Church Hierarchy, Rockefeller Republicans and Planned Parenthood Nation Dems Hide Child Sex Slavery In the Wide Open

Both Establishment Republicans and liberal Democrates are equally scandal-ridden
> by their cover-up of child sex slaving if only the truth be known. Claiming to uncover child sex slaving of which Houston is the world’s greatest hub by such shams as AG Abbott’s 2010 Human Trafficking Task Force or Mayor Parker’s and Gov. Perry’s recent mutual Shine the Light II farce, they in fact cover over this unimaginable tragedy for children protecting their coporate child sex slavers’campaign sponsors. Trumpeting loudly once a year to do something this time, in fact do nothing ever. Sam Maceo’s grandson Tilman Fertita’s coporate domain includes a near monopoly on gambling machines and “barely legal” internet pornsites. Child sex slaves-American citizens abducted in such Texas locals as the Woodlands and brain washed into subservience as sex slaves are used in these “barely legal” cites frequently paid for with Chase Bank credit cards. Fertita publically bankrolls through campaign contributions Abbott, Perry, and Parker alike. Fertita’s niece, Jessica, before she was
> abducted in 2011 by a rival child sex slaving syndicate, was a legislative aid/lobbyist seeking the legalization of LV casino style gambling in Texas for her uncle. Jessica was a corporate vice president in her uncle’s “barely legal” internetporn business at the same time she was Greg Abbott’s CFO for Texans for Abbott. A glaring conflict of interest. Of course there are shell corporations which disguise ultimate ownership but there is a smoking gun. No law enforcement agency anywhere on any level state or federal has ever arrested a child sex slaver and won a conviction. From Greg Abbott to Adrien Garcia to the FBI or DHS. They protect the child sex slaving industry and facilitate it. Whether American children in Fertita’s casinos or Hispanics in cantinas provided by Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinaloa Federation no child is ever saved. Parents can view their children as brainwashed sex slaves on “barely legal” sites and the authorities have done nothing ever to recover them. Any of
> a thousand cantinas in Texas, Chicago any time can be raided to arrest slavers and free children ranging from nine to fourteen years old. We are talking tens, if not hundreds of thousands of children being cycled through Houston and not one conviction on a state or federal level for child sex slaving. This is scandal-ridden, Republican and Democrat alike.


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