Cardinal Dinardo on the Border, Playing Both Sides of the Fence

Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, Archbishop of Galveston/Houston avoids public statements on immigration reform/amnesty and silently facilitates through Catholic Relief Services (CRS)  all sides of  child sex slave trafficking by the Sinaloa Federation and MS13, the “Dreamers,” through the  non-existent Southern border with Mexico and Central America.

True to form of flying under the radar and acting behind the scenes,  no one is more responsible for the passage of Obamacare in 2010 than Cardinal Dinardo.  True to form of being backed by all sides, and backing all sides now on the Border,  Dinardo in 2010 was a double agent of the late Fr. Maciel Degollado’s and Carlos Slim Helu’s partner in crime, Cardinal Soldano. Nonetheless. Dinardo got the public endorsement of US socialized medicine by  Pope Benedict XVIth, an alumni  of the Hitler Youth, who dismissed Fr. Maciel, the criminal mastermind behind the Sinaloa Federation for pederasty after twenty year of  Benedict covering it up under JPII.  Working behind the scenes with his ordaining Bishop for Pittsburg, now D.C. Cardinal “Donna” Wuerl, Dinardo used his good faith and credit as Chair of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Pro-life Activities to tender an executive order from the aborter in chief, Planned Parenthoods’ President, Barak Obama, to secure the vote of Bart Stupak, D. Michigan, who was duly impressed and voted Si.

Barak’s  executive order promised that the Hyde Amendment would remain in force under the Affordable Care Act. Cardinal Dinardo before he traveled to D.C. had a letter red from all pulpits of the ADGH that if Obamacare does not federally fund abortions, Catholics as Catholics must support the ACA. The German Pope does! It passed by one vote in the Senate, Stupak’s. Cardinal Dinardo latter demurely whined after Catholic Kathleen Sibellius had Cecil Richards of the Ford Foundation’s Planned Parenthood (and Catholic Nancy Pelosi’s former aid- Nancy is frequently at the Border quoting the NCCB on allowing baby Jesus lovingly into the US) author the HHS abortifacient mandate in 2012 that the mandate would force the Bishops to pay for contraceptives that cause abortions out of the bishop’s own  pocket.

In fact most contraceptives from the IUD to the birth control pill and every one in between cause abortions. The clear intention of Mitt Romney’s Blunt Amendment (Mitt is the father of Obamacare, Marriage Equality, and State Cap and Trade taxes) was to exempt the Bishops from paying out of pocket for abortion and contraceptives because this was against “freedom of conscience”.  Only the Bishops would receive this moral exemption.  The bishops themselves  did not care if Catholics and non-Catholics in turn had to pay and violate their freedom of conscience. The truth is the Bishops under Romneycare received no exception and were paying for contraception and abortions for their employees.  But I have digressed.

At the Border we have a take down of the US  orchestrated  by the Ford Foundation and Planned Parenthood International, Carlos Slim Helu and the Sinaloa Federation with  Barak Obama. The take down of the border and therefore the sovereignty of the US is part and parcel of Barak’s  apparent battle with former and now  alienated  campaign contributor Carlos Slim Helu and the Sinaloa Federation, Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin over first Syria, and now the Ukraine.  Planned Parenthood International and the Ford Foundation is playing all sides. Likewise Cardinal Dinardo plays all sides.  Dinardo, a double agent of Planned Parenthood, is backing both Carlos Slim Helu and Pope Francis, as well as Barak Obama in using the Planned Parenthood dominated Catholic Relief Services to traffic basically teenagers from Central America (baby Zetahs and MS13) from the border throughout the United States. 90% of the baby Jesuses are teenagers. This means most will never learn English while losing their Spanish.  All are granted virtual asylum as victims of child sex slave trafficking under GW Bush’s Wilberforce Reaffirmation Act voted for by all Democrats and Republicans except two in 2008.

In the end as always, thesis becomes antithesis in a higher synthesis with the establishment of the North American Union: full spectrum dominance by the globalist banksters (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warbergs, Goldman Sachs, ect..)  of which Carlos Slim Helu as a Rand Corp. globalist head of the Sinaloa Cartel and future Pope Cardinal Dinardo of the Rockefeller’s interfaith Am-Church are all acting their part.






Cardinal Dinardo, Catholic Relief Services and Child Sex Slaving at the Border

There is a full court press to destroy America by GH Bush’s NWO world government, Planned Parenthood International, whose president is the Negro GW, Barak Obama. To this end, Barak’s CFR puppet master, public face of the Rothschild’s George Soros, wars against Solzhenitsyn acolyte Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine. At the same moment this destabilization couples with Isis backed by Netanyahu and Bandar Bush annihilating Syrian Rite Maronite Catholics in Syria and Iraq (Carlos Slim Helu is Maronite and a supporter of Bashir Assad). This ties together with the destruction of the sovereignty of US borders through a cartel children’s crusade orchestrated by Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinaloa Federation and the “NAFTA train” a.k.a. “La Beastia”. 

Besides the ultimate destruction of the Petro Dollar as the world’s reserve currency and what Exxon gas station state-Russia or the US, Israel or Qatar will be the world’s LNG king, Carlos Slim Helu and Dick Cheney seek  to embarrass former Chicago SFC member Barak Obama as a “weak” dictator compared to Putin. All the while, Cardinal Dinardo backing both sides flies under the radar serving both Obama and Carlos Slim Helu in the completion of human smuggling of child sex slaves across the border. As such the Cardinal is key not only in the destruction not only of the United States as a sovereign nation, but the destruction of Guatemala as a Catholic one by the rape of Guatemala’s children. Full spectrum dominance.

Cardinal Dinardo as Cardinal has control over vast logistic resources throughout Texas in terms of parishes, schools, hospitals, food pantries, and local Catholic Charities. As Vice President of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, he also commands CRS-Catholic Relief Services-dominated by Planned Parenthood-throughout the Southwest border and beyond.

Through GW Bush’s Faith Based Initiative Program, for example, the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston was receiving federal funding for several St. Michael’s Homes for Refugees in Houston. In July 2012 an eight year old refugee from Guatemala was anally raped on several occasions by two eleven year olds. Federal investigators charged that the CEO of Catholic Charities ordered staff at the Home not to allow medical treatment for the child and to lie to federal investigators. As “corporis sol” bishop, overseer, that is the bishop as overseer is the corporation, Cardinal Dinardo is personally responsible for this ungodly deception. Of course Dinardo’s culpability was covered up by Sheriff Adrian Garcia’s uncover up, cover up of  Cardinal Dinardo’s refusal to protect children from anal rapes at St. Michael’s. Garcia is nationally known for such cover-ups of all rapes in his own jails.

Susan Carol of the Chronicle who covered the story of St. Michael’s would a year later author an expose on systemic child and adult rape in Garcia’s and Perry’s prison system often by guards and deputies. There has never been a single criminal prosecution for jail rape by inmate or guard in Texas..

This begs the question: are these children from Guatemala who are being retained and transported through the United States under the auspices of Cardinal Dinardo and CRS and DHS subject to rape? They are being retained as ‘Victims of Child Sex-Slave Trafficking” under Bush’s 2008 Wilberforce Reaffirmation Act. Only two members of Congress voted against this in 2008.

The Border Patrol has been ordered to stand down by Planned Parenthood’s President Barak Obama. CRS and Cardinal Dinardo an advocate of “Immigration Reform” on the Vatican’s Rights of Immigrants committee are moving-trafficking these children throughout the US. No one is allowed to monitor ant of this. It is only DHS and CRS, Barak and Dinardo. History shows the church hierarchy and US government traffics children for sex slavery.

The Catholic Hierarchy has trafficked child sex slaves: from JPII and the infamous criminal mastermind of the SFC, Fr. Maciel Degollado who pioneered child sex slaving in cantinas among NAFTA slaves, to Cardinal Dinardo’s public silence in the founding of the I-45 Planned Parenthood to provide logistic support for CRS benefactor Tilman Fertita’s US citizen “barely legal” child sex slaving internet porn business.  What is happening now in the destruction of America by obliterating borders via NAFTA is more of the same.   

“Pro-life” Abortion Profiteers Exonerate Douglas Karpen of Infanticide

Betraying the unborn and God these phony Republican “pro-life” and Planned Parenthood Dem “Pro-choice” abortion profiteers joined to secretly orchastrat the exoneration of Dr. Douglas Karpen, Houston’s own Kermit Gosnell, for infanticide. Why?

On December 12th, 2013 ,The Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Karpen was exonerated by “pro-life” Gov. Rick Perry ‘s “pro-choice” appointee as Harris County DA Devon Anderson. Karpen was exonerated  through a corrupt “Key Man Grand Jury” system in which the Key Man running this miscarriage of justice  was Chip Lewis, Anderson’s campaign manager and contribution bundler as well as Karpen’s and Ken DeLay’s defense atorney.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics produced a  viral You Tube of Karpen’s employees describing Karpen’s practice of twisting the heads off of latre term newborns. Crutcher sub poena was placed under oath by Lewis’ Key Man Grand Jury and de facto silenced.  This is a judicial jury  uncover-up, cover-up ploy perfected by the CIA  during the Iran/Contra hearings.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (CIA Dave) to win “pro-life” political  leverage  against his Primary Tea Party opponent Tea  Dan Patrick -who was not endorsed by Elizabeth Graham’s Texas Right to Life-publically demanded an infanticide investigation of Karpen after viewing  Crutcher’s expose and receiving a letter from twenty outraged Texas state legislators.

Thinking only of using Karpen’s horrors to outshine Patrick, author of the 2012 Sonogram Bill to win re-election, Dewhurst did not consult Gov. Perry or AG Abbott if a homocide investigation of Karpen’s Aarron’s United Surgical Partner’s (USP) late term abortion clinic was the politically correct thing to do. Politically correct  as far as Perry’s potential run for President, and AG Abbott’s run for Governor of Texas in the wake of Gov. Perry signing in 2013, HB2.

HB2 mandates that all abortion clinics in Texas must be “ambulatory surgical,” i.e. “out patient” by September 1, 2014.  Perry’s sister Milla Perry Jones-a lobbyist for USP and husband lobbyist Buddy Jones for Baylor Medical School with AG Abbott insisted on the out-patient mandate and 30 mile admitting priviledges radius in HB2.

Cardinal Dinardo, a phony “pro-life” abortion profiteer, since 2010 has allowed priviledges to Baylor School of Medicine Abortionists of the I-45 Planned Parenthood late term, out patient (USP) abortion clinic at St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Overseeing as bishop the corporate merger of Baylor Medical School (which is currently on administrative probation for 19 infractions) Catholic Health Initiative CHI, and St. Lukes Episcopal, Cardinal Dinardo can allow priviledges to any UPS partnered  out patient abortion clinics throughout the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston.  However, Bernard Rosenfeld will close his “mill” on September 1st rather than pay Perry and his sister and brother in law one million dollars to be partnered with USP and have local priviledges from Cardinal Dinardo.

Chronicle, December 13, 2013, Governor David Dewhurst praises Harris County DA and Chip Lewis stooge  Devon Anderson for the exoneration of Karpen by Lewis’ Key Man Grand Jury. Anderson has twice obstructed the homocide investigation of Karpen initially demanded by Dewhurst.

Sgt. R. Odom of HPD Homicide in a culture of corruption that is Mayor Parker’s HPD Gaystapo never investigated Karpen for infanticide though enlisted by HCDA to do so. Parker whose “wife” is both her campaign treasurer and treasurer for the I-45 PP prevented as mayor Odom from investigating Karpen.  Such failure to investigate specific murderers with connections to the cartels,  or Governor Perry and Mayor Parker is par for the course for HPD.  Odom was not mentioned for not investigating Karpen in an expose of this HPD Homicide tradition in the Houston Chronicle.

Anderson then covered over Odom’s not investigating Karpen for infaticide by exonerating him by  Key Man Jury.  Karpen’s exoneration was quietly orchastrated by AG Abbott through Anderson to keep Karpen from exposing Perry, his sister, and brother-in-law as partial owners Karpen’s Aarron clinic through their shares in United Surgical Partners.   Thus freeing Karpen, called a “racist” and another Kermit Gosnell by Johnny Hunter, Day Gardner, and Aveda King in a Houston press conference at Karpen’s clinic that HPD forcibly suppressed  to continue twisting the heads off of late-term newborns as you read this.

Planned Parenthood I-45 and Karpen’s Aarron clinic are outpatient since 2010 and partnered with USP in the abortion industry.

Phony pro-lifer abortion profiteer Perry  who wants to be President through the misuse of his office as Governor quietly had AG Abbott who wants to be Governor exonerate Karpen to keep the true profit motive behind his signing HB2 secret.  HB2 eliminates abortion mills like Rosenfeld’s which do  90% of the abortions in Texas. HB2’s mandates  create an abortion industry  monopoly for Planned Parenthood mega-clinics and USP partnered out patient clinics which can now add abortions to the procedures they offer with the closing of abortion mills like Rosenfeld’s throughout Texas.

This conspiracy is why neither Wendy Davis (Planned Parenthood) and Greg Abbott (USP)  have been silent about Hb2 and Abortion in their race to become the next phony “pro-life” abortion profiteer Governor of Texas after Perry leaves office.

Church Hierarchy, Rockefeller Republicans and Planned Parenthood Nation Dems Hide Child Sex Slavery In the Wide Open

Both Establishment Republicans and liberal Democrates are equally scandal-ridden
> by their cover-up of child sex slaving if only the truth be known. Claiming to uncover child sex slaving of which Houston is the world’s greatest hub by such shams as AG Abbott’s 2010 Human Trafficking Task Force or Mayor Parker’s and Gov. Perry’s recent mutual Shine the Light II farce, they in fact cover over this unimaginable tragedy for children protecting their coporate child sex slavers’campaign sponsors. Trumpeting loudly once a year to do something this time, in fact do nothing ever. Sam Maceo’s grandson Tilman Fertita’s coporate domain includes a near monopoly on gambling machines and “barely legal” internet pornsites. Child sex slaves-American citizens abducted in such Texas locals as the Woodlands and brain washed into subservience as sex slaves are used in these “barely legal” cites frequently paid for with Chase Bank credit cards. Fertita publically bankrolls through campaign contributions Abbott, Perry, and Parker alike. Fertita’s niece, Jessica, before she was
> abducted in 2011 by a rival child sex slaving syndicate, was a legislative aid/lobbyist seeking the legalization of LV casino style gambling in Texas for her uncle. Jessica was a corporate vice president in her uncle’s “barely legal” internetporn business at the same time she was Greg Abbott’s CFO for Texans for Abbott. A glaring conflict of interest. Of course there are shell corporations which disguise ultimate ownership but there is a smoking gun. No law enforcement agency anywhere on any level state or federal has ever arrested a child sex slaver and won a conviction. From Greg Abbott to Adrien Garcia to the FBI or DHS. They protect the child sex slaving industry and facilitate it. Whether American children in Fertita’s casinos or Hispanics in cantinas provided by Carlos Slim Helu’s Sinaloa Federation no child is ever saved. Parents can view their children as brainwashed sex slaves on “barely legal” sites and the authorities have done nothing ever to recover them. Any of
> a thousand cantinas in Texas, Chicago any time can be raided to arrest slavers and free children ranging from nine to fourteen years old. We are talking tens, if not hundreds of thousands of children being cycled through Houston and not one conviction on a state or federal level for child sex slaving. This is scandal-ridden, Republican and Democrat alike.

The Church of Hobby Lobby, not Martyres

The Church of Hobby Lobby Not The Church of Martyrs 

offered 14 “FDA” approved contraceptives including the IUD to employees though their medical insurance before the 2013 HHS Mandate.  This practice will continue inspite of the Supreme Court’s decision allowing exemption from paying for those “four”  FDA approved contraceptives which the Hobby Lobby Church deems to be  “abortifacient”  and therefore “burdening the practice” of their religious beliefs as “immoral”.  In proven fact, the 14 contraceptives and the IUD previously provided  are likewise proven to be abortifacient or in every case potentially so in spite of the Church of Hobby Lobby’s purely subjecive and completely arbitrary religious belief that they are not abortifacient.  And far from effective,  all forms of “birth control”  allow a woman to become pregnant and thus with “an unwanted pregnancy” faced with the choice to have an abortion in a society where abortion on demand is long the law of the land. 

 Artificial hormone mimickers are made from plastic (Big Oil and BigPharma are one going back to the Standard Oil Medical Trust from which the Birth Control Pill marketing queen of negative eugenics Planned Parenthood sprung) and as such are indissoluby and highly carcinogenic.  According to the Rockefeller/Planned Parenthood’s WHO estrogen mimickers made out of plastic (Birth Control Pills) are the number one cause of stroke among women who ingest them. The same causes a 45% increase in heart attack, breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer in women as well as gender bending sterility in both male and females of living species, human and aquatic, due to  plastic hormon immitators polluting the water. It is pure 1984/Brave New World love your slavery-double think for Cecil Richards to call Birth Control “womens’ healthcare” and “reproductive rights”.

Based on Religious Freedom, The Supreme Court’s 5/4 decision allows the Church of Hobby Lobby, not to be “burdened” in the practice of their “religious belief” to mandate  a purely pharisaical distinction between 4 abortifacient and 14 other FDA ( read Big Pharma approved) equally abortifacient  contraceptives, when ultimately they are all in reality abortifacient or potentially so. 

 The Supreme Court  decision unanimously defines Religious Freedom as a corporate person’s “right” to believe unhindered by reality in their human resources policy that the world is 6,000 years old and like the Flintstones man lived with Dino, and that some abortifacients are not abortifacients because my corporation’s religious belief says not all contraception is sinful or immoral.

The Church of Hobby Lobby looks like a Planned Parenthood false flag.  To view contraception as not intrinsically sinful, corrosive of marriage, the dignity of women and men as husband of wife, mother and father the purpose of marriage, and catastrophically unhealthy in the name of corporate religious freedom mirrors a woman’s right to choose. In the politically correct politics of sexual suicide opposites attract. The Church of Hobby Lobby mandates like Margaret Sanger and Hugh Heffner the “contraceptive mentality” for their employees.  As such, The Church of Hobby Lobby is not “pro-life” but in reality “anti-natal”.

The Supreme Court decision is a another win for the culture of death being hailed as a great victory by deluded “pro-lifers” just as the lionized Gov. Perry’s United Surgical Partners’ HB2 law which monopolizes the abortion industry in the Lone Star State in Perry’s lobbyist sister and brother-in-laws medical corporate domains. Wake up, just like DOMA, RRFA is Bill Clinton. What is done will be undone.

 Adding to coporate campaign contributions as free speech, now corporations have souls and religious beliefs to be practised.  In the end human babies are supplanted with robbotic multi-nationals with the right to practice their religion: Satanism.