The Church of Hobby Lobby, not Martyres

The Church of Hobby Lobby Not The Church of Martyrs 

offered 14 “FDA” approved contraceptives including the IUD to employees though their medical insurance before the 2013 HHS Mandate.  This practice will continue inspite of the Supreme Court’s decision allowing exemption from paying for those “four”  FDA approved contraceptives which the Hobby Lobby Church deems to be  “abortifacient”  and therefore “burdening the practice” of their religious beliefs as “immoral”.  In proven fact, the 14 contraceptives and the IUD previously provided  are likewise proven to be abortifacient or in every case potentially so in spite of the Church of Hobby Lobby’s purely subjecive and completely arbitrary religious belief that they are not abortifacient.  And far from effective,  all forms of “birth control”  allow a woman to become pregnant and thus with “an unwanted pregnancy” faced with the choice to have an abortion in a society where abortion on demand is long the law of the land. 

 Artificial hormone mimickers are made from plastic (Big Oil and BigPharma are one going back to the Standard Oil Medical Trust from which the Birth Control Pill marketing queen of negative eugenics Planned Parenthood sprung) and as such are indissoluby and highly carcinogenic.  According to the Rockefeller/Planned Parenthood’s WHO estrogen mimickers made out of plastic (Birth Control Pills) are the number one cause of stroke among women who ingest them. The same causes a 45% increase in heart attack, breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer in women as well as gender bending sterility in both male and females of living species, human and aquatic, due to  plastic hormon immitators polluting the water. It is pure 1984/Brave New World love your slavery-double think for Cecil Richards to call Birth Control “womens’ healthcare” and “reproductive rights”.

Based on Religious Freedom, The Supreme Court’s 5/4 decision allows the Church of Hobby Lobby, not to be “burdened” in the practice of their “religious belief” to mandate  a purely pharisaical distinction between 4 abortifacient and 14 other FDA ( read Big Pharma approved) equally abortifacient  contraceptives, when ultimately they are all in reality abortifacient or potentially so. 

 The Supreme Court  decision unanimously defines Religious Freedom as a corporate person’s “right” to believe unhindered by reality in their human resources policy that the world is 6,000 years old and like the Flintstones man lived with Dino, and that some abortifacients are not abortifacients because my corporation’s religious belief says not all contraception is sinful or immoral.

The Church of Hobby Lobby looks like a Planned Parenthood false flag.  To view contraception as not intrinsically sinful, corrosive of marriage, the dignity of women and men as husband of wife, mother and father the purpose of marriage, and catastrophically unhealthy in the name of corporate religious freedom mirrors a woman’s right to choose. In the politically correct politics of sexual suicide opposites attract. The Church of Hobby Lobby mandates like Margaret Sanger and Hugh Heffner the “contraceptive mentality” for their employees.  As such, The Church of Hobby Lobby is not “pro-life” but in reality “anti-natal”.

The Supreme Court decision is a another win for the culture of death being hailed as a great victory by deluded “pro-lifers” just as the lionized Gov. Perry’s United Surgical Partners’ HB2 law which monopolizes the abortion industry in the Lone Star State in Perry’s lobbyist sister and brother-in-laws medical corporate domains. Wake up, just like DOMA, RRFA is Bill Clinton. What is done will be undone.

 Adding to coporate campaign contributions as free speech, now corporations have souls and religious beliefs to be practised.  In the end human babies are supplanted with robbotic multi-nationals with the right to practice their religion: Satanism. 






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