Cardinal Dinardo and USNCCB cannot be Trusted in the Secretive Smuggling of Child Sex Slaves for DHS

With the massive current global apostacy of souls shephearded out of communion with the Body of Christ  by  the Vatican Lavander Mafia (Sexual Masonry Cardinals), and subsequent drop in Sunday collections, Bishops are selling off churches and hospitals and closing schools to insure a cashflow.  “Catholic” in nomine solo  universities such as Notre Dame (Barak Obama), or Georgetown(Bill Clinton) long ago sold out their Catholic identity to Tri-Lateral Commission globalists like David Rockefeller for the directorship of Chase Bank (Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, ND President), and funding from the Ford Foundation (i.e. Planned Parenthood), much as Yale, originally a Puritan seminary, did almost two centuries ago religiously transforming into Skull and Bones.

With GW Bush’s Faith Based Initiative (FBI) a Federal Reserve financial life line was thrown to the imploding post Cardinal Bernardin “common ground” child sex abused (SRA) riddled  Am-Church.  FBI co-opted most 501c religions from Catholic to Baptist into “chaplains” of GH Bush’s so-called New World Order.  Be it Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) as  de facto FEMA during Ike, or the USNCCB  (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) creating social justice Frankenstein transhumanist puppet Barak Obama  funding ACORN by their completely secular and socialist Alinsky based Champaign for Human Development, the 501c religions, i.e. Rockefeller brothers’  interfaith Earth Charter global religion, the largest being the Catholic Church, are fully mired in NAFTA to bring about the globalist North American Union.

From Fr. Maciel’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel (Carlos Slim Helu and the Garza Family of Monterey) child sex slaving and money laundering through the Chase Vatican Bank, to the USNCCB demanding religious obedience from Catholics on Obamacare and Immigration Reform/Amnesty,  tens of millions of Federal Reserve dollars are being paid into 501c coffers to continue secretive transport of tens of thousands of faceless alleged child sex slaves from the Southern border throughout the United States.  But can the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church from Central America to Canada be trusted to safeguard children from SRA rape? Can the  DHS?

Absolutely not.

Since the run up to 9/11, the Hieararchy of the Catholic Church in the US (Am-Church) has been exposed in the corporate media of systemic  ritual sexual abuse-the Rite of Sodomy-of children and seminarians.  I believe this media exposure occurred in the corporate media for the first time  in response to JPII’s  and the USNCCB’s dogged opposition to the war and sanctions against Saddam Hussein.  Saddam famously fostered  1.4 million Maronite Catholics in Iraq, most of whom  have since been obliterated by the Bushes’ Iraq wars and CIA ISIS proxy.  Regardless, the corporate media exposed vast network of insitutional homosexul boy sodomy-paederasty not pedefilia-  covered up by the Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope proves that CRS and CC cannot be trusted  in the secretive transport of  Central American teenagers.  The Cardinal spearheading this faceless, nameless transport of alleged victims of child sex trafficking by CRS and CC during this present “humanitarian crisis,” Cardinal Daniel Dinardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston, is listed on as one of the five worst Cardinals in covering up SRA abuse of children in church institutions.

Case in Point:

Cardinal Dinardo was recently elected Vice President of the USNCCB. The Bishop of Dallas is Treasurer.  Cardinal Dinardo is on the Vatican Commission for the Rights of Immigrants. To date, the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston  has receive over 15 million dollars in Federal Reserve Notes in the current “humanitarian crisis” to “complete human smuggling” for DHS of “unaccompanied children” from Central America, UN designated “refugees” fleeing poverty and Cartel violence in their own countries.

In 2011, the Houston Chronicle reported that the CEO of Catholic Charities running St. Michael’s Home for Refugees told local staffers to lie to Federal investigators to cover up the unreported anal rape of an eight year old Guatemalan refugee by two elevan year olds from the same country.  Although not named in the Chronicle article, Cardinal Dinardo as  bishop and Corporis Sol  is responsible for this cover up.  Corporis Sol means the bishop or overseer is the corporation(archdiocese) and the corporation is the bishop.  Therefore  Cardinal Dinardo is ultimately responsible as CEO of the Archdioces of Galveston/Houston for crimes committed by Catholic Charites at St. Michael’s Home for Refugee Children.

At the moment St. Michael staff whistle blowers told federal investigators that this child had been anally raped and that Cardinal Dinardo ordered this child not to be given medical attention, nor the perpetrators be arrested, the child transferred, the police or CPS notified, the Archdiocese had recently recieved a I.3 million dollar Federal Reserve note payment for St. Michael Home’s ministry. To protect the payment and continued payments which have spiked to over 2.5 million every two weeks since the “Humanitarian Crisis” at the border,  Dinardo demanded the attempted cover-up of the rape of a child. This is not the first time as a bishop he has done this, see

In the end, the crime scene was closed-St. Michael’s home, the two eleven year old children were tried and found guilty, blamed for everything, no adults were found complicit in the rapes at St. Michaels, whistleblower staffers were blamed for the whole incident in the first place, descredited and fired. Dinardo’s name was never mentioned in the Chronicle, and the titular head of CC when the anal rape of a child occurred was allowed to resign four months later with accolades by the Archdiocesan PR person for her greatness as a fund raiser.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia whose own prison management, as is the whole state of Texas, is notorious for rape of children and adults by prison staff members, mostly deputies and guards, took over the investigation of St. Michael’s and cover up from the federal investigators and found no criminal wrong doing by the executive echelons of Catholic Charities.  In return Garcia received a public blessing by a Monsignor sent by Cardinal Dinardo for his re-election as sheriff.

These children from Central America during this “humanitarian crisis” are legally classified as vicitms of child sex slaving by GW Bush’s 2008 Wilberforce Act.  90% are teenagers and gang and cartel affiliated. 100% of females have been given birth control by CRS/Planned Parenthood in Central America and Mexico and the I-45 Planned Parenthood mega clinic that Cardinal Dinardo secretly founded to provide logistic support for Tilman Fertita’s American Citizen child sex slaving syndicate .  All girls and boys are gang raped and sodomized  repeatedly during their 45 day journey as “Dreamers” on the Soros/Buffet owned Kansas City Southern LIne NAFTA Train, La Beastia.  If they make it, they can only expect more of the same treatment by Church and DHS functionaries North of the border. They are fated to live and die as child sex slaves.  The North American Union  is being brought about by  a one world globalist interfaith church without borders, globalist organised crime cartels without borders, and a United States without borders.  These poor children have no hope of redemption.




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