Cardinal Dinardo Pres. of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops- Just Change the Channel from Cover-up Enabling of Child Rape by Dinardo and Francis Torpedoed USCCB National Legislation with PR Ploy Plea for National Gun Control Legislation using the Attempted Rape, Murder of a Mother of Three Young Children, a Catholic Martyr to Purity, who told her Murderer “In the Name of God No!”

Cardinal Dinardo, like Francis’ latest statements homosexuals should not become Priests and Religious in the Catholic Church suffering as homosexual from a disqualifying psycho-sexual mental illness, attempted to ” just change the channel” from secular media expose of Dinardo and Francis in cover up enabling of clerical child sexual assault. Dinardo calling for national gun control legislation sought to “just change the channel”  from an enveloping feeding frenzy by secular media (NBC Nikki Baptista expose Frs. Brinkmen and Keller as “credibly accused” of child sexual assault allowed to continue in public ministry around child by Bishop Dinardo) on Cardinal Dinardo himself  as “questionable leadership” as President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops in formatting legislation to end clerical child sexual assault due to Dinardo’s criminal conflict of interest. Dinardo is personally and criminally culpable in cover up enabling of clerical sexual assault of children as Bishop of Sioux City and Galveston/Houston.  Dinardo sought to just change the channel by a disingenuous plea for national gun control legislation in the wake of Dinardo’s hypocritical, failed, torpedoed by Francis via Wuerl and Cupich, US Conference of Catholic Bishops legislation to control clerical child rapists fueled by the predominantly homosexual bishops cover up enabling.

For his own self centered PR ends,  Cardinal Dinardo, used the brutal attempted sex assault murder of a mother of three who told her murderer  “In the name of God, No!” to extol himself as President of the US Conference of Bishops in a ploy to deflect continued bad press over Dinardo’s child sexual assault cover up enabling. Dinardo has always and only absorbed himself in his self promotion as a “Prince of the Church”  Cardinal Archbishop with iron aspirations to become Pope. Dinardo sought to use the  Cardinal “Uncle Ted” McCarrick” scandal, attempting to replace Francis by passive aggressively militating for Francis’ “resignation” by USCCB legislation directed at Pope Francis over McCarrick. The legislation was torpedoed therefore by Francis’ US Cardinal Bishop agents Wuerl and Cupich in a de facto coup d’etate removing Dinardo de facto as President of the USCCB.  Francis (a Jesuit) followed up via America Magazine (Jesuit publication highly supportive of Francis) in an article questioning Dinardo’s credibility to lead further the USCCB due to Dinardo’s manifest criminal culpability in cover up enabling in the Fr. Manuel de la Rosa Lopez investigation by the Montgomery County DA and Texas Rangers.

Cardinal Dinardo as a PC pragmatist in his PR ploy pleading for national gun control legislation, as with child victims of clerical sexual assault of Fr. Manual de la Rosa  Lopez,  completely eclipses  the victim and the perpetrator’s actions to use the attempted sexual assault murder of a mother of three children, as a secular media PR  bonanza to highlight himself to the secular press as an ally for national gun control in a desperate attempt to just change the channel from feeding frenzy by secular media as “questionable leadership” of the USCCB.  Dinardo and Francis in narcissistic self defense of their delusional self projections of an idealized self image, are without true compassion,  oblivious to victims, (as are all the bishops of the US Conference with very few exceptions) seeing themselves first, foremost, and only as the real victims of media lies and persecution,  in civil suits, and now police raids as opposed to cover up enabling the victims’ perpetrators of shattering sex crimes.  Dinardo must resign, or more properly be removed from all office in the Church for his many crimes.  Francis cannot resign as Pope, because as Apostate, Francis was never and is not Pope.

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Top US cardinal pushes gun control, ignores murder victim’s possible martyrdom

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November 26, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In a letter reeking of liberal political opportunism while displaying barely a whiff of pastoral vision or care, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) head Cardinal Daniel DiNardo ignored the most crucial points about the murder of Jamie Schmidt last week at Catholic Supply store in Missouri.

While offering his condolences to Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis over the murder of a member of his diocese, DiNardo talked only about the need to curb gun violence, saying nothing about the circumstances of Mrs. Schmidt’s killing, and ignoring the heroic nature of her death which some have hailed as martyrdom to preserve sexual purity.

“This senseless attack is a painful reminder of how gun violence can tragically alter the lives of those so precious to us,” wrote Cardinal DiNardo. “The Bishops have continually expressed support for reducing gun violence as it reflects the church’s moral teaching on respect for human life at all stages. It is essential for us to be engaged in efforts that help build a culture of life.”

But as a lesson regarding building “a culture of life,” DiNardo failed to acknowledge that a culture of life is precisely what Jaime Schmidt laid down her life to protect and defend.

“The recent tragedy at Mercy Hospital in Chicago is further evidence of the devaluation of human life in our culture,” added the USCCB head.

Jamie Schmidt, killed because she resisted her attacker’s demands to commit a sexually immoral act, stands as a rebuke to “the devaluation of human life in our culture” of which Cardinal DiNardo speaks. She displayed for the entire world how much she valued the dignity of human life and the human person while at the same time illustrating how much contempt the forces of this world have for Church teaching on sexuality.

While the killer did indeed use a gun to threaten and commit murder, the underlying cause of the murder was sexual sin against three women, and the brilliant light beaming forth from the event is Jamie Schmidt’s heroic resistance.


Last week, writing for LifeSiteNews, Fr. Brian W. Harrison asked, Will this be the first American-born woman martyr?

He reported:

A stocky, middle-aged man walked in and noted that only three people were in the store — all women. Two were store workers, one fiftyish, the other in her twenties, and the third was a customer who had just come in. After exchanging a few words, the man said he was going back to his car to get a credit card and would be right back to make a purchase. But when he re-entered, it was not a card, but a revolver that he had in his hand. He immediately herded the three terrified women back into a secluded corner of the store, and insisted that they submit to acts of sexual abuse.

Two of the distraught women complied at gunpoint with this brute’s demands. But then he came to his third victim, the would-be customer, who according to friends had probably come to purchase some materials for her Rosary-making apostolate. This was Jamie Schmidt, 53, a quiet mother of three who worked as a secretarial assistant at the St. Louis Community College in the western suburb of Wildwood, and was active in her parish church, St. Anthony of Padua at High Ridge in neighboring Jefferson County. There was nothing obviously extraordinary about this lady. But now she did something very extraordinary indeed. Having just been forced to witness in horror the sexual assault of the two women beside her, Mrs. Schmidt was ordered to submit to similar abuse.

But Mrs. Schmidt — shocked, defenseless, and with the barrel of a loaded gun pointed at her head — Just Said No.

With death staring her in the face, Jamie quietly refused to allow her purity, her personal dignity, and her marriage covenant to be outraged. She looked him straight in the eye and said, “In the name of God, I will not take my clothes off.” Enraged by this unexpected point-blank rejection of his demand, her assailant responded with a point-blank shot that felled her on the spot. The survivor who gave this testimony added that as Jamie lay there gravely wounded, she could be heard whispering the words of the Our Father. As soon as the man fled the store, a 911 call quickly brought an ambulance, and Jamie was sped to the nearest hospital. But she was pronounced dead later that evening; and again, according to one of her friends I spoke with at her funeral yesterday, the words of the Our Father were on the lips of this valiant woman at her dying breath.

Fr. Harrison continued:

This tale of indomitable resistance to demonic evil calls for deep reflection. Jamie Schmidt’s act of supreme courage and nobility, called forth immediately in a moment of sudden crisis, clearly did not come from nowhere. The action of grace had been evidently working quietly but deeply in the soul of this lady who had outward lived devoutly but unobtrusively, like any number of other good Catholics.

This is the deep reflection overlooked by Cardinal DiNardo in his letter.


Cardinal Dinardo tied to PA Grand Jury Child Sex Abuse by Victims demanding Transparency

Pittsburgh local TV station through two victims tie Cardinal Dinardo to lack of transparency via “redactions” in which 11 credibly accused priest perpetrators implicated in PA AG Grand Jury findings were not made public.  These eleven names  not made public via redaction have been upheld to remain so by The PA Supreme Court against the objections of priest sexual assault child victims and Josh Shapiro, the PA AG leading “the continuing investigation” into clerical child abuse cover up enabling by bishops and The Vatican. The PA Supreme Court has a history of being manipulated by the Zappala Mafia crime family  of Pittsburgh. Most notably Steven Zappala Sr. Chief Justice of the PA Supreme Court, and currently Steven Zappala Jr. DA Allegheny County, PA.  The Zappala family in the infamous “Kids for Cash”  false imprisonment of children scandal, placed Ted Cruz under legal defense retainer, who brought a preemptive suit scapegoating a prison building contractor to shield the Zappala owners from civil suit from parents whose children had been falsely jailed by two judges for non legal offenses receiving kickbacks for every false conviction and jailing in the Zapalla owned prison. CIA Dave Dewhurst surfaced this fact in his Senate campaign against “Lyin Ted” Cruz. The Zapalla family has a substantial stake in the payday and car title loan legalized loan sharking in Houston, Dallas, and through out Texas, as well as Sysco and Waste Management and the Texans.  Cardinal Dinardo from his salad days as a priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, like Cardinal Wuerl, is a clerical criminal associate of the “Catholic ” Zappala” Mafia Family as he currently is with the “Catholic” Tilman Fertitta syndicate, a legacy of  Sam Maceo (The Velvet Glove)/Victor Fertitta  Free State Galveston which since the thirties co-opted the bishopric of the Diocese of Galveston Houston to protect against pulpit condemnation of white slavery, boot legging, gambling, and drugs by the churches in the Free State.

This report is significant because it links Dinardo, an ordained priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, who as a young, handsome, episcopal aspiring cleric took many twirls with his homosexual mentor, Donna the girl Wuerl when Donna was bishop during the time he is implicated 169 times in clerical child abuse cover up enabling.  Dinardo was a close associate and favorite of Wuerl, with Vatican ties.

This raises the question- is Cardinal Dinardo one of the names that was not made public through the machinations of Wuerl in co-hoots with Steven Zappala and the PA Supreme Court. Are the victims raising Cardinal Dinardo’s name because Dinardo is a credible accused perpetrator.  I have been weary of this other shoe to drop on Dinardo. Cardinal Dinardo Resign!

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A day after a state Supreme Court ruling that the names of 11 accused Roman Catholic clergy should not be made public, a group is calling on Cardinal Daniel DiNardo to be more transparent.

The state grand jury report, released earlier this year, names more than 300 priests statewide accused of abusing children. But 11 names have been redacted.

The state Supreme Court said in the ruling on Monday that revealing those names would violate the state constitutional right of the 11 clergy to have their reputation protected.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro was angered by the court’s decision.

“It really just allows predator priests to remain in the shadows, and it permits the church to continue to conceal their identities,” said Shapiro. “I think I’m going to continue to stand with survivors to ensure that every single victim get their day in court, and every single predator priest and church official who enabled that abuse is ultimately held to account.”

Shapiro says that although he cannot release the names, the state’s bishops should.

And, now, representatives with another group, Road to Recovery, Inc., is calling on Cardinal Daniel DiNardo “to reveal what he knows about allegations of sexual abuse of children, teenagers and vulnerable adults by clergy.”

Cardinal DiNardo is the current Archbishop of Galveston-Houston, but previously served many roles in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Members of Road to Recovery Inc., clergy sexual abuse survivors Dr. Robert Hoatson and James Faluszczak, held a news conference Tuesday outside the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese headquarters Downtown.

“We are here today to call on Cardinal Daniel DiNardo to come clean 100 percent,” said Hoatson. “When he knelt down in 2007 before Pope Benedict, and was named a cardinal of the Catholic Church, he made a promise to Pope Benedict, as all cardinals do, he pledged to Pope Benedict that he would keep secret anything that would cause scandal or embarrassment to his church. We are here today to ask Cardinal DiNardo to break that pledge, and to ask Pope Francis not to enforce that pledge on any of his bishops or priests.”

As investigation hits home diocese, can Cardinal DiNardo continue to lead on the abuse crisis?Clearly not! Cardinal Dinardo Resign Now!


As investigation hits home diocese, can Cardinal DiNardo continue to lead on the abuse crisis?

Cardinal DanielDiNardo of Galveston-Houston, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, listens to a question on Nov. 12 during the fall general assembly of the USCCB in Baltimore. (CNS photo/Bob Roller) Cardinal DanielDiNardo of Galveston-Houston, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, listens to a question on Nov. 12 during the fall general assembly of the USCCB in Baltimore. (CNS photo/Bob Roller) 

Investigators for the district attorney of Montgomery County in Texas executed a search warrant seeking records pertaining to the handling of instances of alleged clerical abuse at the offices of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston on Nov. 28. The spectacle of dozens of Texas Rangers and other local law enforcement swarming the Houston chancery offered the latest unprecedented moment as the church in the United States grapples with the ongoing crisis of the clerical abuse of children and vulnerable adults. The archdiocese is headed by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the person leading the U.S. bishops’ response to the crisis.

In a statement released on Nov. 28 representatives for the archdiocese said it had no comment on the investigation at this time.


The D.A.’s investigation raises questions about how Cardinal DiNardo and his staff dealt with complaints against Father Manuel La Rosa-Lopez, accused by two people of assault two decades ago when they were teenagers. Both victims told The Associated Press that they met with Cardinal DiNardo but felt he did not take their complaints about Father La Rosa-Lopez seriously.

The leader of the Houston chapter of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests has already called for Cardinal DiNardo to step down to accept responsibility for alleged failures in Galveston-Houston and during a previous position as bishop of the Diocese of Sioux City. Presuming the bad press in Texas will continue, can Cardinal DiNardo continue to credibly lead the U.S. bishops as the conference seeks a way out of the abuse crisis?

“The answer is we don’t know,” said Tom Reese, S.J., a columnist for Religion News Service, a former editor in chief at America and a long-time observer of the U.S. church. “We have to wait until the prosecutor comes forward and says what he found and says what the situation is there.

Presuming the bad press in Texas will continue, can Cardinal DiNardo continue to credibly lead the U.S. bishops as the conference seeks a way out of the abuse crisis?

“Until we know the facts, I don’t think we can pass any judgment on him,” Father Reese said. “If he has been found to have not followed the Dallas charter, I’d say he’s in trouble. But if he has done the right thing, this is an investigation that is not going to go anywhere.”

Cardinal DiNardo’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

Disheartening revelations of cover-up and nearly incomprehensible indifference contained in a Pennsylvania grand jury report released in August have provoked a new round of institutional soul-searching over episcopal accountability and a new willingness among state actors to intervene in U.S. Catholic Church affairs.

The reaction to the Pennsylvania report, sparking widespread disgust and outrage anew among U.S. Catholics, seems to have altered the political calculus among prosecutors who in the past did not always aggressively pursue child abuse allegations even when they were reported to them, allowing church officials, catastrophically, to police their own priests. Now prosecutors around the nation have been “jumping on the bandwagon and looking at the dioceses,” Father Reese said.

Little noticed, he argues, is that while the grand jury report included plenty of bad news—300 priests accused of abusing thousands of victims over decades—it also included some good news for the nation’s discouraged Catholic community. Every one of the accused priests were either deceased or had been removed from ministry, Father Reese pointed out. “And only two had been accused of abusing a child in the last 20 years.

“If the Pennsylvania school system had that kind of record, I think they would dance for joy,” he said. “The problem with the Pennsylvania grand jury report is that no one looked at the dates but everyone reacted to the headlines.”

“Frankly, most of the bad bishops are gone,” he said. “They’ve reached retirement age or died…. There are very few of the bishops around anymore who operated under the old rules and screwed up.”

Father Reese finds it hard to imagine that there are many bishops 16 years after Dallas, where U.S. Catholic bishops met to hammer out a response to the then burgeoning abuse crisis, who are not following the essential norms on child protection and reporting promulgated there—especially as headlines and episcopal removals dog charter laggards.

“Frankly, most of the bad bishops are gone,” he said. “They’ve reached retirement age or died…. There are very few of the bishops around anymore who operated under the old rules and screwed up.”

He does add one caveat: “I’ve been fooled more than once; I’ve been told everything is fine when it wasn’t. We have to be constantly vigilant.”

According to Father Reese, “the real problem right now is the bishops have zero credibility. A husband who cheats on his wife is not going to get away with one apology: ‘Everything is going to be fine; we can move on.’ No.”

Father Reese argues that there is only one way U.S. bishops can restore their personal credibility and the church’s reputation. “Total disclosure,” he said.

“List every accused priest, the when and where; what did they know; what was the allegation; how did they respond.” And make sure that the public understands that their diocesan lists of credibly accused priests represents “draft 1.0,” that they will be updated as new accusations and reports are forthcoming, that, indeed they request additional victims to come forward so their no-longer secret archives will be as complete as possible.

That level of transparency has been resisted by many bishops who still worry about liability and deeper scandal. Father Reese suggests those concerns are by this time seriously misplaced as additional scandal and continued liability cannot be put off. “They thought that once they put [Dallas Charter] policies and procedures in place and removed bad priests, we could forget about it and move on. That is just not going to happen.”

And what is true for the dioceses is also true for the nation’s religious orders, Father Reese hastens to add. “Frankly, it’s taken the Jesuits this long to figure that out, too,” he said. In recent weeks Jesuit provinces around the country have begun releasing previously undisclosed documentation on priests abusers, a process that is expected to continue.

“The real problem right now is the bishops have zero credibility. A husband who cheats on his wife is not going to get away with one apology: ‘Everything is going to be fine; we can move on.’ No.”

In a letter on Nov. 12 to the members of the Conference of the Major Superiors of Men, the Rev. Mark Padrez, O.P., conference president, and its executive director, the Rev. John Pavlik, O.F.M. Cap., reiterated a recent recommendation that leaders of religious institutes, communities and monasteries review past policies and reconsider the disclosure of the lists of credibly accused members. Fathers Padrez and Pavlik had been attending the contentious U.S. bishops meeting in Baltimore last month where they “listened with our ears and our hearts and now write to you regarding an important issue for unity.”

“As you know, in late October we invited C.M.S.M. members to once again consider releasing the names of men with established allegations,” they wrote. “In conversation with bishops this week, we understand a recommendation will be made for dioceses to release names. To date, more than 80 dioceses have done so. There will also be strong pressure on religious institutes to do the same.

“For unity in the church and for the sake of victim-survivors, we encourage you to communicate directly with bishops in areas where your men serve and to collaborate and cooperate with the bishops on this important issue,” they said.

Father Pavlik explained on Nov. 30 that leaders of men’s religious communities face different challenges in dealing with offenders and credibly accused among their vowed communities than diocesan leaders. In the past, those challenges have discouraged full transparency about past allegations of abuse, he said.

But now he believes, “the pendulum has swung” and that leaders of religious orders should reevaluate their positions in light of the increasing pressure to disclose and the growing consensus on the therapeutic value of such disclosures.

“In my heart of hearts, I would say, ‘For goodness sake release the names and deal with the consequences.’ And the consequences will be real,” Father Pavlik said. “People are really angry, and they should be, and if we don’t run with this moment correctly now, we could be making the future [of the church] impossible.”

Authorities: Cardinal DiNardo’s computers were seized… Child Pornography?

Credit to Nicole Henseley  investigative reporter at The Houston Chronicle for this complied report shown below. It is certainly relevant to the scope of Brett Ligons criminal conspiracy investigation that the computer of  “Lyin Joe” Bishop Fiorenza, was seized along with the of his successor Cardinal Daniel Dinardo. Fiorenza, a homosexual liek Dinardo,  is a  former President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops  like Cardinal Dinardo presently. Lyin Joe was appointed in 1979  as Bishop by the newly  elected JPII to Galveston/Houston, who in the same year appointed Joseph Bernadin  as Archbishop of Chicago and Roger Mahoney to Los Angeles. All three bishops were militant homosexual agenda promoters nationally in the Church, two as Cardinals, promoting said agenda through the US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Lyin Joe Fiorenza as Bishop of Galveston/Houston in the early nineties is initially solely responsible for “Gay South American Pipe Line seminarian” Fr. “Manny” de la Rosa Lopez recruited to study at St. Mary’s . When sexually assault charges of a minor were leveled while in seminary in 1991 against  de la rosa Lopez  Fiorenza  after counselling admitted Lopez  whitewashed back into St. Mary’s Seminary and eventually  ordained  Lopez to the priesthood as Bishop.  Fiorenza as Archbishop two years after the 2002 Essential Norms  so called “Zero Tolerance” policy in 2004 when Fr. Manuel was sexually assault minors at Sacred Heart, Conroe, Texas in the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston under Fiorenza,  released the number of “26” priests and four deacons “publicly” as “credibly accused” over several decades, but did not make public the names, or state if the names were reported to local police authorities as required by the 2002 Essential Norms “zero tolerance” policy mandated explicitly.  The 2002 Zero Tolerance Policy was orchestrated at the time as a P/R ploy to save culpable Bishops from a Boston Globe media feeding frenzy, who fueled child sexual assault  by clerics in the Church by un cover up cover up enabling engineered by  Cardinal Roger Mahoney and Cardinal “Uncle Ted” McCarrick both like Fiorenza and Dinardo homosexuals. Like  Uncle Ted McCarrick open secret of sexually assaulting seminarians at his beach house, Bernadine was credibly accused by one of his Chicago seminarians of sexual assault-who died of AIDS before Bernadine could be completely litigated in the case (The Rite of Sodomy- Randy Engel).  The LA Diocese under Cardinal Mahoney paid out almost 700 million dollars to clerical child abuse victims.

Oliver Francis O’Grady (born June 5, 1945) is an Irish laicized Catholic priest who raped, molested and abused at least 25 children in California from 1973 onwards. His abuse and Cardinal Roger Mahony‘s attempts to hide the crimes are the subject of Amy J. Berg‘s documentary film Deliver Us from Evil in 2006.

Mahoney was under Benedict and through the auspices of Cardinal Dinardo removed from public ministry for his part in LA in clerical child abuse uncover up cover up although like McCarrick recently rehabilitated inspite of Benedict’s sanctions by Francis. Mahoney appeared and participated at the Baltimore USCCB meeting subverted by Francis through Archbishop Cardinals Cupich of Chicago and Donna the girl Wuerl, Apostolic Administrator, D.C.


The fact lyin Joe in wake of the 2002 Zero Tolerance guilty bishops’ PR ploy (Although the 2002 Essential Norms” never implemented would have de facto ended by eradication  if implemented clerical child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, “zero tolerance” was never implemented obviously by any of the bishops) allowed Fr. Manuel to be associate pastor at Sacred Heart, Conroe knowing intimately his history at the time lyin Joe in a PR ploy announced the incredible number “26” credible accused priests, cast serious  aspersions on Joe Firoenza’s  list of credibly accused “26” priests, four deacons. In other words, lyin Joe was lyin.  This same  incredible list of 26 would have simply have to be updated by Dinardo since 2007 when Dinardo became Arch Bishop to be presented in the magical month of January, but nonetheless would not be factually credible from Dinardo’s mouth as it was not from lyin Joe’s. roundly mocked Fiorenza’s 26 number as deceptive under reporting far below national averages – 2018 PA AG Grand Jury Report- 300 hundred priests alone- for example. Moreover, Fiorenza did not make the “credibly accused” Priest names public to alert the public and parish parishioners, nor inform local law enforcement authorities in violation of the 2002 Zero Tolerance policy.  As a consequence, Fr. Manuel, Frs. Brinkman, and Keller, and many other “credible accused priests” without the knowledge of parishioners and Catholic children are kept in active parish ministry around Catholic children by Fiorenza and then his successor Dinardo.  Manuel,  Several other cases are documented in

  1. The Buried Abuse of the GalvestonHouston Archdiocese By …

    Jan 24, 2017 · The Buried Abuse of the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese By Craig Malisow/Editorial Comments by Fr. Christopher O.P.

Frs. Manuel, Brinkman, and Keller cases are clear violations of the 2002 Essential Norms Zero Tolerance Document  which mandates “credible accused” perpetrators of sexual  battery against children are to be suspended from public ministry and reported to police authorities. Zero Tolerance is One strike and your out. If only one credible crime of clerical child abuse is substantiated by evidence, the cleric is to be permanently banned from priestly ministry or ny other ministry  in the Church, and defrocked. Clearly Fiorenza and Dinardo in Fr. Manuel’s case because of their homoerotic relationship with Manuel and others subverted the 2002 Zero Tolerance Policy.  As such, Lyin Joe and USCCB Pres. Cardinal Dinardo  should as Accomplices after The Fact in Manuel’s case be indicted by DA Brett  Ligon’s State Grand Jury.

Authorities: Cardinal DiNardo’s computers were seized in search

Preliminary log of what was seized during the search at the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston included at least three of Cardinal Daniel DiNardo’s computers but was mistakenly made public Friday, according to Montgomery County officials.

The document shows investigators on Wednesday took multiple files on accused priest Manuel La Rosa-Lopez and several other clergy members, including Alberto Maullon, who is a judge on the Diocese Tribunal, and who pleaded guilty to indecent exposure charges related to an adult bookstore sting in 2010. Documents on Terence Brinkman, who was sued in 2010 for allegedly molesting a boy in the 1970s and still serves as a pastor at St. John the Evangelist in Baytown, were also seized by investigators.

Authorities who executed a sweeping search warrant for one of the largest dioceses in the nation also sought records related to La Rosa-Lopez’s counseling at the Shalom Center in Splendora, the target of a prior search warrant. Investigators were also looking for a diary that he was required to keep while working as a priest at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe and St. John Fisher Church in Richmond, both of which were searched.

It was not clear from the document if investigators located the diary inside the archdiocese.

Efforts to reach the archdiocese Friday evening were unsuccessful, but Archdiocese spokesman Jonah Dycus in a statement on Wednesday acknowledged the search warrant and the ongoing investigation.

“The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston continues to cooperate, as we have since the outset, with this process,” according to the statement. “In fact, consistent with Cardinal DiNardo’s pledge of full cooperation, the information being sought was already being compiled.”

Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Tyler Dunman on Friday verified the handwritten document but, even though he said it’s now in the public record, he cautioned that it is not the final inventory of what was taken from the church headquarters on San Jacinto Street.

Retrieved from ‘vault’

The record included the location of where evidence was found and which investigator seized it, which Dunman said would have never been included in the formal version. An official log of evidence in search warrants can take days, if not weeks to compile.

Some of the computers of DiNardo, who is president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, were taken from the third floor out of what was described as a “vault.” A computer used by DiNardo’s predecessor, former Bishop Joseph Fiorenza, was also taken from the downtown Houston office of the archdiocese.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said Wednesday that members of Texas Rangers joined their search and they would take control of evidence of additional victims and accused priests believed to be outside his jurisdiction. At least two boxes labeled in the inventory as “sexual allegation files” were seized in the search, the document states.

Depth of scandal

Fiorenza led the then-diocese in 2002 as the Boston Globe reported on the depth of the priest sex abuse scandal. Two years later, he revealed the diocese had found 22 priests and four deacons to be credibly accused of child sex abuse dating back several decades while participating in the John Jay Report, a survey commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The tally only accounted for allegations deemed credible after internal investigations.

The Chronicle found nearly 20 clergy members publicly accused of child abuse in news accounts and court records, suggesting that additional cases of credible accusations were never made public. La Rosa-Lopez has been charged with four counts of indecency with a child for incidents that began in 1998 and spanned three years.

Massarah Mikati contributed to this report.

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Cardinal Dinardo, Francis Prosecutorial Worst Nightmar, DA Brett Ligon Practicing Catholic Married at Fr. Manuel’s Crime Scene Sacred Heart, Conroe, Texas

This is ironic, though not coincidence, but rather the Providence of Divine Justice. Montgomery County DA Brett Ligon who is pulling no punches  perhaps to the point of exonerating de la Rosa Lopez and Dinardo for violating their IVth, Vth, and VIth Amendment Rights by illegal search and seizure of “papers”) in a far reaching investigation of Fr. Manual de la Rosa Lopez’s crimes against children at Sacred Heart in Conroe, Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston, encompasses Cardinal Dinardo and potentially The Vatican in Rome, was married at Sacred Heart in Conroe, my former parish and the parish where Manuel perpetrated his sex crimes against two victims. Manuel through his counsel at arrest claims he is not guilty and that neither count occurred. The Archdiocese, on the other hand, Cardinal Dinardo in a letter from Rome in wake of Manuel’s arrest states clearly a credible accusation of assault on “Ann” at Sacred Heart by Manuel was recorded and responded to officially by the Archdiocese at the time it happened.
Likewise how providential that I was assigned as Associate Pastor to Sacred Heart after Fr. Manuel’s abrupt departure, thrown out of the rectory by Pastor David Kennedy (R.I.P.) when Fr. David learned Manuel had kissed and fondled a minor girl from the girl’s father.  I came to met the parents and brothers of the girl “Ann” though parish members and learned first hand  of the whole story, although I did not meet “Ann”. Fr. Manuel told parishioners Fr. Kennedy through him out because Kennedy was a anglo racist who despised Hispanics coming into the parish.  Fr. Kennedy told me only Fr. Manuel was the worst associate he had ever had.
It is not clinically proven probable Manuel had only two victims who only  have come forward to Cardinal Dinardo to report Fr. Manuel’s sexual assaults. Indeed, the Houston Chronicle recently reported a third. In all, six alleged victims have come forward with claims against La Rosa-Lopez, but the charging document only lists one male and one female victim. The search warrant names the third victim  who has come forward from another assignment of Fr. Manuel.
I was informed  at Sacred Heart by Parish Staff members, notably the parish book keeper, and an on staff MSW who had observed Fr. Manuel that Manuel frequently took children both girls and boys from the parish school of campus in his car without the knowledge of their parents.  Since Cardinal Dinardo clearly covered up and enabled Fr. Manuel in these three warranted counts, and lied in his letter from Rome concerning Manuel’s assault on Ann issued while meeting with Francis hypocritically about making bishops accountable for cover up enabling of child and Seminarian sexual assault, and then again in a recent Monday absurd, frankly delusional  Op-ed in the Houston Chronicle that Ann’s case was immediately reported to Texas Child Protection Agency by the Archdiocese. The DA’s bold raid on Dinardo’s secret archives-the warrant does not mention the two victims- was warranted.  TCPA has no charter or jurisdiction encompassing child sexual assault by a priest- the 2002 Essential Norms so called “Zero Tolerance” policy – one and done ( sexual assault of minor removal from priestly ministry in the Church and permanent suspension of faculties demands local law enforcement be notified of credible accusations, not CPA. To the contrary, Fr. Manuel after being thrown out of the rectory at Scared Heart not to return for his belongings (Fr. Kennedy at staff meeting the next day told staff members is you see Fr. Manuel on parish premises call the police immediately) surfaced at the end of the week in the chancellery Marriage Tribunal though Manuel was not a cannon lawyer after Fr. Kennedy through him out.
Manuel is a scion of a very wealthy South American Family as evidenced by the 375,000 dollar bond placed over night on Manuel’s arrest by DA Montgomery County Brett Ligon’s orchestrated warrant based on criminal complaints leveled by the two victims. Manuel- a “gay South American pipe line  seminarian” at St.Mary’s when credible accusations of child molestation were first brought against him as well as Manuel’s own admissions to a victim via a semi naked pictures that Manuel “had fun” with seminarians of the Archdiocese at St. Mary’s. Manuel received psychological counseling and evaluation and was re admitted by Bishop Fiorenza in 1992 to St. Mary’s and subsequently ordained for the Galveston/Houston Archdiocese. Manuel was Fiorenza’s and then Dinardo’s number one sycophant, and would lavish dinners and paid vacations on Dinardo’s auxiliary bishop Joseph Vasquez with whom Manuel maintained a sodomite relationship.
I allege Fr. Manuel as Vicar of Hispanics had facility access and anally sodomized several  Iraqi refugee boys from eight to eleven at St. Michael’s Home in Houston in 2011. Federal investigators claimed in an attempt to cover up multiple anal gang rapes of an eight year old Iraqi refugee boy by other 11 year old boys at St. Michael in order to secure continued hundreds of millions of dollars of federal tax dollars paid to the Archdiocese via Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services International for “refugee” and “immigrant” support, the staff at St. Michael’s under the auspices of the CEO of Catholic Charities- Cardinal Dinardo- were ordered not to give medical treatment to an eight year old on several occasions where the child had been gang anal raped by two other 11 year old children. Former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia publicly enjoined federal investigators only to allow the investigation to die in exchange for a literal blessing from Cardinal Dinardo for his re-election as Harris County Sheriff.
 If DA Brett Ligon is serious about following the evidence trail where ever it leads in regard  to Fr. Manuel  and Cardinal Dinardo even if it leads to Rome, (and the raids on Dinardo’s Chancellery, Shalom House, Sacred Heart, and St. John Fisher indicate he is) to assure victims there is no cover up,  then obtain a search warrant for the “secret archives” of Catholic Charities St. Michael Home, Houston. This Iraqi child victim being a non national without family has no one to protect him from abuse from an opportunistic perpetrator like Manuel. Records will certainly record the assaults and may record Manuel’s presence at the facility. This will unveil Cardinal Dinardo’s tax payer funded “migrant” child and “refugee” (Islamic) trafficking relationship with the Obama Administration as well as the Vatican via Catholic Relief Services International laying the foundation for Cardinal Dinardo’s involvement through the Vatican Bank in money laundering and trafficking through CC and CRS Fr. Maciel Degolado’s/Carlos Slim Helu Sinaloa Federation Cartel child sex slave trafficking revenue to cantinas along the I-10 and I-69/59 as a Cardinal overseer of the Vatican Bank and geo-logistically as Archbishop of Galveston Houston the world’s greatest hub of child sex slave trafficking.
 Brett Ligon’s cowboy tactics may lead to Fr. Manuel and Cardinal Dinardo being exonerated because of the violation of their IVth and Vth Amenedment Rights
HOUSTON ( – Police have raided the chancery of the Galveston-Houston archdiocese for evidence about a priest charged with sexually abusing minors. This is ironic, but not coincidence, rather the Providence of Divine Justice

Several law enforcement agencies showed up at the archdiocese’s offices in downtown Houston around 10 a.m. Wednesday morning to comb through the “secret archives” — the confidential documents that every diocese keeps about its personnel.

Authorities are looking for documents related to Fr. Manuel La Rosa-Lopez, a priest of the archdiocese who was arrested in September on charges of sexually abusing minors. Father La Rosa-Lopez was accused of sexually abusing two teenagers — one boy and one girl — between 1998 and 2001. La Rosa-Lopez was released from jail on bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for January.

The head of the Galveston-Houston archdiocese is Cdl. Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Cardinal DiNardo recently made headlines when a statement from the archdiocese claimed reports by CBS Newswere “inaccurate.” The reports addressed two priests in active ministry in the archdiocese who were accused of sex abuse. The archdiocese stated on Nov. 21 that the independent lay review board who heard the allegations recommended both priests should stay in ministry. The archdiocese also claims that officials gave responses to 30 questions posed by CBS, but the responses were left out of the coverage.

The district attorney’s office from nearby Montgomery County, the Conroe Police Department (Conroe is where the alleged abuse happened) and the Texas Rangers all took part in the raid. Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said at a press conference Wednesday that “federal agencies” were at the scene as well.

Speaking to reporters outside the archdiocese’s offices, the Republican district attorney said the Rangers and the federal agencies were there in case they uncovered evidence for crimes outside of Montgomery County.

“Our investigation is focused on ‘Fr. Manny,”’ Ligon said. “Anywhere it goes after that, we’d turn over to the Texas Rangers or we’d turn over to the appropriate federal agency.”

He later said the federal agencies present for the raid would remain “unnamed.”

Church Militant heard from a source in the archdiocese that the chancery was essentially put on full lockdown Wednesday, and no one could get in or out.

One reporter on the scene of the police search at the chancery estimated that nearly 50 law enforcement officials were present.

The Galveston-Houston archdiocese encompasses 10 counties in southeastern Texas. The city of Conroe in Montgomery County is where the alleged crimes took place, but the archdiocese’s offices are in downtown Houston in Harris County. Ligon explained, “Harris County happens to be where my investigation led me. If it led me to Rome, we’d be at the Vatican today.”

He would later repeat that if the investigation ever leads to the Vatican, he will go to Rome.

At one point, he mentioned a “secret vault.” He explained this was referring to the secret archives that every diocese keeps, in accord with canon law.

“The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office,” Ligon added, “has been very helpful, and kind of helping us structure some of what we’re looking for.”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro oversaw the Pennsylvania grand jury report, which came out this summer. The extensive report listed sexual abuse allegations against 301 Catholic priests and religious across six of Pennsylvania’s eight Catholic dioceses. The other two dioceses in the state were subject to similar investigations in years prior.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has been very helpful.Tweet

Ligon told reporters, “Whether it’s a search warrant at the Shalom Center, whether it’s a search warrant in Fort Bend County at the Catholic Church there or at my home church, Sacred Heart in Conroe, we’re going to wherever the investigation requires us to go.”

Sacred Heart Church in Conroe is where Fr. La Rosa-Lopez was assigned in the late 1990s and early 2000s when he allegedly abused two teens. It is also the parish where Ligon and his wife were married.

Ligon remarked on the timing of this raid, given the upcoming “holiday season.” He noted, “The patron saint of children is St. Nicholas. And I think that it’s just kind of apropos that in this holiday season, St. Nicholas is also known as Santa Claus. Well Santa Claus is here to tell you that the state of Texas will go to any length necessary to protect children.”

A reporter asked Ligon what he would want to say to victims of clerical sex abuse who are worried that there might be a cover-up. Ligon noted, “I have done four search warrants. Starting in Fort Bend County; the Shalom Center in Montgomery County; Sacred Heart; and now I’m here. If there’s something to be covered up, I’m sure I’ll find it.”
“People cooperate,” Ligon explained, because “there are so many lay Catholics out there that are ready for the Church to come clean. And I am a lay Catholic myself, but today I stand here as the district attorney of Montgomery County.”

He claimed, “This is not a shot at Catholic parishioners, and this is not a shot at the Catholic Church. This is an investigation into a Catholic priest who was employed by the Catholic Church, and this church happens to be holding those records.”

Ligon said at another point, “I am a Catholic myself. And so this is not a search warrant against the Catholic Church. What this is is a search warrant to review files that belong to a defendant.”

The district attorney explained that law enforcement is treating this search the same way they would treat searching through files at a bank or other business.

There are so many lay Catholics out there that are ready for the Church to come clean.Tweet

Tyler Dunman of the Montgomery County district attorney’s office wrote of Wednesday’s search, “We will take any document or piece of information related to Fr. Manuel La Rosa-Lopez or involving any other criminal activity.”

This is the fourth search warrant that authorities have executed in relation to the case against Fr. La Rosa-Lopez.

The Galveston-Houston archdiocese put out a statement Wednesday about the execution of the search warrant. The archdiocese claims that it should not be called a “raid,” arguing that “any use of the term ‘raid’ is an inaccurate and unprofessional reference to a request for records to a party that has been cooperating and will continue to cooperate fully.”

Ligon agreed with this sentiment, telling reporters Wednesday, “I think that the term ‘raid’ is inaccurate. This is a lawfully executed search warrant.”


The district attorney noted the archdiocese did not hand over boxes of documents to law enforcement on day one, and that prosecutors had to work with “a host of attorneys.” He commented, “Having to go through the attorneys, I understand it, as an attorney myself. It’s not the type of cooperation that I would hope for, but it’s the type of cooperation that I would expect with a sophisticated company.”

At another point during the press scrum, Ligon said some archdiocesan personnel are certainly being cooperative, but it is possible others are working behind the scenes to hide evidence. “For example,” he explained, “if Cdl. DiNardo is cooperative, that doesn’t mean the people that work with Cdl. DiNardo are cooperative. It doesn’t mean that they’re going to tell him the truth. And so it very well may be in a position where he wants to give us documents but he doesn’t know that they exist.”

Ligon went on to say, “And the good thing is I’ve taken the burden off of everybody in the Catholic Church ’cause they don’t have to know anything. I’m going to find it all out.”

One journalist asked the district attorney if there were plans to seize office computers. He responded, “We’ve been known to in the past. We’ve been known to take computers, cables, hopes, dreams, whatever it takes that has a bearing on a criminal case. Usually it’s when people don’t cooperate that we’ll take everything, including the cable box, if that’s what’s necessary.”

He noted it depends on the situation, especially the level of cooperation, adding, “I don’t want to tie myself down as to what we’re doing inside today.”


Brett Ligon’s cowboy tactics may lead to Fr. Manuel and Cardinal Dinardo being exonerated because of the violation of their IVth and Vth Amenedment Rights

Catholic priest’s daily journals at center of archdiocese search

‘CLOSER TO JUSTICE’: Father Manuel’s alleged victims are feeling vindication after authorities seized records on Tuesday from Catholic leaders at the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese.

Investigators who executed a search warrant at the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese offices Wednesday are hoping to find a daily journal written by Father Manuel La Rosa-Lopez while he was residing at the Shalom Treatment Center.

A search warrant attained by ABC13 reveals Montgomery County officials are also looking for records stemming from a meeting between Cardinal Daniel DiNardo and one of Father La Rosa-Lopez’s alleged victims, who said the priest repeatedly touched him while he was still a minor.

In all, six alleged victims have come forward with claims against La Rosa-Lopez, but the charging document only lists one male and one female victim. The search warrant names another.

Prosecutors said Thursday the church investigation into allegations against La Rosa-Lopez extend all the way up to the Holy See in Rome.

According to the search warrant, the victims were told that reports were filed with the Conroe Police Department and Child Protective Services, but CPS closed the investigations since La Rosa-Lopez did not have current contact with the victims, and the victims were no longer children.

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Prosecutors first learned of Father La Rosa-Lopez’s journal during an interview at the Shalom Center in September.

The warrant reveals the archdiocese was believed to have possession of the journal, and that it might shed light on multiple accusations of abuse against the priest.

Father La Rosa-Lopez was placed in a mental institution between April 16, 2001 and January 3, 2002, after an additional victim came forward, claiming he touched him while the priest was working at St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

Only two documents were found on the investigation into improper contact between La Rosa-Lopez and the sixth grade boy.

An attorney conducted an investigation into whether the church was required to notify CPS of the complaint on Oct. 9, 1992.

A psychological evaluation was recommended before Father La Rosa-Lopez should be allowed to continue his seminary studies, but no documentation of an evaluation were found.

In a letter dated Oct. 12, 1992, Bishop Joseph Fiorenza wrote to the attorney, saying an additional “psychological examination will be conducted before admittance into the seminary.” He was re-admitted to seminary in spring 1993.

SEE ALSO: Sex abuse allegations against Father La Rosa-Lopez

One of the alleged victims says La Rosa-Lopez began touching him and making intimate gestures in 1999, when he was under the age of 17. He says on one occasion, La Rosa-Lopez took him into his living quarters at the church and showed him photos of partially naked men from his seminary. The victim says La Rosa-Lopez fondled him and wouldn’t let him leave the room until a relative arrived to pick him up.

The victim told authorities that when he contacted church leaders, he was put in touch with Sister Maureen O’Connell, who was the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese Victims Assistance Coordinator, and Cardinal DiNardo. He says he was offered psychological counseling services and was told reports were filed with Conroe police and Child Protective Services. According to court documents, a police investigator searched for those records but did not find any such reporting.

A second alleged victim told authorities that La Rosa-Lopez began touching and kissing her in 2000. She says he told her he had to wait until she was 16 to have sex.

The victim says after a rehearsal for the “Passion of the Christ” play, La Rosa-Lopez reached under her clothes and fondled her while they were alone in the church kitchen.

The victim told authorities she believed she was in a romantic relationship with La Rosa-Lopez and recorded their ‘trysts’ in her diary under a code name. Her father discovered the diary and after determining who the man was she was writing about, he confronted La Rosa-Lopez.

The woman says her father reported the accusations to the church, resulting in visits from religious leaders, including then-Bishop Fiorenza. She says the result of the meetings was that La Rosa-Lopez was transferred from Sacred Heart, and her father told her never to speak of it again.

SEE ALSO: Accused priest’s attorney surprised by search at Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

In 2010, according to court documents, the woman learned that La Rosa-Lopez had been promoted to a church in Richmond, Texas. She then followed up with the Catholic church, and during an interview with Cardinal DiNardo and Sister O’Connell, she says she was told that La Rosa-Lopez had been sent to a mental institution and was placed in an administration position without contact with children or teenagers.

Upon verifying that La Rosa-Lopez was, in fact, the priest of St. John the Fisher Church in Richmond, the victim says she decided to make a police report.

ABC13 reached out to the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese for comment. They provided the following statement:

“In 2001, a then-16 year old girl and her family notified this Archdiocese that Fr. Manuel La Rosa-Lopez had kissed and touched her inappropriately when he was assigned as Parochial Vicar at Sacred Heart in Conroe. We immediately referred this information to Children’s Protective Services for further investigation. Father La Rosa-Lopez denied touching the girl inappropriately, and the girl’s family decided not to pursue the matter, relocating out of the country that same year. After an internal review, including presentation of the above allegations to the newly founded Archdiocesan Review Board in 2003,

Father La Rosa-Lopez was permitted to return to parish ministry in 2004.

Following her return to the U.S., the Archdiocese, in accordance with our commitment to provide pastoral outreach, provided the young woman with counseling services for a period of time, until she decided to discontinue her therapy.

For the last 17 years, no other allegations of inappropriate conduct involving minors were presented against Father La Rosa-Lopez until 2018.

During an interview in Houston on August 10, 2018, a 36 year old man formally presented an allegation to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston stating that Fr. Manuel La Rosa-Lopez sexually abused him from 1998 through 2001, when he was a high school student and Father La Rosa-Lopez was still assigned at Sacred Heart in Conroe. The Archdiocese immediately reported this allegation to Children’s Protective Services as well. Father La Rosa-Lopez has denied these allegations of sexual abuse.

Yesterday, the district attorney of Montgomery County issued an arrest warrant for Father La Rosa-Lopez, which we understand is the result of the above reports. Father La Rosa-Lopez voluntarily turned himself into the Conroe Police Department last evening.

We take these matters very seriously, which is why we reported the information we received from both individuals to CPS — and removed Father La Rosa-Lopez from ministry. We are pledged to cooperate with the civil authorities in their investigation.

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston recognizes it clearly has both a legal and a moral obligation to address any incidence of abuse — sexual or otherwise — to God’s children. Such behavior simply will not be tolerated. To anyone affected by any form of abuse by anyone who represents the Church, the Archdiocese deeply regrets such a fundamental violation of trust, and commits itself to eliminating such unacceptable actions.”

Accused priest’s attorney surprised by search at Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

‘CLOSER TO JUSTICE’: Father Manuel’s alleged victims are feeling vindication after authorities seized records on Tuesday from Catholic leaders at the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese.

The search warrant served at the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston caught many by surprise, especially Father Manuel La Rosa-Lopez’s attorney, Wendell Odom.

“Now we have a DA coming in and seizing a church’s records,” Odom said. “That is scary.”

Odom says client information is privileged, usually meaning the district attorney’s office would get a subpoena to collect the information they want and not issue a search warrant.

“A search warrant is when you think someone is hiding documents or destroying documents, and I know of no allegation that the church is burning documents or destroying documents,” said Odom.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s office says it went to the church two weeks ago and had a conversation about the documents. It said it met with an attorney who didn’t offer anything.

Still, Odom says going through a subpoena would have been a better way to handle it.

“It’s very unusual of the DA of Montgomery County to be down here in Houston, standing at the church’s doors doing a search warrant. It smacks of grandstanding,” said Odom.

But for the victims of the alleged sexual abuse, the search warrant was vindicating. Michael Norris is part of SNAP, the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, an organization that represents the victims.

“They feel vindicated. Every one of them that I’ve talked to feels like finally, people are being heard. Most victims, the two things they are really looking for is to be heard and to be believed,” Norris said.

Norris says while there are two cases where charges have been filed, there are two other alleged victims of abuse as well, for a total of four alleged victims. He says, for them, the search warrant is getting the alleged victims closer to justice.

“What’s disgusting about this is, these priests do this to these children and they live with it for the rest of their lives,” said Norris.


Authorities raid Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston ‘secret archives’ Armed with a search warrant, various law enforcement agencies are searching for records pertaining to clergy sex abuse. Cardinal Dinardo accused by DA of not cooperating in criminal investigation of child sex abuse related to the Vatican. Cardinal Dinardo Resign!

Deus Providebit via Maria!

Authorities search Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston ‘secret archives’

Armed with a search warrant, various law enforcement agencies are searching for records pertaining to clergy sex abuse.

Armed with a search warrant, a team of law enforcement agencies searched the offices of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston on Wednesday, looking for records related to the clergy sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.

The unprecedented action in Texas was taken by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, along with the Texas Rangers and Conroe Police Department. Nearly 50 investigators arrived Wednesday morning carrying boxes inside the Chancery, located at 1700 San Jacinto Street in downtown Houston.

The DA’s office said investigators were looking for documents in connection to the criminal case of Father Manuel LaRosa-Lopez, the priest charged in September on four counts of indecency with a child. In the search warrant filed Wednesday, the DA’s office sought to examine confidential documents held in the Archdiocese’s Chancery and secret archives.

“This is not a search warrant against the Catholic Church,” said Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon. “It’s a search warrant to get evidence about (LaRosa-Lopez).”

“The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston continues to cooperate, as we have since the outset, with this process. In fact, consistent with Cardinal DiNardo’s pledge of full cooperation, the information being sought was already being compiled,” the Archdiocese’s statement said. “Pending additional information or developments, the Archdiocese will have no further comment on this ongoing investigation.”


Ligon said that cooperation hasn’t been as open and transparent as he would like. Rather than getting the keys from day one, Ligon said he had to get attorneys involved and get a search warrant.

“That’s not the type of cooperation I would hope for,” the DA said. “But it’s the type of cooperation I would expect from a sophisticated company.”

Ligon hopes to have the search of the Chancery completed by today, though the investigation into LaRosa-Lopez will continue.

“We’re treating the Catholic Church the same way we treat a bank that has records, the same way we treat a criminal enterprise,” Ligon said.

And if the investigation takes him to the Vatican, “I’ll be heading to Rome,” he said.

Ligon told reporters that his office had spoken to the local U.S. attorney, which did not immediately respond to an Associated Press request for comment about whether it was also investigating the archdiocese.

La Rosa-Lopez’s attorney, Wendell Odom, said the priest has denied the sexual abuse allegations. Odom questioned why prosecutors conducted an on-site search instead of requesting documents through a subpoena, calling it “a little bit alarming.”

Facing mounting criticism since the arrest, DiNardo wrote a piece published Monday in the Houston Chronicle saying he removed La Rosa-Lopez from ministry after meeting with one of the accusers in August.

That accuser told the AP in September that he felt DiNardo was dismissive and said, “You should have told us sooner.”

DiNardo’s column did not address the allegations of the other accuser, a woman now in her 30s who told AP she met with DiNardo shortly after discovering in 2010 that La Rosa-Lopez had become the archdiocese’s vicar for Hispanic ministry — a position he held at the time of his arrest eight years later.

Her family had reported La Rosa-Lopez in 2001, after he allegedly fondled her several times and led her to believe they had a secret relationship.

She says DiNardo, who came to Houston in 2004, and other church officials told her then that La Rosa-Lopez had received psychiatric treatment and would no longer be allowed to work with children.

The AP typically doesn’t identify victims in sexual abuse cases and is withholding the names of both accusers.

Michael Norris, head of the Houston chapter of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said the documents seized Wednesday could be crucial to understanding the archdiocese’s handling of La Rosa-Lopez’s case over two decades.

“This is going to force DiNardo to be truly transparent,” Norris said. “Now we’re going to know everything.”

This is the fourth search warrant executed for documents pertaining to LaRosa-Lopez. A man and a woman claimed they were abused as teenagers by LaRosa-Lopez between 1998 and 2001 at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe.

Since his arrest, authorities executed search warrants at Sacred Heart, St. John Fisher Catholic Church in Richmond, where LaRosa-Lopez was a priest until his arrest, and the Shalom Center in Splendora. The Shalom Center is a treatment facility where LaRosa-Lopez spent time in 2001 after his first accuser came forward.