“Pro-life” Abortion Profiteers Exonerate Douglas Karpen of Infanticide

Betraying the unborn and God these phony Republican “pro-life” and Planned Parenthood Dem “Pro-choice” abortion profiteers joined to secretly orchastrat the exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen, Houston’s own Kermit Gosnell, for infanticide. Why?

On December 12th, 2013 ,The Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Karpen was exonerated by “pro-life” Gov. Rick Perry ‘s “pro-choice” appointee as Harris County DA Devon Anderson. Karpen was exonerated  through a corrupt “Key Man Grand Jury” system in which the Key Man running this miscarriage of justice  was Chip Lewis, Anderson’s campaign manager and contribution bundler as well as Karpen’s and Ken DeLay’s defense atorney.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics produced a  viral You Tube of Karpen’s employees describing Karpen’s practice of twisting the heads off of latre term newborns. Crutcher sub poena was placed under oath by Lewis’ Key Man Grand Jury and de facto silenced.  This is a judicial jury  uncover-up, cover-up ploy perfected by the CIA  during the Iran/Contra hearings.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (CIA Dave) to win “pro-life” political  leverage  against his Primary Tea Party opponent Tea  Dan Patrick -who was not endorsed by Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life-publically demanded an infanticide investigation of Karpen after viewing  Crutcher’s expose and receiving a letter from twenty outraged Texas state legislators.

Thinking only of using Karpen’s horrors to outshine Patrick, author of the 2012 Sonogram Bill to win re-election, Dewhurst did not consult Gov. Perry or AG Abbott if a homocide investigation of Karpen’s Aarron’s United Surgical Partner’s (USP) late term abortion clinic was the politically correct thing to do. Politically correct  as far as Perry’s potential run for President, and AG Abbott’s run for Governor of Texas in the wake of Gov. Perry signing in 2013, HB2.

HB2 mandates that all abortion clinics in Texas must be “ambulatory surgical,” i.e. “out patient” by September 1, 2014.  Perry’s sister Milla Perry Jones-a lobbyist for USP and husband lobbyist Buddy Jones for Baylor Medical School with AG Abbott insisted on the out-patient mandate and 30 mile admitting priviledges radius in HB2.

Cardinal Dinardo, a phony “pro-life” abortion profiteer, since 2010 has allowed priviledges to Baylor School of Medicine Abortionists of the I-45 Planned Parenthood late term, out patient (USP) abortion clinic at St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Overseeing as bishop the corporate merger of Baylor Medical School (which is currently on administrative probation for 19 infractions) Catholic Health Initiative CHI, and St. Lukes Episcopal, Cardinal Dinardo can allow priviledges to any UPS partnered  out patient abortion clinics throughout the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston.  However, Bernard Rosenfeld will close his “mill” on September 1st rather than pay Perry and his sister and brother in law one million dollars to be partnered with USP and have local priviledges from Cardinal Dinardo.

Chronicle, December 13, 2013, Governor David Dewhurst praises Harris County DA and Chip Lewis stooge  Devon Anderson for the exoneration of Karpen by Lewis’ Key Man Grand Jury. Anderson has twice obstructed the homocide investigation of Karpen initially demanded by Dewhurst.

Sgt. R. Odom of HPD Homicide in a culture of corruption that is Mayor Parker’s HPD Gaystapo never investigated Karpen for infanticide though enlisted by HCDA to do so. Parker whose “wife” is both her campaign treasurer and treasurer for the I-45 PP prevented as mayor Odom from investigating Karpen.  Such failure to investigate specific murderers with connections to the cartels,  or Governor Perry and Mayor Parker is par for the course for HPD.  Odom was not mentioned for not investigating Karpen in an expose of this HPD Homicide tradition in the Houston Chronicle.

Anderson then covered over Odom’s not investigating Karpen for infaticide by exonerating him by  Key Man Jury.  Karpen’s exoneration was quietly orchastrated by AG Abbott through Anderson to keep Karpen from exposing Perry, his sister, and brother-in-law as partial owners Karpen’s Aarron clinic through their shares in United Surgical Partners.   Thus freeing Karpen, called a “racist” and another Kermit Gosnell by Johnny Hunter, Day Gardner, and Aveda King in a Houston press conference at Karpen’s clinic that HPD forcibly suppressed  to continue twisting the heads off of late-term newborns as you read this.

Planned Parenthood I-45 and Karpen’s Aarron clinic are outpatient since 2010 and partnered with USP in the abortion industry.

Phony pro-lifer abortion profiteer Perry  who wants to be President through the misuse of his office as Governor quietly had AG Abbott who wants to be Governor exonerate Karpen to keep the true profit motive behind his signing HB2 secret.  HB2 eliminates abortion mills like Rosenfeld’s which do  90% of the abortions in Texas. HB2’s mandates  create an abortion industry  monopoly for Planned Parenthood mega-clinics and USP partnered out patient clinics which can now add abortions to the procedures they offer with the closing of abortion mills like Rosenfeld’s throughout Texas.

This conspiracy is why neither Wendy Davis (Planned Parenthood) and Greg Abbott (USP)  have been silent about Hb2 and Abortion in their race to become the next phony “pro-life” abortion profiteer Governor of Texas after Perry leaves office.


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