Cardinal Dinardo, Catholic Relief Services and Child Sex Slaving at the Border

There is a full court press to destroy America by GH Bush’s NWO world government, Planned Parenthood International, whose president is the Negro GW, Barak Obama. To this end, Barak’s CFR puppet master, public face of the Rothschild’s George Soros, wars against Solzhenitsyn acolyte Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine. At the same moment this destabilization couples with Isis backed by Netanyahu and Bandar Bush annihilating Syrian Rite Maronite Catholics in Syria and Iraq (Carlos Slim Helu is Maronite and a supporter of Bashir Assad). This ties together with the destruction of the sovereignty of US borders through a cartel children’s crusade orchestrated by Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinaloa Federation and the “NAFTA train” a.k.a. “La Beastia”. 

Besides the ultimate destruction of the Petro Dollar as the world’s reserve currency and what Exxon gas station state-Russia or the US, Israel or Qatar will be the world’s LNG king, Carlos Slim Helu and Dick Cheney seek  to embarrass former Chicago SFC member Barak Obama as a “weak” dictator compared to Putin. All the while, Cardinal Dinardo backing both sides flies under the radar serving both Obama and Carlos Slim Helu in the completion of human smuggling of child sex slaves across the border. As such the Cardinal is key not only in the destruction not only of the United States as a sovereign nation, but the destruction of Guatemala as a Catholic one by the rape of Guatemala’s children. Full spectrum dominance.

Cardinal Dinardo as Cardinal has control over vast logistic resources throughout Texas in terms of parishes, schools, hospitals, food pantries, and local Catholic Charities. As Vice President of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, he also commands CRS-Catholic Relief Services-dominated by Planned Parenthood-throughout the Southwest border and beyond.

Through GW Bush’s Faith Based Initiative Program, for example, the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston was receiving federal funding for several St. Michael’s Homes for Refugees in Houston. In July 2012 an eight year old refugee from Guatemala was anally raped on several occasions by two eleven year olds. Federal investigators charged that the CEO of Catholic Charities ordered staff at the Home not to allow medical treatment for the child and to lie to federal investigators. As “corporis sol” bishop, overseer, that is the bishop as overseer is the corporation, Cardinal Dinardo is personally responsible for this ungodly deception. Of course Dinardo’s culpability was covered up by Sheriff Adrian Garcia’s uncover up, cover up of  Cardinal Dinardo’s refusal to protect children from anal rapes at St. Michael’s. Garcia is nationally known for such cover-ups of all rapes in his own jails.

Susan Carol of the Chronicle who covered the story of St. Michael’s would a year later author an expose on systemic child and adult rape in Garcia’s and Perry’s prison system often by guards and deputies. There has never been a single criminal prosecution for jail rape by inmate or guard in Texas..

This begs the question: are these children from Guatemala who are being retained and transported through the United States under the auspices of Cardinal Dinardo and CRS and DHS subject to rape? They are being retained as ‘Victims of Child Sex-Slave Trafficking” under Bush’s 2008 Wilberforce Reaffirmation Act. Only two members of Congress voted against this in 2008.

The Border Patrol has been ordered to stand down by Planned Parenthood’s President Barak Obama. CRS and Cardinal Dinardo an advocate of “Immigration Reform” on the Vatican’s Rights of Immigrants committee are moving-trafficking these children throughout the US. No one is allowed to monitor ant of this. It is only DHS and CRS, Barak and Dinardo. History shows the church hierarchy and US government traffics children for sex slavery.

The Catholic Hierarchy has trafficked child sex slaves: from JPII and the infamous criminal mastermind of the SFC, Fr. Maciel Degollado who pioneered child sex slaving in cantinas among NAFTA slaves, to Cardinal Dinardo’s public silence in the founding of the I-45 Planned Parenthood to provide logistic support for CRS benefactor Tilman Fertita’s US citizen “barely legal” child sex slaving internet porn business.  What is happening now in the destruction of America by obliterating borders via NAFTA is more of the same.   


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