Cardinal Dinardo on the Border, Playing Both Sides of the Fence

Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, Archbishop of Galveston/Houston avoids public statements on immigration reform/amnesty and silently facilitates through Catholic Relief Services (CRS)  all sides of  child sex slave trafficking by the Sinaloa Federation and MS13, the “Dreamers,” through the  non-existent Southern border with Mexico and Central America.

True to form of flying under the radar and acting behind the scenes,  no one is more responsible for the passage of Obamacare in 2010 than Cardinal Dinardo.  True to form of being backed by all sides, and backing all sides now on the Border,  Dinardo in 2010 was a double agent of the late Fr. Maciel Degollado’s and Carlos Slim Helu’s partner in crime, Cardinal Soldano. Nonetheless. Dinardo got the public endorsement of US socialized medicine by  Pope Benedict XVIth, an alumni  of the Hitler Youth, who dismissed Fr. Maciel, the criminal mastermind behind the Sinaloa Federation for pederasty after twenty year of  Benedict covering it up under JPII.  Working behind the scenes with his ordaining Bishop for Pittsburg, now D.C. Cardinal “Donna” Wuerl, Dinardo used his good faith and credit as Chair of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Pro-life Activities to tender an executive order from the aborter in chief, Planned Parenthoods’ President, Barak Obama, to secure the vote of Bart Stupak, D. Michigan, who was duly impressed and voted Si.

Barak’s  executive order promised that the Hyde Amendment would remain in force under the Affordable Care Act. Cardinal Dinardo before he traveled to D.C. had a letter red from all pulpits of the ADGH that if Obamacare does not federally fund abortions, Catholics as Catholics must support the ACA. The German Pope does! It passed by one vote in the Senate, Stupak’s. Cardinal Dinardo latter demurely whined after Catholic Kathleen Sibellius had Cecil Richards of the Ford Foundation’s Planned Parenthood (and Catholic Nancy Pelosi’s former aid- Nancy is frequently at the Border quoting the NCCB on allowing baby Jesus lovingly into the US) author the HHS abortifacient mandate in 2012 that the mandate would force the Bishops to pay for contraceptives that cause abortions out of the bishop’s own  pocket.

In fact most contraceptives from the IUD to the birth control pill and every one in between cause abortions. The clear intention of Mitt Romney’s Blunt Amendment (Mitt is the father of Obamacare, Marriage Equality, and State Cap and Trade taxes) was to exempt the Bishops from paying out of pocket for abortion and contraceptives because this was against “freedom of conscience”.  Only the Bishops would receive this moral exemption.  The bishops themselves  did not care if Catholics and non-Catholics in turn had to pay and violate their freedom of conscience. The truth is the Bishops under Romneycare received no exception and were paying for contraception and abortions for their employees.  But I have digressed.

At the Border we have a take down of the US  orchestrated  by the Ford Foundation and Planned Parenthood International, Carlos Slim Helu and the Sinaloa Federation with  Barak Obama. The take down of the border and therefore the sovereignty of the US is part and parcel of Barak’s  apparent battle with former and now  alienated  campaign contributor Carlos Slim Helu and the Sinaloa Federation, Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin over first Syria, and now the Ukraine.  Planned Parenthood International and the Ford Foundation is playing all sides. Likewise Cardinal Dinardo plays all sides.  Dinardo, a double agent of Planned Parenthood, is backing both Carlos Slim Helu and Pope Francis, as well as Barak Obama in using the Planned Parenthood dominated Catholic Relief Services to traffic basically teenagers from Central America (baby Zetahs and MS13) from the border throughout the United States. 90% of the baby Jesuses are teenagers. This means most will never learn English while losing their Spanish.  All are granted virtual asylum as victims of child sex slave trafficking under GW Bush’s Wilberforce Reaffirmation Act voted for by all Democrats and Republicans except two in 2008.

In the end as always, thesis becomes antithesis in a higher synthesis with the establishment of the North American Union: full spectrum dominance by the globalist banksters (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warbergs, Goldman Sachs, ect..)  of which Carlos Slim Helu as a Rand Corp. globalist head of the Sinaloa Cartel and future Pope Cardinal Dinardo of the Rockefeller’s interfaith Am-Church are all acting their part.






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