Opus Dei Schill Cardinal Carlo Maria Vigano Lied! Falsely Accusing Francis to Force his “Resignation” for “Lifting” Undocumented, non Apparent Sanctions allegedly Imposed by Benedict on to be Defrocked “Uncle Ted” McCarrick either in”2009 or 2010″ according to Liar Vigano


(Alessandra Tarantino/AP)

June 23, 2018

A former Holy See envoy to Washington was sentenced here Saturday to a five-year prison term for viewing and sharing child pornography, the first time on record that the Vatican has convicted one of its own onetime diplomats for such crimes.

The punishment for Monsignor Carlo Capella, which included a fine of 5,000 euros, was just shy of the five year, nine-month term that prosecutors requested. The code of this city-state calls for imprisonment of up to five years for possessing and distributing child pornography but says penalties can increase if a “considerable quantity” of material is involved.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Canadian police have issued an arrest warrant for the Vatican diplomat who was recalled from the United States in a child pornography investigation, accusing him of accessing porn over Christmas last year from a church.

At the opening of his trial Friday, Capella said that during his time at the Holy See’s embassy in Washington — a posting that began in 2016 — he had become a compulsive viewer and sharer of child pornography, although he came to see his behavior as “repugnant.” He said he had started to view child pornography after falling into a crisis that he associated with the move to the District, where he said he had little fulfilling work to do. (LOL)

Francis recalled  Vigano in 2016 and replaced  him with Monsignor Carlo Capella. This raises the question, did Vigano know about Monsignor Carlo Capella’s addiction to child pornography and fail to say anything  to Francis at the time of his own recall at Capella’s appointment by Francis in 2016. Vigano claims in his three public letters calling for Francis’ resignation for covering up enabling claims explicit knowledge of a vast Vatican network of homosexual perversity and financial corruption among Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Monsignors, and priest according to Vigano knowingly facilitated by Francis. As such Vigano has demanded Francis “resign as Pope.”  Vigano’s three letters in the wake of Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s first report of “credible  allegations” against  Cardinal McCarrick, June 21th, 2018 highlight McCarrick, Wuerl, Cupich, Tobin, Farrel  as guilty by association with McCarrick.  Yet Vigano himself as US Papal Nuncio, before being recalled by Francis in 2016, being appointed 2011 by Benedict, publicly had only praise for McCarrick in his highly public and influential ministry under Benedict and Francis alike until June 21, 2018.

The head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, urged the Holy See to be “forthcoming with more details” about the case, a reflection of how the U.S. church still struggles with credibility problems 15 years after the sex abuse scandal erupted in the U.S.

The diplomat’s recall was expected to loom over an international conference next week at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome on protecting children from online sexual exploitation, pornography and abuse.

Cardinal Dinardo, who is “Team Vigano” from the get go, like Vigano,  a hypocritical Cardinal Archbishop sodomite, who like Archbishop John Nienstedt, as a young catamite priest “taking a twirl with Donna the Girl Wuerl” his ordaining bishop in his home Diocese of Pittsburgh, served time in Rome at the Vatican  From 1984 to 1990, DiNardo worked in Rome as a staff member of the Congregation for Bishops in the Roman Curia. In 1980, Nienstedt was assigned to the English desk of the Vatican Secretariat of State. until 1986 when Nienstedt defended his Doctoral thesis ironically in moral theology concerning human reproduction  “Human Life in a Test-tube; the Moral Dimension of In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo transfer “

given the very real possibility that Dinardo knew Cardinal Vigano at this time intimately, and without a doubt Vigano’s catamite John Nienstedt, and intermittently serve the role of “Lucky Pierre”  interchangeably  with Vigano and Nienstedt, when ever the three got together.



Police in Windsor, Ontario, said Carlo Capella, a 50-year-old monsignor from Italy, allegedly uploaded the child porn to a social networking site while visiting a place of worship in Windsor between Dec. 24 and Dec. 27.

The Vatican recalled Capella, the No. 4 official in its Washington embassy, after the U.S. State Department notified it Aug. 21 of a “possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images” by one of its diplomats in Washington.


Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state and Capella’s boss, is to deliver the keynote speech Tuesday on “The Holy See and its commitment to combating sex abuse online.”

At the time of the Sept. 15 announcement about Capella’s recall, neither the Vatican nor the State Department made any mention of a Canadian angle to the case.

Capella was a high-ranking priest in the Vatican’s diplomatic corps. He served on the Italy desk in the Vatican’s secretariat of state and was part of the official delegation that negotiated a tax treaty with Italy before being posted to the U.S. embassy last year.


Opus Dei Schill Cardinal Carlo Maria Vigano lied throughout his three open letters letters!  Vigano  noted it has been a month since (September 2018) he released his testimony, “solely for the good of the Church,” alleging that Pope Francis and other high-ranking prelates knew of grave sexual sins committed by Archbishop McCarrick.

In a classic case of the kettle calling the pot black,  in the 1980’s Vigano, a homosexual had now suspended former Archbishop John Nienstedt as a Vatican catamite when a young priest. working in the Vatican Secretary of State Office  under Vigano. Archbishop Niedstedt was recently suspended by the Vatican by his successor in the Archdiocese of Minneapolis /St. Paul Bishop Bernard Hebda for committing sodomy with adult men. Francis, through Hebda is striking back at Vigano for his fallacious and hypocritical attack on Francis over completely false allegations by Vigano that Francis knew about Cardinal “Uncle Ted ” McCarrick-via Vigano report when asked about McCarrick in a brief exchange as US Papal Nuncio meeting the newly elected Francis in Rome.  Vigano’s reply to Francis there is a thick dossier on McCarrick  shows that Vigano from his own mouth knew about McCarrick’s decade long sexual assault of seminarians and young priests in the US and Rome as US Papal Nuncio and himself said nothing not laudatory publicly about McCarrick during his time as US Papal Nuncio from 2011 to 2016 when recalled by Francis to Rome. Vigano states falsely that Francis knowing of McCarrick’s sexual assault of seminarians and who according to Vigano was sanctioned by Pope Benedict suspended from Church ministry in either “2009, or 2010” lifted these sanctions rehabilitating McCarrick as a public figure and ambassador to China on the part of Francis to betray the Catholic Church in China to the anti Catholic Chinese Communist Government.  As such, it is fully documented in the following article:

McCarrick kept a robust public presence during years he was allegedly sanctioned

How is it that Vigano claims the sanctions were leveled by Benedict “either 2009, or 2010.”  When was it exactly-day, month, year! Vigano claims he knew about McCarrich since 1998 when McCarrich was made Bishop by JPII, and said nothing until his “testimony” published late August 2018 of But now that the corruption has reached the very top of the
Church’s hierarchy, my conscience dictates that I reveal those truths regarding the heart-breaking case of
the Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, D.C., Theodore McCarrick, which I came to know in the course
of the duties entrusted to me by St. John Paul II, as Delegate for Pontifical Representations, from 1998 to
2009, and by Pope Benedict XVI, as Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America, from October 19,
2011 until end of May 2016.


Vigano called himself a witness “of shocking facts,” (what about the fact of day, month, year of alleged sanctions by Benedict)  and said he believed very grave harm could be avoided “only by divulging the truth.”  Moreover disingenuously claiming

“Neither the pope, nor any of the cardinals in Rome have denied the facts I asserted in my testimony,” the archbishop noted; referring to the proverb “silence is consent”, he said that “if they deny my testimony, they have only to say so, and provide documentation to support that denial.”

The Vatican and Francis have not responded to Vigano’s “testimony” because it is pure calumny on the level of “when are you going to stop beating your wife!”  You cannot prove a negative.  There is no documentation at the Vatican proving or disproving Benedict sanctioned McCarrick for sexual assault in 2009 to 2010.  The burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt lies with the accuser Vigano, and not the accused Francis and McCarrick.  This is Due Process in the US, and McCarrick is a US Citizen.

Viganò said he told Francis about the allegations: “Holy Father, I don’t know if you know Cardinal McCarrick, but if you ask the Congregation for Bishops there is a dossier this thick about him. He corrupted generations of seminarians and priests and Pope Benedict ordered him to withdraw to a life of prayer and penance.”


Moreover, the clarification of Archbishop Nienstedt’s local public ministry restrictions refers to a 2014 investigation into allegations that he had engaged in sexual misconduct with adults as a priest in Detroit and Rome, and as a bishop of New Ulm. Archdiocesan leaders engaged two separate law firms in the investigation.

Randy Engel gives evidence that Vigano, a Vatican sodomite, in 2014 US Papal Nuncio while falsely accusing Francis of knowingly covering up for McCarrick in his bogus letters of 2018, in fact used his position of US Papal Nuncio to quash said 2014 investigation into his former catamite’s sexual misconduct with adults as a priest in Detroit and Rome. By secondary discovery, said two law firms could uncover  Vigano’s  catamite relationship with the young flaming aspiring priest John Nienstedt in the early 1980’s under Vigano in the office of The Secretary of the Vatican City State.


Cardinal Vigano, a sodomite, hypocritical  liar  said he chose to disclose the alleged fallacious  cover-up by Francis “after long reflection and prayer, during months of profound suffering and anguish, during a crescendo of continual news of terrible events


Cardinal Vigano, a Vatican Secretary of State office Sodomite Cardinal hard bitten and bitterly stewing in his own juices by his 2016 recall to Rome by Francis from his previous post as US Papal Nuncio appointed by Benedict 2011, jumped on the Cardinal Dolan,  June 20, 2018 statement, that McCarrick is credibly accused of sexual assault  of a minor fifty years ago  and said it was “the first such report of a violation” against Cardinal McCarrick “of which the archdiocese was aware.”  Why did Vigano, who claimed to have a thick dossier as US Papal Nuncio of McCarricks sexual assault crimes when asked about McCarrick’s character  by the newly elected Francis in 2013 at a Vatican meet and greet not say a word about McCarrick as US papal Nuncio to Dolan and the NY Archdicoese before this independent revelation by a victim of McCarrick.

Vigano, only after this public independent revelation by a McCarrick victim, and not in fact,  as “he chose to disclose” the alleged fallacious cover-up by Francis of McCarrick’s sexual assault of seminarians  “after long reflection and prayer, during months of profound suffering and anguish, during a crescendo of continual news of terrible events,  falsely accused Francis to force Francis to resign over a completely bogus charge Francis lifted undocumented, and all evidence shows non apparent, non existent  sex abuse sanctions on “Uncle Ted” McCarrick  leveled “either 2009, or 2010” by Benedict as Vigano has falsely claimed. In Fact, McCarrick kept a “Robust Public and Church Presence” during 2009-2010 until June 20th, 2018 statement of an independent credible accusation  by Cardinal Dolan against McCarrick, Vigano saying only publicly lauding  McCarrick as US Papal Nuncio and silent beyond until June 20th, 2018.

Vigano was silent about McCarrick past the time thatl Benedict himself was forced to resign in 2013 for his own cover up enabling of global child sex abuse in the Church as CDF Head for 25 years under JPII (Especially covering up for Fr. Maciel Degollado,- criminal mastermind Vatican Bank money launder behind the Sinoloa Federation Cartel child sex slave trafficking to cantinas via the I-10 and I-69 in Texas. . Vigano Publicly praised as “beloved” Cardinal McCarrick during his time as US Papal Nuncio recalled by Francis to Rome 2016.

It was JPII, promoter of the homosexual money cult founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva, a non saint like JPII and Mother Theresa,  not Francis as Vigano falsely claims as an Opus Dei shill trying to win back Opus Dei control of the Vatican Bank who is completely responsibly  with JPII’s  due to JPII’s jewish girlfriend of fifty years  prodding  JPII on “Uncle Ted’s” behalf  for McCarrick’s  stellar rise to the top of Vatican and US Church  authority and national political influence as D.C. Cardinal Archbishop. Randy Engel states:

With specific reference to McCarrick, the record of John Paul II is chiseled in stone:

  • He appointed McCarrick bishop of Metuchen, NJ on November 19, 1981.
  • He appointed McCarrick archbishop of Newark, NJ on May 30, 1986 by which time it was common knowledge among New Jersey priests that McCarrick was a sexual predator.
  • He appointed McCarrick archbishop of Washington, D.C. on November 21, 2000.
  • He elevated McCarrick to the cardinalate on February 21, 2001.

When it comes to blame regarding the ascendency of “Uncle Teddy” up the clerical ladder, it’s clear that the main culprit was John Paul II and not Francis.

McCarrick kept a robust public presence during years he was allegedly sanctioned by Benedict

Pope Benedict XVI is flanked by Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl of Washington, left, and Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, retired archbishop of Washington, during a Jan. 19 meeting with U.S. bishops on their “ad limina” visits to the Vatican. In a speech to the bishops, the pope issued a strong warning about threats to freedom of religion and conscience in the U.S. (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano) (Jan. 19, 2012)Pope Benedict XVI is flanked by Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl of Washington, left, and Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, retired archbishop of Washington, during a Jan. 19 meeting with U.S. bishops on their “ad limina” visits to the Vatican. (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano) (Jan. 19, 2012)

While Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò makes a number of accusations against former and current Vatican officials in his 11-page letter, there is only one he aims at Pope Francis: that he knew former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick had “corrupted generations of seminarians and priests” but nonetheless decided to lift sanctions that included “a life of prayer and penance” which had been imposed on the retired D.C. archbishop by Pope Benedict XVI in either 2009 or 2010.


Archbishop Viganò, the papal representative to the United States from 2011 until he was recalled to Rome by Pope Francis in 2016, did not provide documents proving that sanctions were imposed by Benedict. Nor did he provide evidence that Francis knew about the sanctions or that he lifted them.

During the years that then-Cardinal McCarrick was allegedly sanctioned by Rome, he kept up a public profile that included preaching at high-profile Masses, giving talks and accepting awards. He testified in front of a Senate subcommittee and appeared in the media.

The cardinal also kept up a famously robust travel schedule, in part because he served on the board of Catholic Relief Services and chaired the board of the charitable arm of the international development nonprofit.

From 2008 to 2013, the former cardinal kept up a public profile that included preaching at high-profile Masses, giving talks and accepting awards. 

A spokeswoman for C.R.S. told America that then-Cardinal McCarrick traveled on “a couple of dozen trips during that time, including in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America” between 2009 and the end of Pope Benedict’s papacy in 2013, adding that C.R.S. was “unaware” of any sanctions.

Archbishop Viganò alleges that after several specific attempts to convince the Vatican that then-Cardinal McCarrick should be sanctioned because of allegations of sexual misconduct with priests and seminarians, prohibitions were handed down in 2009 or 2010. Those sanctions, he said, required the cardinal to move out of a seminary where he was living and forbade him to celebrate Mass in public, participating in public meetings, giving lectures or traveling. He was to dedicate “himself to a life of prayer in penance.” Pope Francis removed then-Cardinal McCarrick from ministry in June following substantiated allegations that he had sexually abused a minor decades ago.

Sharon Euart, R.S.M., a canon lawyer and the executive director of the Resource Center for Religious Institutes, said that while she could not comment on the specifics regarding the onetime archbishop of Washington, D.C., a priest or bishop who is punished with sanctions removing him from ministry would be notified in writing.

Sister Euart said that whoever has jurisdiction over the offender would normally be notified of the penalty so that the offender could be monitored. In the case of then-Cardinal McCarrick, it is not clear who may have been asked to monitor him. Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who succeeded Archbishop McCarrick in Washington, has said he was not made aware of any sanctions, a statement challenged by Archbishop Viganò.

“There is certainly expectation that they would abide by the regulations of their particular situation,” Sister Euart said, adding that she would find it “unusual” for such penalties to remain secret.


While Archbishop Viganò’s letter says he believes the alleged sanctions were placed in 2009 or 2010, and that they included an order that then-Cardinal McCarrick move from his seminary residence,the Catholic News Agency, citing unnamed sources, reports that then-Cardinal McCarrick made plans to move out of the seminary where he was living in 2008.


In February 2009, then-Cardinal McCarrick traveled to Bermuda and in September traveled to Zimbabwe and South Africa. He also visited Ghaha and Benin, as well as Lebanon, where he celebrated a public Mass, that year.

Then-Cardinal McCarrick was a guest at a party celebrating former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s being received into the Catholic Church.

McCarrick celebrated a Mass for a group of Catholic sisters in April 2009 and he was in New York, where he was the principal celebrant for a Mass celebrating the centennial of America. Then in June, he preached at a Mass in Washington marking the Year for Priests.

In August 2009, Cardinal McCarrick participated in the burial service for U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery. He also concelebrated Mass at the national gathering of the Knights of Columbus in Phoenix.

In November, then-Cardinal McCarrick, along with then-Archbishop Donald Wuerl and Cardinal Sean O’Malley, concelebrated Mass at Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.


In January, he participated in the installation Mass for Bishop Kevin Rhoades in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. Later that month, then-Cardinal McCarrick concelebrated the opening Mass of the National Prayer Vigil for Life at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.

That April, he participated in an ordination Mass in Dallas for two new bishops.

The former cardinal turned 80 in July 2010, which meant he was no longer eligible to participate in papal conclaves.

An article from The Washington Post notes that the cardinal celebrated his birthday with friends at a private Mass and party, but the reporter notes that the cardinal seemed to be avoiding the media.

“There was zero publicity about this week’s happenings, and weeks of our requests to interview Cardinal McCarrick about the milestone and his current work were rebuffed,” the article notes, calling the celebrations “uncharacteristically quiet” and describing the refusal of an interview as “unusual for a man known for being accessible to reporters.”

The cardinal kept up his political advocacy, appearing as part of a press conference in September, during which he urged greater respect for Muslims.

In November, then-Cardinal McCarrick was in Rome, where he concelebrated a Mass with Cardinal Donald Wuerl, his successor, who had just been made a cardinal by Pope Benedict.

He celebrated Christmas Mass at a parish in Maryland.


Reporting on the cardinal’s public schedule picked up considerably in 2011, when Archbishop Viganò arrived at his post in Washington.

The former cardinal participated in an ordination Mass for an auxiliary bishop for the U.S. Archdiocese for the Military Services in February in Washington.

In March, he celebrated a “family Mass” at Oratory Prep School in New Jersey, which was covered by local media. He also testified in front of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee about civil rights for Muslims.

In May, he preached during a Mass at the cathedral in Trenton, N.J., and he ordained two friars during a Mass in New York.

The cardinal spoke at a July press conference in Washington to urge the Senate to pass an immigration bill.

In September, then-Cardinal McCarrick was in Iran, along with Washington Episcopal Bishop John Bryson Chane, for a meeting with former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to discuss the release of U.S. hikers who were being held on espionage charges.

Then in October, he attended a two-day event for Catholic Charities, including an event held at the National Press Club, and he celebrated Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

And in December, then-Cardinal McCarrick concelebrated a memorial Mass for a deceased bishop in New York, and he appeared on “Meet the Press.”


In January 2012, then-Cardinal McCarrick accompanied other U.S. bishops, including Cardinal Donald Wuerl, to the Vatican, during which he twice met Pope Benedict. During that trip, he concelebrated Mass with Cardinal Wuerl and the other U.S. bishops at the tomb of St. Peter.

Then-Cardinal McCarrick celebrated Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York in February 2012. He was photographed in front of the cathedral with Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

In March, then-Cardinal McCarrick was the keynote speaker at a D.C. fundraiser for Franciscan Mission Service, and in April he received an award from Catholic Charities of Washington, D.C.—presented to him by his successor, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, at a gala fundraiser.

In April, then-Cardinal McCarrick was back in Rome, part of a delegation from The Papal Foundation to wish Pope Benedict a happy birthday.

During a May event honoring then-Cardinal McCarrick sponsored by the Pontifical Missions Society, Archbishop Viganò spoke, saying the cardinal is “loved by us all,” and they posed with others for a group photo.

In June, the cardinal traveled to Jordan and Syria, a trip that included a conversation between then-Cardinal McCarrick and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

In November, the cardinal attended an event in Dallas hosted by the Knights of Columbus, and he traveled to Iraq with a group of students from the law school at the Catholic University of America.


In January 2013, then-Cardinal McCarrick celebrated Mass during a visit to the Holy Land.

Pope Benedict announced his resignation on Feb. 11. During a farewell ceremony with cardinals later that month, Benedict shook hands with then-Cardinal McCarrick.

Pope Francis was elected in March. Archbishop Viganò claims that during a meeting of nuncios in June 2013 at the Vatican, he ran into then-Cardinal McCarrick. He writes in the letter that then-Cardinal McCarrick told him, “The pope received me yesterday, tomorrow I am going to China,” which he speculates was the cardinal’s way of informing him that the alleged sanctions had been lifted.

Archbishop Viganò writes in his letter that Pope Francis asked him his thoughts about then-Cardinal McCarrick during a meeting on June 23, during which, he says in his letter, he told the pope about the existence of “a dossier this thick about him.” He said the pope did not respond.

The Rev. Jonathan Morris cautions that then-Cardinal McCarrick’s public presence during the years he was allegedly sanctioned does not disprove allegations that Pope Benedict removed the retired cardinal from public ministry. He points to his own experience as a former member of the Legionaries of Christ, whose founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel, was sanctioned by the Vatican for sexual abuse before he was removed from public ministry in 2006.

Father Morris, a well-known Catholic commentator and a priest of the Archdiocese of New York, said if penalties are kept secret, either to protect the Vatican or to avoid causing scandal, that they naturally become more difficult to enforce.

“If somebody begins to flout those sanctions, what are they going to do? How are they going to stop them? They’re trying to keep them secret,” Father Morris said.

As to the meetings where Pope Benedict greeted then-Cardinal McCarrick, and the kind words from Archbishop Viganò toward the cardinal in 2012, “It is strange. I don’t understand it all,” Father Morris said. But he added he can “imagine different scenarios” where the relationship between the nuncio and the cardinal would appear cordial in public, especially if both men were trying to keep the sanctions secret.

A source close to the Archdiocese in Washington confirms that alleged sanctions from Rome placed on then-Cardinal McCarrick were unknown during the years in question. But the source added that it would not be impossible that the retired archbishop had personally received a warning to keep a lower profile because of accusations against him—but chose to ignore it.

Substantiating Archbishop Vigano’s allegations may hinge on the existence of written documents. And that could be a challenge.

Kurt Martens, a professor of canon law at The Catholic University of America, said that while written documentation is expected when imposing or removing sanctions, sometimes it just does not exist.

“Rome often works with oral reports, and that makes it harder,” he said. “It’s the Italian way of dealing with these things, especially when they involve a cardinal or a bishop.”


Cardinal Dinardo’s January release “List of “Credible Accused” Priests and Religious in the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston Conspired to Obstruct Justice per Violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001 – U.S. Code – Title 18 in On Going State and Federal Investigations Probing Dinardo’s own Episcopal Cover up Enabling of Clerical Child Sex Abuse as President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops


On November 27th, 2018 Cardinal Dinardo called a series by CBS News on the Church Abuse Scandal as “inaccurate,” saying they “demand a response”  focusing on “credible accused” by victims Fathers Terence Brinkman and John Keller, who are in active ministry in Houston under Dinardo as “bishop.”  Bishop is the Greek word meaning “over seer.”

HOUSTON, Texas – Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston called a series of news stories by CBS News on the Church sex abuse scandal “inaccurate,” saying they “demand a response.”

“In these stories, CBS alleges that the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston has allowed priests who have been ‘credibly accused’ of sexual abuse against a minor to continue their ministry as priests,” said the cardinal, who is president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

In a story that aired Nov. 20, CBS News reported on allegations made against Fathers Terence Brinkman and John Keller, who are in active ministry in Houston.

In his statement, DiNardo confirmed the two priests each had had an accusation of abuse lodged against them, which they both denied, he said. The respective incidents occurred decades ago, the cardinal said, and a lay board reviewed them and concluded the priests should stay in ministry.

“It is true that two priests remain in ministry who have each been accused of sexually abusing a minor,” DiNardo said. “One accusation was made approximately 20 years after the alleged abuse. The other was made over 30 years after the alleged abuse. Both priests denied they had committed sexual abuse.”

“Each accusation was reviewed by the archdiocesan lay review board who recommended that both priests be allowed to minister,” he continued. “These are the only accusations made against either priest, who have each served more than 40 years in the archdiocese.”


In  Dinardo’s  initial rebuttal to CBS investigative reported Niki Baptista, when confronted  by Baptista at the November 13th, 2018  US Conference of Catholic Bishops Baltimore meeting to pass “reform” legislation amending the 2002 Essential Norms “Zero Tolerance” document to encompass also “sexual misconduct with a minor” and/or cover up enabling by bishops themselves in the wake of outrage over the Cardinal “Uncle Ted” McCarrick  scandal. Cardinal Dinardo before meeting with “Pope” Francis in Rome September 13, 2018 to present three reform proposals encompassing bishop accountability for enabling through cover up or as in  Cardinal “Uncle Ted ” McCarrick’s also criminal sexual assault of a minor, was himself accused of ignoring abuse by two, Sacred Heart Church, Conroe, Texas  victims of indicted priest Fr. Manuel de la Rosa Lopez, who turned himself into The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department Jail in Conroe the day before Dinardo met with Francis.

spearheaded by presiding USCCB President Dinardoby Baptista with the question why Dinardo allows “credibly accused” priests Fathers Terence Brinkman and John Keller to remain in active ministry as pastors of  Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston parishes, Dinardo asserted neither priest was indeed “credibly accused” in Cardinal Dinardo and the Archdiocese sexual misconduct with a minor review board. When asked by Baptista if either Fathers Terence Brinkman and/or John Keller  would be on the list of “credible accused” priests to be made public in January 2019 in conjunction with Cardinal Dinardo’s call that all the dioceses of Texas release to the public an updated list of credibly accused priest and religious in their diocese since 1950,  Dinardo said “we are working on it (i.e. the list)  Dinardo, who first denied  Fr. Keller  was credibly accused by victims. on a January list of Credibly Accused authorized for public release by Dinardo, and not Fr. Terence Brinkman. Both men were deemed in the CBS series as credible accused by victims, which Dinardo publicly denied when confronted by CBS investigative reporter Nike Baptista.

Fr. John Keller, who Dinardo denied was “credible accused” in a November 26 question by CBS investigative reporter Niki Baptiste while at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Baltimore meeting to pass legislation amending the 2002 Essential Norms “Zero Tolerance” document to encompass also “sexual misconduct with a minor” and/or cover up enabling by bishops themselves in the wake of the Cardinal “Uncle Ted” McCarrcik scandal, spearheaded by presiding USCCB President Dinardo, appears as “Recent allegations currently under investigation”and removed from ministry 2019. “Recent allegations” would be deemed “credible allegations” to be taken under investigations. The nature, extend, counts of these recent allegations- unlike the public case of Fr. Manuel de la Rosa Lopez is not given regarding said recent allegation being investigated.  Did Dinardo, learning of these “recent allegations after January 1st, inform Bret Ligon’s Office, DA of Mountgomery County of these criminal complaints he, Dinardo as Bishop, recently received. If not, this is clear further Obstruction of Justice in an ongoing State Criminal Investigation spear headed by the arrest of Fr. Manual de la Rosa Lopez and Dinardo’s lawyers refusal to turn over Archdiocesan “secret archives” to the MCDA office investigators, provoking a raid in conjunction with The Texas Rangers.

HOUSTON (AP) — The cardinal who leads the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops allowed a priest to celebrate Mass the same day his name was among those released on a list of clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo told the Rev. John T. Keller on Wednesday evening that he would be placed on administrative leave the next day, the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston said in a statement Friday.  DA Ligon in a Press Conference stated his office refused any information by Dinardo’s lawyers about Fr. Manuel, decided to raid the chancelory secret archives.


Most notably, the name of Fr. Terrence Brinkman, currently pastor of the largest parish in Houston who Dinardo told Baptista, like Keller, was not credibly accused, although Brinkman was accused in 2005, does not appear on the January list.  This again is evidence of Obstruction of Justice by Dinardo in an on going State Criminal Investigation of Dinardo as coporis sol (corporate head) of the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston for reckless grave endangerment of children due to cover up enabling of clerical sexual assault of a minor.


Duplicitous Hypocrite Cardinal Dinardo Falls in the Trap he set to supplant Francis as Pope, and allows 2005 “Credibly Accused” Pederast Priest to lead Mass the Day his Name on Dinardo’s Bogus PR Ploy January Release of “Credibly Accused” (date of accusations and name of victim accusers not listed) made Legally Moot by Preemptive November 28, 2018 Texas Ranger Raid on Dinardo’s Secret Archives- Resign Now Liar!

Emeritus “twirl with Donna the girl Wuerl” catamite  Cardinal Dinardo,  like his former Pittsburgh Diocese ordaining bishop and sodomite episcopal promoter “retired” Uncle Ted McCarrick protege as D.C. Cardinal Archbishop, now “retired” Donna the Girl Wuerl, appointed reigning D.C. Apostolic Administrator with exalting praise by faithful Catholic and clerical child abuse victim outrage deaf Francis in wake of the PA AG Grand Jury tsunami of cover up abetting of pederast child rape in 169 cases, is like Francis and Donna, a total liar about everything, not just their own episcopal cover up enabling of priest pederast sex abuse.  Dinardo, Francis, and Donna’s entire existence infesting The One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church as sacrilegiously ordained priests is a lie, they are fathers of lies.

Francis  is sacrilegiously ordained a Roman Catholic priest as Mason, heretic, apostate, Peronista national socialist, All said is cause for excommunication ab sententia in the 1917 Code of Cannon Law, under which Francis was ordained. Francis is currently indicted by Argentine Federal Criminal Court for war crimes as accomplice in the abduction, imprisonment, torture, and murder “disappearance”of six lay Catholics associated with a Buenos Aires church and two Jesuit Priests who were arrested, imprisoned, tortured, drugged and released on Francis’ direct orders. Francis- Jorge Bergolio is indicted  for child trafficking of  the children of more than 30,000 “disappeared” (murdered) during the Dirty War through Argentine’s Catholic orphanage and adoption agencies predominantly  to the military personal and ruling families that murdered their parents in the first place.Francis is indicted  as accomplice as “spiritual director”  in the US backed state terrorism from 1975 to 1983 in Henry Kissinger’s CIA Operation Condor to war crimes convicted General Jorge Raphael Videla, Francis was indicted by the Argentine National  Criminal  Court five days after Francis’  a Lucio Gelli P-2   Argentine protege, was elected Pope by a Vatican masonic rigged conclave election. Because of his indictment, Francis, unlike JPII, will never return in triumph after being elected Pope to his home country of Argentina and face arrest. If this indictment would have been handed down publicly before Francis’ election, would Francis still have been elected?  Suppression of a candidates criminality is election fraud.  Moreover, Francis took a forth vow as a Jesuit to obey the will of the Pope absolutely disqualifying himself by this vow from ever becoming pope himself. Francis as elected pope immediately recognized self deposed Pope Benedict as “Pope Emeritus.”  This following an absurd logic of a Jesuit pope having a forth vow of absolute obedience to the will of the pope entails Francis as Pope (Francis is not Pope) is vowed to give absolute obedience to not only his own will as Pope, but Pope Emeritus Benedict’s will as well. For all these reasons, Francis is not pope, and cannot be pope.

It is not therefore possible for Francis “to resign” as  Pope, as called for by Opus Dei shill former papal U.S. nuncio archbishop Cardinal Vigano, a hypocritical and duplicitous Vatican Secretary of State homosexual collective sodomite himself who covered up and shielded from Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis  investigation for Uncle Ted McCarrick like sexual assault on young priests and seminarians, his own former young priest flaming catamite Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt during their salad days together in Rome in the early eighties  together in the Rome Office of the Secretary of State. Nonetheless, given  Vigano’s shilling for Opus Dei, Vigano factually states Francis for now six years as faux pope covered up the Vatican backed global homosexual collective fueled child rape and seminarian sexual assault. The existence of said Vatican/Amchurch homosexual collective was first thoroughly exposed backed up with more than 4,000 scholarly footnotes in 2005 by Randy Engel in her expose “The Rite of Sodomy.”  In spite of Vigano’s disingenuous, hypocritical  “shocking new” revelations about Vatican/Amchurch homosexual collective, because Francis is not, could not, and never can be Pope in the first place for all reason’s given,  as Vigano demand’s cannot “resign” as Pope. Non dabit, quid non habet. It is damnable to believe and say Francis is Pope. It is damnable to assert Francis is Pope and call for his “resignation” as such, as Vigano and Michael Voris have done as Opus Dei shills. Wuerl and Dinardo both assert publicly Francis is pope.

Donna and Danny were sacrilegiously ordained as practicing homosexuals (for homosexuality alone) in violation of the canon law of the Church stating candidates male and female who are sodomites are not proper matter to be ordained to the priesthood, and/or consecrated by vows in religious life. Sacrilege simony raises the question of validity. Francis, Donna, and Danny’s sacrilegious ordination due to ab sententiae excomunication in Francis case, or being a sodomite in Danny and Donna’s cases being a bold face lie per se, has produced a faux priestly existence of lies. “fathers of lies” exhibited by Francis, Danny and Donna.

Birds of a feather lie altogether. The strongest lie to detect and disinfect, according to George Orwell is the Lie of Omission. Just not telling the truth and remaining tacitly silent about the Evil One’s “Malo” murderous ravages of the innocent, be they the unborn, or children subject to child rape by bishop and cardinal  protected pederasts trolling as faux priests and religious in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. This is the essence of the Lie of Omission arising in the black heart of the sodomite Vatican/ Episcopal/ AmChurch cover up enabling of clerical child rape and sexual abuse of seminarians by priests, bishops, and cardinals spearheaded by invalid Popes , Mason and Rosicrucian John XXIIIrd, sodomite Paul VIth, money power cult Opus Dei founder homosexual Jose Maria Escriva  and Sinaloa Federation Cartel I-10 I-69 cantina child sex slave trafficking criminal master mind and Vatican Bank money launderer  Fr. Maciel Degollado’s patron and defender, JPII, Benedict as CDF head under JPII covering up 25 years of said global child sex abuse and trafficking via the Vatican and Catholic Church documented in a 300 page three Cardinal dossier Benedict commissioned the day on which Benedict received it, he “resigned.”  Francis was elected by rigged homosexual masonic conclave bury the dossier for ever in the Vatican’s Secret Archives, not to act on it as a reforming pope. And Francis, the non pope, apostate.

Exactly as Francis was called a “liar”  in September, 2018 Der Spiegel interview with an anonymous Vatican Cardinal in its 19-page report on the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal, and as Donna was called a “liar”  in a January 10th, 2018 Washington Post article debunking Donna’s lie he knew nothing about his long term episcopal ally and  D.C. predecessors’ trolling of seminarians whose calling card was “Uncle Ted,” Dinardo in releasing his January legally bogus list of the “Credibly Accused,” like Francis and Wuerl claiming to be spearheading the end of Child Sex Abuse by priests and bishops of the Church first in 2002 by the Essential Norms “zero tolerance” document edited by child sex abuse cover up enablers and partakers sodomite homosexuals L.A. Cardinal Roger Mahoney, and “Uncle Ted” D.C. Cardinal Theodore  McCarrick, though an effective  and substantial legislation to end clerical pederasty in the church by “zero tolerance” one strike and you are out”  it is now evident was never implemented in the first place by any of the bishops or religious superiors and was nothing more but a for the moment PR ploy to shield the enabling bishops of clerical child rape in their ranks from due criticism and criminal accountability as all evidence, especially Dinardo’s allowing 2005 credibly accused homosexual pederast Fr. Keller to say mass as pastor of the largest parish in Houston the same day his name appeared on Dinardo’s bogus, legally moot January list of “Credibly Accused”  now is showing was never implemented in deed by the US Bishops.

A watered done variation on the never in fact implemented 2002 Essential Norms  “zero tolerance” Vatican/Am Church PR ploy to save themselves (Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Vatican, Am Church) is now frantically continuing  by hypocritical disingenuous redundant reform synod legislation set for February, 23rd 2019 at the Vatican in Rome by Francis. Francis has publicly cautioned about high expectations from the global synod which deals only with abuse of minors and not sexual assault of seminarians al a Uncle Ted,  while pulling the rug out from under Cardinal Dinardo’s hypocritical, Machiavellian sexual abuse reform legislation ploy at the Baltimore, November 2018 US Conference of Catholic Bishops, spearheaded by USCCB President Dinardo, in the vanguard of a la Opus Dei shill and Vatican homosexual Archbishop US nuncio Cardinal Vigano, to force Francis “to resign.”  It merits restating, Francis cannot resign as Pope, because Francis is not pope, invalidly elected, not proper material, with a disqualifying vow of absolute obedience as a Jesuit to his own will as Pope,and absurdly recognizing Benedict as “Pope Emeritus,” as heretic, mason, and apostate, Francis is not Pope in the first place.

The Truth will out!  Dinardo’s hypocrisy, Machiavellian jumping on the Opus Dei Vigano band wagon to force Francis “to resign” as Pope, as a duplicitous reformer publicly trumpeting a pack of self serving lies about making the bishops also accountable to the 2002 Essential Norms zero tolerance document, Dinardo maneuvering a prince now without clothes to become Pope by hypocritically supplanting Francis by resignation for child sex abuse cover up and enabling  is further  evidenced in this revealing story on AP by Nomaan Merchant. Top US cardinal let Priest accused of Sexual Abuse lead Mass.  Strongly notable is how dumb these three criminals, Francis, Danny, and Donna (part and parcel of the criminal mentality- if you think like a criminal you are a criminal) think everyone is to believe still their continuously lies, pointing the finger at everyone else except themselves.. You can fool some of the people some of the time. And all of the people some of the time. But not all the people all of the time. It has come to the point that Francis, Danny, and Donna can fool none of the people none of the time.

Unlike Francis who cannot resign as Pope because Francis is not Pope in the first place, and like Donna, Dinardo can and must resign not only as USCCB president elect, but as Cardinal, and as Archbishop of Galveston Houston. Francis, Donna, and Danny will not willingly resign like Benedict, but must be forced out. Dinardo, a 24/7 chain smoker could resign for health reasons, or like Wuerl on the pretext of medical “retirement,” but I do not think Danny has the moxie to do so. Francis, Danny, and Dinardo believe if they keep telling the same lies over and over again pointing the finger at each other and not at themselves eventually the furor will die out and they will be the last man standing when the smoke clears.   Like Wuerl who was ultimately forced out by his own priests and deacons to resign,  Dinardo who has long been universally hated by all his priests and deacons could be forced to resign as a thoroughly discredited Archbishop, like Wuerl. Moreover, the bishops of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, may themselves call for Dinardo’s resignation, as thoroughly discredited to lead as President of the USCCB. Finally, unlike Francis exaltation of Donna at accepting Donna’s retirement age resignation letter, Francis completely tone deaf to the PA AG grand jury report uproar, like Francis was similarly in Chile with a Chilean Donna like bishop, Francis has already  de facto removed Dinardo from exercising office as USCCB president at the November 2018, Baltimore conference coup de tate by Cardinal Cupich and Wuerl,  Francis made a preemptive strike on Dinardo in Baltimore through Cupich, as President of the USCCB hypocritically in the vanguard of Vigano’s letter calling for Francis’ resignation  attempting to supplant Francis as Pope disingenuously using Uncle Ted and Vatican/papal complicity in episcopal fueled child sex abuse as a spearhead as a faux reformer. With this outrageous further revelation in the story below of Dinardo’s duplicity, Francis could seize the moment to force Dinardo to resign in disgrace in further retaliation. SNAP has called for Dinardo’s resignation. Yours truly authored months ago a petition on line demanding Dinardo’s resignation

  1. Sign petition: Cardinel Dinardo Must Resign as President U …


    The Cardinel Dinardo Must Resign as President U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops petition to Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, President U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was written by Fr. Christopher Terry, O.P. and is in the category Children’s Rights at GoPetition.


Top US cardinal let priest accused of sexual abuse lead Mass

 NOMAAN MERCHANT,Associated Press 18 hours ago

Cardinal Tim Dolan’s Wife Archbishop George Lucas Knowingly Allows Predator Priest to Roam Omaha Catholic School, Deja Vu All Over Again!

Homosexual Sodomite Cardinal  Timothy Dolan tacit on N.Y.  Abortion til moment of birth and after law signed by “Catholic” Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and AWL on NYS Gay Marriage Law, “wife,” Archbishop of Omaha George Lucas, engaged and same sex married  by  rite of sodomy  during their seminary “hiding salami”  salad days, knowingly allows a known predator priest pederast brought to his attention by a victims’ parents to troll an Omaha catholic school.  Deja Vu all over again! Flaming homosexual George Lucas, queering the magnificent  St. Cecilia’s Cathedral with campy Mary Poppins’ blow ups, himself as a priest in the Archdiocese of St. Louis trolled a Catholic high school as the chaplain grooming young males for pederast sexual assault, as well as as seminary rector trolling young seminarians a la Uncle Ted McCarrick.  This report of Lucas predatory behavior based on testimony from victims is documented by Roman Catholic Faithful and available on the internet, along with Lucas as Bishop of Springfield, Ill. allowing  child sex slave purchasing and abusing homosexual pederast former Bishop Dan Ryan to continue to minister as de facto bishop emeritus after replacing the “retired” Ryan.

Of course, promoter and staunch protector of  pederast homosexual crypto  jew  masonic  organize crime money power cult figures like  Frs. Maciel, Opus Dei Josemarie Escriva,  and  Archbishop Hermann Goer,  just to name a few, JPII “The Great” who ain’t a saint, and “I know nothing, nothing”  CDF  sarge Ratsinger, did with this documented complaint  complied by Roman Catholic Faithful what they did will all complaints of homosexual pederasty by priests and bishops during the devastating 25 year reign of JPII, The Great who ain’t a saint, crickets!  The Lucas case was the straw that broke Roman Catholic Faithful’s back causing the advocacy watchdog group to disband because of perceived futility of  their further action.

George Lucas on coming to Omaha after Springfield in a press conference told the people of the Archdiocese “there are no credible accused child abusers currently among clergy or any employees of the Archdiocese.  I  (Lucas)will take measures that will not allow any one credibly accused of misconduct with minors to transfiliate  into the Omaha Archdiocese (LOL) from another Diocese.  Lucas recently sacked a hetero sexual priest after complaints he had unwanted hugged an adolescent girl stating that he, Lucas, had higher standards for the clergy of the Archdiocese than the 2002 Essential Norms (so called Zero Tolerance norms- unless of course you are a bishop like uncle Ted Theodore McCarrick who over saw the editing of the norms to exclude bishops’ accountability for cover up and commission of homosexual sexual assault.  George Lucas and his big fat wife Tim Dolan need to go right now!  Hopefully the AG of Nebraska’s investigation with net Lucas, like the PA AG grand jury testimony netted Donna the Girl Wuerl, whose catamite was Cardinal Archbishop Danny Dinardo. All those couples among the bishops!

Predator Priest Left to Roam Omaha Catholic School

News: US News

by Anita Carey  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 30, 2019    9 Comments

Parishioners say pastor threatened and expelled kids to cover up his knowledge of predation

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OMAHA, Neb. (ChurchMilitant.com) – A family has had to go into hiding out of fear of retaliation from their former pastor after they reported a serial abuser’s inappropriate contact with their son.

For almost three years, the parents of children at St. Wenceslaus Catholic School in Omaha, Nebraska tried to take measures to protect their sons from a priest they claim was grooming one of them for abuse.

Yearbook photo showing Fr. Nigli greeting middle school boys

They told Church Militant after speaking with the pastor, Fr. Thomas Bauwens, he threatened them, took away their financial aid and later expelled their sons to keep the knowledge he knew of complaints quiet.

The parents said the trouble started within the first weeks of the school year when Fr. Francis Nigli was assigned to St. Wenceslaus.

After Mass in September, their then 10-year-old boys told them of a very disturbing greeting from Nigli towards one of them.

The one son was so upset by the event, he asked his brother to tell the parents what happened. The brother related that Nigli, who was accustomed to greeting the children every day after school for thumb-wrestling matches or hugs, hugged his brother in a way that made him very uncomfortable and then kissed his forehead.

This was in full view of the brother who said it was “creepy” that only his brother was showered with attention.

“This shows it is grooming,” the parents said.

A couple of weeks later, as the family was leaving Mass, the parents witnessed Nigli again hugging and kissing their one son while ignoring the other. They described it as “full frontal” and “very inappropriate.”

This was not the first time Nigli was accused of misconduct. In 2013, Nigli was removed from his position at St. Patrick Catholic Church in O’Neill, Nebraska over an allegation he fondled an 18-year-old male over his clothes and kissed him.

After the 2013 incident, Nigli was sent to St. Luke Institute in Maryland. In July 2015, he was assigned to St. Wenceslaus. The decision to return Nigli to active ministry was made by the archbishop of Omaha, Abp. George Lucas and Fr. Bauwens, who is also on the Archdiocesan Review Board for sexual abuse complaints.

The day after the parents saw Nigli’s behavior, they met with Fr. Bauwens to discuss the incident.

Father Bauwens, despite having full knowledge of Nigli’s history, “immediately became adversarial” and said, “Some people say that I can be a real pr**k; and I can be when I need to be.”

When the parents pressed that they knew Nigli had been removed for “imprudent pastoral conduct” before, they said Fr. Bauwens slammed his fist on the desk, leaned towards them and said that was “none of their business.” He admitted knowing what the removal was all about and “we had no cause for concern.”

He went on to describe a story about when his brother falsely accused him and said, “I was so angry I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from killing him.”

When the parents nervously laughed, they said he aggressively leaned forward and said, “I am not kidding! I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from killing him.” He then warned the parents “not to be troublemakers.”

They said they felt “extremely threatened” but their concerns for their sons and the other 900-plus children in the parish and school outweighed the fear.

Church Militant spoke with two other parishioners who didn’t want to be identified for fear of retaliation. They confirmed Fr. Bauwens has a “horrible temper” and have witnessed it first-hand. While they both also mentioned that “he does a lot of good,” one added, “But that doesn’t outweigh how he rules the school with an iron fist.”

Matt Fradd (left) with Fr. Bauwens in 2016

Photo courtesy of Catholic Voice Online

The day after meeting with Fr. Bauwens, in October 2015, the parents sent a letter to Bill Huben, the principal at St. Wenceslaus Catholic School, requesting “their sons never be left alone with Nigli at any time due to his inappropriate behavior.”

Not wanting their sons to go through confirmation preparations with Nigli, the family formally left the parish in January 2018 but kept the boys in the school.

Father Bauwens responded by stripping them of their need-based financial aid and assessed a $650 out-of-parish fee despite telling them in 2016 that he “was fine with wherever they attended Mass” and was appreciative of their many hours of service to the parish that both parents regularly perform.

In February 2018, two incidents with Nigli led to the parents learning the teachers and staff were never made aware of their report against Nigli or their demand to protect their sons. In the first, their targeted son was singled out by Nigli in the school hallway. Later, the same son was forced to switch confession lines during a penance service and was left distraught after having to go to Nigli for confession.

Nigli continued to work in the school and parish until June 2018, when he was finally removed from St. Wenceslaus after he assaulted a seminarian on parish grounds. Due to the numerous rumors circulating around the parish and Fr. Bauwens’ lack of transparency, the parents obtained a copy of the Omaha Police report.

Nigli was again accused of fondling a young man over his clothes and kissing him.

Around that timeframe, the archdiocese was planning to move Nigli to be in residence at St. Stephen the Martyr while he worked as a chaplain at Poor Claire Sisters in Elkhorn and at Methodist Women’s Hospital. After the sexual assault, the plan to transfer Nigli was scrapped without telling St. Stephen parishioners why.

Parishioners and parents at St. Wenceslaus were also not told of the reason why Nigli was being removed. One parishioner noted, “He is very charismatic and was well-loved.”

In late July 2018, just before the boys were to start their eighth grade school year, the parents received a strange call from Huben followed by a letter from Fr. Bauwens notifying them he was expelling their two sons.

“Catholic Education is a right,” Fr. Bauwens starts. “Catholic Education in a five day Catholic School is a privilege.”

He then went on to say that he reserves the right to accept or decline admittance to anyone with cause. He claimed, “There has just been too much conflict between you and our Staff in the past,” and he doesn’t want to continue with “these conflicts over the next year.”

I find it hard to believe there were no other complaints.Tweet

Both long-time parishioners said that they were “absolutely positive” the boys were expelled to keep the news quiet he knew about the concerns over Nigli months before the incident with the seminarian.

“He didn’t want to look bad to the Review Board or the archbishop,” one said.

Saint Wenceslaus is also in the middle of a $25 million capital campaign to build a bigger church. Kicked off with a $10 million gift from Wayne and the late Eileen Ryan, the donation was earmarked specifically for the building of a new church.

Nearly five months after Nigli was removed from the parish, Fr. Bauwens and Abp. Lucas held a town hall meeting with the parishioners of St. Wenceslaus. Church Militant obtained an audio recording of that event and spoke with parishioners who attended the town hall. They were aghast that none of the safeguards the diocese promised were being used.

Archbishop Lucas claimed that the safeguards in place are sufficient and Nigli was safe around children because he is only attracted to 18 to 24-year-old males, not children.

“It’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” one parishioner said.

“They admitted and the two made the decision to put this slime bag, this pig, among kids and they thought they could ‘keep an eye on him,'” another said. “I find it hard to believe that there were no other complaints in the three years he [Nigli] was at St. Wenceslaus.”

They went on to explain that after Nigli was removed from the school, he came back after dismissal, unsupervised, and collected phone numbers of some of the middle school boys.

It’s all just words and there’s really no action.Tweet

“These people in charge should be removed,” one parishioner said. “It’s all just words and there’s really no action.”

“They’re still there, it’s business as usual,” they added. They stopped giving all money to the Church until they “feel the Church as a whole was trying to tackle this problem.”

Both parishioners want to see Fr. Bauwens and Abp. Lucas resign or be removed. “We need to clean house,” one said. They claimed Fr. Bauwens’ homilies for several months after the town hall were threatening, and no matter what the readings, they always came back to having to be loyal and obedient.

The archdiocesan newspaper, Catholic Voice Omaha, reported a mother at the town hall described how she would drop off her 18-year-old son for private counseling with Nigli. Contrary to the safeguards the archdiocese had promised, she would leave him at the parish hall for hours, alone with Nigli.

In a statement to St. Wenceslaus parishioners, Abp. Lucas insisted the sexual assault of the seminarian was reported to the police and they had determined that it was “not considered a crime.” Additionally, he assured them, “It was not a violation of the Charter [for the Protection of Children and Young People].”

Recent reports of the decades-long abuse from ex-Cdl. Theodore McCarrick exposed several fatal flaws in the Dallas Charter, as it’s also called. Under McCarrick’s guiding hand, the Dallas Charter’s protections were diluted to leave young adults and seminarians over 18 vulnerable and exempt bishops from accountability.

In interviews with the Omaha World-Herald, after the town hall meeting, both Bauwens and Deacon Tim McNeil, the chancellor of the archdiocese of Omaha, said St. Luke Institute officials recommended that Nigli does not minister to men aged 18–25 and that he did not pose a danger to children. Archbishop Lucas ordered that Nigli not have contact with men aged 18 to 30.

Bauwens insisted Nigli “is not a pedophile” but said he regrets assigning Nigli to St. Wenceslaus, saying, “I feel so burned by the guy.”

Nigli was last reported to be visiting family in Michigan and Toronto. Archbishop Lucas has declined to remove his faculties, claiming that without a letter of recommendation from him, Nigli cannot serve in other ministries.

Church Militant reached out to Fr. Bauwens, the archdiocese of Omaha and Huben but have not heard back by press time.

Cardinal Wuerl knew about Theodore McCarrick. And he lied about it.


The Post’s View

Cardinal Wuerl knew about Theodore McCarrick. And he lied about it.

January 13 at 6:48 PM

WHEN ALLEGATIONS came to light last year of sexual abuse and inappropriate conduct involving children and seminarians by Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who succeeded Mr. McCarrick as leader of the Washington archdiocese, expressed shock and denied prior knowledge. Now it turns out Mr. Wuerl was presented in 2004 with an account of Mr. McCarrick’s alleged misconduct, which he relayed to the Vatican. Then: nothing.

In the ongoing tsunami of revelations about the Catholic Church’s willful blindness, conspiracy of silence and moral bankruptcy on clergy sex abuse, this particular revelation may count as little more than a droplet — although it does involve two of the highest-ranking and most prominent American prelates. However, it also encapsulates characteristics that continue to dog the church nearly two decades after the scandal burst into the open: callousness directed at victims; an insistence on denial and hairsplitting; and the hierarchy’s preference for treating allegations as internal matters, as if the world’s 1.2 billion lay Catholics were an irrelevance.

In response to the revelation that Mr. Wuerl was fully aware of, and handled, an allegation from a former priest about Mr. McCarrick’s misconduct more than 14 years ago, the Washington archdiocese issued a statement suggesting that his previous flat denials were merely “imprecise.” Those previous statements referred only to sexual abuse of a minor, the archdiocese said.

In fact, the cardinal’s comments last summer were unequivocal. In response to a broad question about “long-standing rumors or innuendos” posed by a reporter for the archdiocesan newspaper Catholic Standard, he said, “I had not heard them” before or during his tenure in Washington. That was untrue.

As it happens, Mr. Wuerl, then-bishop of Pittsburgh, not only was presented with allegations of Mr. McCarrick’s misconduct by a former priest named Robert Ciolek. To his credit, he also swiftly brought that information to the Vatican’s attention in a meeting with the pope’s ambassador in Washington at the time, Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo.

Yet Mr. McCarrick remained as archbishop of Washington for nearly two more years and suffered no discipline until last year, when the allegations against him were reported. At that point, the Holy See removed him from ministry; his final punishment is now being weighed in Rome.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wuerl, though forced to resign as archbishop last fall following revelations by a Pennsylvania grand jury that he had mishandled numerous clergy sex abuse cases in Pittsburgh, continues to oversee the Washington archdiocese pending appointment of a successor.

Understandably, Mr. Ciolek is outraged that Mr. Wuerl, having known of his allegations for years, denied knowledge of them last year. “It’s as if I don’t exist,” he told The Post’s Michelle Boorstein.

Pope Francis himself has displayed a gaping blind spot on the issue of clergy sex abuse, at times condemning it and taking resolute action, at other times directing contempt and lip service at victims. He has convened a meeting of top bishops in Rome next month. Actions and policies, not ringing declarations, will be the measure of the church’s success in grappling with a scandal that has shamed it.

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Greg Miller on the president keeping notes from meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin to himself. Darryl Fears on an executive order that may thin millions of acres of forests. Plus, the hit musical “Hamilton” makes its way to Puerto Rico.
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This is the Greatest Treason, to Tell a Half Truth, for an Evil Reason: The Michael Voris Deception, Hypocritical Opus Dei Sodomite Shill Demanding Francis the Apostate “Resign” as “Pope” and Supplanted with OD “Pope” Dope like JPII and Benedict!

Worse Than Nothing

A little silence would have been welcomed rather than what we got.  The Vortex -Michael Voris


January 10, 2019  150 Comments

The following transcript of Michael Voris’ Vortex, like Michael Voris,  a completely fake talking head media character pundit ( A factually critical overview of the timeline of Voris’ staff biography @ churchmilitant.com exhibit Michael Voris is not a real historical person, but a  manufactured false identity- much like a mole spy living in a foreign land) created shill for Opus Dei. As Randy Engel states in The strange case of Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt Part IV Opus Dei’s Role in the Viganò Affair in The Catholic Inquisitor November 2018

During the last three decades, using its numeraries or wealthy supernumeraries or philanthropic co-operators, the Prelature has established and/or taken over many Catholic media outlets including EWTN, the National Catholic Register, and LifeSiteNews. It was these three media sources that originally brought the Viganò story to the attention of Catholics the world over.

Other Opus Dei media outlets that promoted Viganò’s allegations of corruption at the Vatican and the call for Pope Francis’ resignation include Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic Canada, Catholic News Agency (CNA), and ACI Presna (Spanish) to name a few.

Amounf these Michael Voris is a premier OD shill in a media symphony frantically attempting to force  Francis, the non pope as such, as “pope”  “to resign,” rather than proclaim the Truth, Francis as apostate is not The Pope in the first place, never was and never will, and therefore cannot resign as Pope for any reason, is a classic case of the greatest treason, to tell a half truth for an evil reason. Voris does this throughout  this Vortex and all others hypocritically demanding Francis “resign” for sexual abuse cover up enabling by priest,  while with the same breath committing   a damnable sin of omission, demanding Francis “resign as Pope”  knowing Francis as apostate is not pope, and therefore cannot resign as pope for any reason. Non dabit, quid non habit.

In the wake of the Opus Dei media orchestrated Vigano letters demanding Francis resign as Pope  for covering up enabling of Vatican homo masonic episcopal fueled child and seminarian criminal sexual assault highlighted by the case of Uncle Ted cardinal McCarrick, for which OD cult idol JPII is factually responsible promoting McCarrick though out to the apex of ecclesiastical influence from bishop to Cardinal archbishop of D.C., along with Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Cardinal Joseph Bernadine, and Bishop Joseph Fiorenza together in 1979 when he first became Pope, a trifecta for the LBGTP (P-for pederast) am homo church, at the same time Voris being himself  a hypocritical, lying, unrepentant sodomite with Simon Rath.  In The strange case of Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt, Part IIIA rebuttal to Carlo Viganò on the Nienstedt Case, Rite of Sodomy author Randy Engel makes the iron clad factual case, Vigano, like Francis as “Pope” to stop a CDF investigation of Irish Cardinal John McCormick Murphy for clerical sodomy, used his position as Apostolic Nuncio to the US to quash an internal investigation by the Archdiocese of Minneapolis, St. Paul into Bishop Nienstedt’s life long flaming pederasty and assault on seminarians and newly ordained priests. Vigano, a homosexual,  is a member of the homo Vatican cabal, knowledge of which and complicity with, Vigano in his letter demands Francis resigns. Vigano and Nienstedt as a young priest were associated in the eighties in Rome working in the Vatican Secretary of State offices. They practiced sodomy with each other during this time, as well with others. In another case of the pot calling the kettle black, be it Dinardo confronting Francis about Uncle Ted McCarrick, or Voris, a practicing sodomite, demanding Francis’ resignation in lockstep with Vigano’s OD media orchestrated letter to Francis, Vigano whose letter is the foundation of Voris’ media attacks on Francis and Wuerl, is guilty of  sodomy (with priests-like Nienstedt, and bishops- just like Dinardo) as a career long member of the Vatican homo cabal.  As Randy Engel concludes: Why should Vigano and Voris call on Francis “to resign” for McCarrick while exonerating JPII “The Great” of responsibility for making  “Uncle Ted” knowingly Cardinal Archbishop of D.C.  Vigano’s timeline for the rise of the Homosexual Collective of the Church, first diagnosed in 2005 in Randy Engel’s four thousand footnote expose The Rite of Sodomy of the homosexual colonization of the Catholic Church purposely begins with Francis rehabilitating McCarrick and not with Cardinal “Franny the Fanny” Spelman and his protege Cardinal Cushing to cover up JPII’s (JPII like creepy fraud Mother Theresa  is no saint) fundamental culpability in not only creating and promoting  Cardinal Uncle Ted McCarrick, but also protected OD rival for personality cult affections of JPII, Legionaries of Christ- consecrated groupies to glorify JPII, Fr. Maciel Macial Degolado, from investigation by CDF head then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who sanctioned for sexual abuse both McCarrick and Fr. Maciel, after the death of JPII on becoming Pope.  The Legionaries of Christ and Opus Dei were biter rivals for the affections of  JPII in a cult of personality, seeking to take possession of the Church apart from the homo masonic Vatican by co-opting the papacy of JPII.  Maciel being the criminal master mind Svengali fronting the Legionaries of Christ and JPII in the formation of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel, Bush/Clinton/Carlos Slim Helu/ the Garza Family and the Chase/ Rotheschild Vatican Bank to money launder tens of billions of  Federal Reserve Notes from drug, but pioneering child sex slave trafficking to the politically and economically disenfranchised by semi to cantinas along the I-10 and I-59/69 with first Bishop Fiorenza, and then Cardinal Dinardo with the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston as the hub. Both OD and The Legionaries of Christ are tumors in the body of The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  Like JP II, who would have canonized Maciel as saint if he died before JPII, and did canonize creepy OD founder Escriva, because of all this, neither JPII, Maciel, or Escriva are saints, quit the contrary.  Maciel coming from a Free Mason ruled Catholic County Mexico, and Escriva and OD arising in Facist Spain under Franco, are anti Free Mason-though OD, and the Legionaries of Christ like The Knights of Columbus mimic the masonic initiation rituals, secret society character of The Free Masons.  Francis, an Argentine protege of Lucio Gelli, Grand Master of Propaganda Due in Rome,

Propaganda Due

P2 is the common name for the Italian Freemasonic lodge Propaganda Due (Italian: Propaganda Two). P2 came to public light with Michele Sindona’s inculpation and the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, in which the Vatican Bank had many shares. P2 has been involved in Gladio’s strategy of tension – Gladio was the name of the secret “stay-behind” NATO paramilitary organizations. Between 1965 and 1981, it tried to condition the Italian political process through the penetration of persons of confidence to the inside of the magistracy, the Parliament, the army and the press. Beside Italy, P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and especially in Argentina’s “Dirty War” (with Raúl Alberto Lastiri, Argentina’s interim president from July 13 1973 until October 12 1973; Emilio Massera, who was part from 1976 to 1978 of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla; and José López Rega, minister of Social Welfare in Perón’s government and founder of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (“Triple A”) as members). (Francis, as Jesuit Provincial, served as “spiritual director during Argentina’s Dirty War to P-2 member President  Emilio Massera who was part from 1976-1978 of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla.  Francis condoned the political murder as spiritual director to these war criminals of over thirty thousand Argentinians.  Francis is indicted, five days after his election by  masonic rigged conclave by the Argentine Federal Criminal court in ordering the arrest, imprisonment, and murder of six lay Catholics and two Jesuit Priests who were arrested, imprisoned, tortured, but not murdered, Francis is complicit is child trafficking of the children of those murdered through Catholic adoption agencies to government and military personal.


As such,  OD though masonic, is battling through their Operation Mockingbird like domination of “Catholic” media the homo-masonic Vatican, and Francis, not a homo, like pro OD, anti Maciel Pope Benedict and his head of the papal household ( er..husband?) now head of Francis’ household Gorgeous George, to force Francis the apostate to resign over McCarrick, who JPII is culpable for.  As Francis would quip, “People think JPII is a saint, and I am a devil.”
In conclusion, papal nuncios have long played a decisive role in the handling or mishandling, aka “cover-up” of clerical sex abuse cases around the world. So, the role I believe Viganò played in the Nienstedt case is not an exception but the rule.



Michael Voris, hypocritical sodomite, as OD church shill, fueled by fellow OD shill Vigano’s letter, in seeking to overthrow Francis as pope via forced  resignation due to OD controlled media fending frenzy  is Worse than Nothing!  Voris, a liar, like Francis and Wuerl, Cupich who he attacks, in his hypocritical attacks commits the damnable sin of omission: silence in not fearlessly proclaiming the whole Truth to Faithful Catholics about Francis: Idem est, Francis is apostate and therefore not The Pope.

The reason for this damnable sin of ommission, this satanic silence by Michael Voris, is Voris as propaganda media shill pro OD seeks to force  Francis as pope “to resign” through his incessant  Vortex media barrage to be supplanted by  OD cou de tate Vatican City State by an Opus Dei popabile .  to Voris’ tatstes, Cardinal Burke. Voris is silent, in damnable sin of omission about Cardinal Burke as a Rome  NA  seminary sodomite partner of Cardinal Dinardo as students, Dinardo in return being a catamite of Donna the Girl Wuerl, Dinardo’s ordaining Bishop of Pittsburgh. Likewise Voris in the Vortex,  pounds Francis and Wuerl, while for the most part ignoring with seldom criticisms Cardinal Burke’s former  NA seminary sodomy partner Cardinal Dinardo. Burke consecrated Dinardo with Wuerl, bishop of Sioux City along with sadomasochistic indicted pederast Bishop Lawrence Soens of Sioux City.  This is the reason for Voris’ kid glove treatment by omission of Cardinal Dinardo.

Moreover, Dinardo serves Opus Dei  papal coup de tat Vatican City State propaganda barrage orchestrated by Voris to force Francis to resign by confronting hypocritically Francis as pope in a three mandates for reform letter to Francis (like Vigano) and meeting in Rome over “Uncle Ted”  Cardinal  McCarrick, while throwing his “Twirl with Wuerl” consecrating bishop Donna the Girl Wuerl under the bus (exalted in “resignation” by Francis in a published letter of acceptance) as a reformer  President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops demanding episcopal accountability for fueling child and seminarian criminal sexual assault by cover up enabling. Dinardo, (and Voris has completely ignored this about Dinardo for all said reasons) more than Wuerl, and only slightly less than Francis, is personally culpable as bishop of  malicious cover up enabling of child criminal sexual assault in the cases of  Fr. McFadden,   Rev. Jerome Coyle, and Bishop Lawrence Soens, as Bishop of Sioux City.  As Archbishop of Galveston/Houston, Fr. Manuel Lopez de la Rosa, and by NBC’s Niki Baptista’s expose of Dinardo presently denying two pastors of the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston, Frs. Brinkman and Keller are “credibly accused,” one (Fr. Brinkman) is the pastor of the largest parish in the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston.

What Michael Voris says in this and many other Vortex is half truths of Francis and Wuerl, and is said for an evil purpose; the media OD propaganda war supplanting by forced “resignation” of Francis the apostate to be supplanted  by  Vorris’ taste Cardinal Burke, a popable OD papal puppet and Church Militant, St. Michael Media Svengali . OD church, a masonic esque satanic wanna be, like  Francis  apostate church, Francis the Propaganda Due homo masonic Vatican cabal Grand Master Lucio Gelli Argentine protege, is likewise a heretical tumor in the body of  The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  OD church, like Francis apostate church, is not and never will be The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of the ages.

Burke, proclaiming the truth, it is impossible for a heretic to be the Vicar of Christ at the same time qualifies his statement saying he has never said any of Francis’ magisterial teachings and apostolic exhortations  are heretical, they are instead only “Francis’ personal opinions”  not magisterial. Hopefully, someone, anyone will say The Truth for the Right Reason, the salvation of souls from the fires of Hell for apostasy. Voris is incapable of this. The Truth is  Francis cannot resign as Pope. As apostate, Francis is not pope and therefore cannot resign as pope.  Voris’ OD propaganda media barrage on Francis, underscoring Dinardo’s hypocrisy  in confronting Francis for all the right reasons, for OD popable Cardinal Burke to capture Francis church for OD church is worse than nothing, the mortal sin of omission of The Truth, in speaking half truths to deceive Faithful Catholics in a shell game to switch Francis apostate church for OD church. Both are satanic tumors serving the Father of Lies to dam souls to Hell.

The Truth is Francis the apostate is not the pope.  The Truth is all that need be said, shouted from the ruff tops by anyone, someone. But sadly, at this point, no one, priests, religious, cardinals, bishops, lay people is publicly saying all that is needed, Fr. Grunner would have said it at the start of Francis’ papacy. The murderous Vatican Illuminati who murdered JPI over feared Vatican Bank “reform”knew this for certain. They only needed to murder Fr. Grunner, the most feared priest on the planet by the Vatican Illuminati because Fr. Grunner alone, would be the only one, as five years of silence by all on “Pope Francis”  the apostate satanic reign shows,  is tell The Truth,  Francis as apostate is not Pope.  All that is needed for satanic evil in the Church to succeed, be it Francis’ apostasy, or Voris/Burke OD ecclesiastical tumor, is for faithful Catholics to say nothing, that is, Francis as apostate is not pope. Like the emperor’s new clothes, all that is needed is to say Francis is Apostate.


It is beyond clear at this point that as long as Pope Francis occupies the throne of St. Peter with his attendant homosexual cabal, absolutely nothing, not one thing, is going to change with the homosexual clerical sex abuse problem.

The reason for that is beyond obvious. Put bluntly, there is no way in Hell — phrase used on purpose — no way in Hell that a group of homosexual men in control of the Vatican and with the closest ties to the Pope are ever going to come out and condemn homosexuality and nail it as the cause of the homosexual predation scandal.

These men — and all they have worked for, for decades — are the problem. They don’t even think homosexuality per se is a problem. And much less do they either want to or think that it is the underlying issue in the Church these days.

All of this has been brought home now in Pope Francis’ recent letter criticizing the U.S. bishops over their handling of the mess here in the United States — talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Pope Francis has done just about everything possible to advance the cause of sodomy except come out and change the Catechism like he did with the death penalty — a change that is not binding on the conscience of the faithful, to be clear.

Despite his various public comments about homosexual marriage being from the devil and so forth — all good comments — he promotes and protects and advances and rewards men in his own ranks who quite apparently disagree with that.

While he says same-sex-attracted men should not be allowed into seminaries and ordained, he advances them, lets them off the hook when they get caught destroying adolescent boys and attacks those who want to see such wicked men defrocked as somehow “rigid” and too focused on doctrine, blah blah.

Even his recent letter doesn’t really talk about the abuse in terms of sexual abuse, he casts it as abuse of power and abuse of conscience. Only after he lays out those two does he get around to admitting there’s some sexual abuse in all that as well. But you know, it’s really about abuse of power and conscience.

And nowhere, absolutely not one single mention anywhere in the document does he bring up the connection between homosexual clergy and homosexual abuse.

Forget about speaking in terms of cause and effect — that would be a lightning bolt. But to not even acknowledge a relationship — any relationship at all, whatsoever — to completely ignore it, as though the two have absolutely nothing to do with each other is a supreme jettisoning of trust.

This letter is actually worse than had he said nothing. This is why Pope Francis has to resign, which of course he won’t do — not over this issue anyway, or for this reason.

As you read the letter and listen to the language, it more and more begins to sound like it was written by a combination of James Martin, Thomas Rosica, Blase Cupich and Donald Wuerl — all homosexualists through and through.

These men have no love for the Church. They have each in their own way been trying to destroy the Church for many years. They are enemies of the Christ — Judases across the board. They don’t accept the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, as well as many other areas, and have worked their well-manicured nails to the bone to undermine divine revelation.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the cause of homosexuality, which is to say sodomy and pederasty, will continue unabated and unchecked as long as these men and many others like them are around and Pope Francis counts them among his friends and confidantes.

U.S. Justice Department and multiple states’ attorneys general may not be as forgiving as Francis, but hey, what’s the temporal destruction of the Church as long as ordained can still have sex with each other, right, Fr. Martin?

The point here in the United States is simple: Not a single bishop can any longer pretend the entire picture isn’t blindingly clear. Each and every bishop now has a moral duty to stand up in his diocese and declare the full truth of the matter regarding this monstrous evil, to actively preach the truth, the findings, the destruction that the Faith has undergone in the past 50 years at the hands of these sodomite clerics.

It’s all being unmasked, and thank God for that, but this all demands a response. The Pope himself, signing a letter more than likely written by homosexual clerics, is not going lift a finger to protect souls or bodies in this matter.

He has taken the Cupich line that it’s not a gay thing — which it blindingly is — and it’s more about clericalism and power and yada yada. Ask the boys who were raped by homosexual men in collars if it was all more about conscience or sex. Ask the trainloads of seminarians if it was more about power than sex.

It was and is about advancing the culture of sexual depravity among homosexual men in the priesthood and the episcopate. That they use their power to achieve it is secondary. That they have shut down their consciences to embrace their filth is secondary.

They have given themselves over to their homosexual perversion and are using their power and betraying their consciences to do so. This is what the Pope should have said, but it might have proven a little awkward for him to do so given the fact that nearly every man around him would be whom he was speaking about.

So bishops, are you ready? You better be. A great whitewash is coming in Rome next month, orchestrated by the homomob in Rome to look like something is being done while, in effect, nothing will happen. Prancing around the halls will be Cupich and Wuerl and whatever other cooperators in the great evil they enlist.

Bishops do not get to sit silent through this calamity. Open your mouths and call out what everyone already knows. Shore up the flagging spirits of the few faithful Catholics you have left. Stand up in defense of the truth — remember Him: Truth? — and face down the demonic right in your own midst.

Do not give in to the temptation to remain silent so you can do some good in your diocese. That’s fool’s gold and an easy rationalization. If not now, when? And if not you, who? What further disaster are you keeping your powder dry for?

And by the way, good fathers in your parishes, the same applies to you. You will suffer, but you will win Heaven owing to your love for souls.

Say the truth, or face it when you die.

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