnam for war refugees and orphans based in Dayton, Ohio Continue reading The Rite of Sodomy and The New World Order of Barbarians